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Introducing New NFT Pet: Fidiving 馃

馃摑 Specifications:
鈿★笍 Rarity: Rare
鈿★笍 Land: Westamerican Islands

鈿旓笍 Pet鈥檚 skills:
1锔忊儯 1st Skill: Fire 01 small fish bone bullet. No other effects.
2锔忊儯 2nd Skill: Fire 10 small fish bone bullets. No other effects
3锔忊儯 3rd Skill: Fire a small fish. After landing, the fish starts becoming bigger and continues to damage when it grows (If the small fish touch the enemy right after landing, the small fish will explode immediately). At the end, the fish explodes.

馃搷 Note: The amount of damage dealt will be different for each skill, they are affected by factors such as environment, shooting angle, auxiliary items, and player’s skill.

馃挜 Passive Skill: Increase chance to double number of bullets of skills 1 & 2

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