Impero Solutions Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

Is Impero Solutions legit or scam? Lets find out in this review.

I understand.

Impero Solutions offered you an opportunity to grow your money in a short period of time. It guaranteed an unrealistic high return from your investments.

All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Cool, right?

Not really. Hold your money for a moment and I will tell you what Impero Solutions really is.

What is Impero Solutions? What are its products or services? Who are the people behind it? Is it legit or a scam?

Read this Impero Solutions review and find out the answers to the above questions.

What is Impero Solutions

Impero Solutions claims it is a global investment company that manages multiple asset classes. It says it aims to generate attractive returns on investments by following a patient and disciplined approach.

Also, it wants to get good returns by hiring highly qualified specialists, meeting the highest quality standards, and harmonizing our interests with those of our investment partners.

The company provides an address in Montreal at 1250 Rene-Levesque Blvd W Suite 2200. However, the same address is owned by Regus, who sells virtual office addresses.

Impero Solutions provides incorporation documents for Impero Solutions Limited with the same virtual office. Hence, it is likely Impero Solutions Limited is just a shell company.

While it claims to be operating legally under the rules and laws of Canada, regulators in Quebec and British Columbia flagged it for soliciting investments from the public illegally.

Who is Behind Impero Solutions

Impero Solutions presented an actor named William Morrison as their CEO sometime in December 2020. It is very clear in the video below that he is reading a script.

You’ll notice in a separate video, his one mole disappeared while the other changed position.

If you visit (, you’ll see a similar picture of the stage actor as shown below:

Craig Andrew Goodwin Stage Actor as William Morrision CEO of Impero Solutions

His name is Craig Andrew Goodwin (or Gudvin, Goodvin). He teaches English at a kindergarten, in Moscow, Russia.

I could not find a direct connection between Impero Solutions and Russian scammers. However, Impero’s website is using the RedHelper chatbot.

RedHelper is a Russian company targeting Russian clients. Hence, it appears Impero Solutions is running in Russia while pretending to be operating in Canada.

Products and Services

Impero Solutions has no retailable products and services. Investors/affiliates are able to market the membership itself.

Compensation Plan

Impero Solutions solicits investments in USD, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. These are packaged as standard, premium or individual.

Standard Investments in USD

  • Standard 1. Invests $50-$499 and earn 11.2%-14.4% in 16 days.
  • Standard 2. Invests $500-$2,999 and earn 26%-31.2% in 26 days.
  • Standard 3. Invests $3,000-$9,999 and earn 46.8%-54% in 36 days.
  • Standard 4. Invests $10,00-$24,999 and earn 80%-90% in 50 days.
  • Standard 5. Invests $25,000-$149,999 and earn 142.5%-157.5% in 75 days.

Premium Investments in USD

  • Invests $75,000-$1,000,000 and earn 230% in 100 days.

Individual Investments in USD

  • Invests $500-$500,000 and earn 270%-360% in 180 days.

Standard Bitcoin Investments

  • Standard 1. Invests 0.05 BTC-0.99 BTC and earn 100%-130% in 100 days.
  • Standard 2. Invests 1 BTC-4.99 BTC and earn 168%-192% in 120 days.
  • Standard 3. Invests 5 BTC-24.99 BTC and earn 238%-266% in 140 days.
  • Standard 4. Invests 25 BTC-99.99 BTC and earn 320%-352% in 160 days.
  • Standard 5. Invests 100 BTC-499.99 BTC and earn 414%-450% in 180 days.

Premium Bitcoin Investment

  • Invests 8 BTC-500 BTC and earn 486% in 180 days.

Individual Bitcoin Investment

  • Invests 0.1 BTC-65 BTC and earn 270%-360% in 180 days.

Standard Ethereum Investments

  • Standard 1. Invests 1 ETH-4.99 ETH and earn 100%-130% in 100 days.
  • Standard 2. Invests 5 ETH-19.99 ETH and earn 168%-192% in 120 days.
  • Standard 3. Invests 20 ETH-49.99 ETH and earn 238%-266% in 140 days.
  • Standard 4. Invests 50 ETH-149.99 ETH and earn 320%-352% in 160 days.
  • Standard 5. Invests 150 ETH-999.99 ETH and earn 414%-450% in 180 days.

Premium Ethereum Investment

  • Invests 100 ETH-5,000 ETH and earn 486% in 180 days.

Individual Ethereum Investment

  • Invests 5 ETH-2,500 ETH and earn 270-360% in 180 days.

Investor’s Status and Referral Program

There are 13 ranks in Impero Solutions compensation plan. Each rank has corresponding personal and downline investment requirements.

For instance, to be at Silver 2 status, you should invest $2,000 and have a downline investment of $10,000.00. The lowest status is Silver 1 while the highest is Ambassador.

Referral commission is based on a uni-level structure. As shown in the table below, if you are a Silver 2 investor, you will earn 6% of your direct recruit’s investment (level 1). Also, you will get 2%, 1%, 1% on your 2nd, 3rd and 4rth level, respectively.

Impero Solutions Rank Compensation Plan and Referral Program.

Is Impero Solutions Legit or Scam?

Impero Solutions is a scam. It is a Ponzi scheme. A review of its operations provides no source of funds other than the investments of new members.

Investments of new affiliates are used to finance the promised returns of earlier investors. When new investors are no longer coming in, the scheme will eventually fall leaving the majority of the participants to lose their money.

Moreover, Impero Solutions offers passive investment. Hence, it must comply with the investment laws and regulations of each country it operates.

Yet, regulators in Canada warned the company of soliciting investments illegally.


Avoid Impero Solutions. It’s a scam. It’s a Ponzi Scheme.

The company is not transparent about who is running it. It has no products or services available for sale. It is soliciting investments illegally.

The company uses a virtual address in Canada and puts it in its incorporation documents. But, based on the information I gathered, the person/s behind the company are/is based in Russia.

It presented a CEO named William Morrison but it is very clear on the videos he was only acting on behalf of his real boss.

The company’s business model depends solely on the recruitment of new investors. If you invest with them, your payment will be used to pay the promised income of earlier investors.

Ponzi schemes are destined to disappear. When new investments are no longer available, they will collapse and the majority will lose their money.