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Investing in the Battery Metals: A Beginners Guide

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The battery Thematic is much talked about. And much understood. Autonomous Battery-powered cars are the future. But I want to talk about now and the reality for junior mining companies and investors.

Markets are tough right now. There has been a retrenchment and equities have come off. What’s going on?

0:00 – Panel Overview
2:41 – The Reason for Lack of Reaction from the Market
4:12 – Lack of Support to Battery Mining Juniors
5:52 – Canadian State and Federal Government’s Sentiments towards Mining
7:34 – How Governments support Mining in terms of Jurisdiction
9:07 – Crucial Time for Deals and Financing in the Battery Space
11:08 – Investor’s Checklist for Exploration Mining Companies
18:51 – How the Companies addressing the FUD in the Current Market
23:14 – Are Mining Royalties Companies a better investment than Regular Mining Equities?
24:20 – How Inflation can Affect the Company Operations & Growth
33:36 – Outro

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