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Is CPU Mining Profitable In 2019? Monero VS Verus Profitability | FPGAs Mining on CPU coins

Wonder if CPU mining is still profitable in 2019? Cryptocurrency mining may not be insanely popular like it was a year ago, however it is still very possible to mine your way into a (basically free) premium CPU! Lets review some of the most profitable coins to mine with your CPU are and what I am currently mining with my AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU!

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CPU mining was the original form of mining in cryptocurrency as it was created to support Bitcoin. Mining has involved in many ways over the last decade from mining with your graphics card, or an FPGA, or a purpose built mining computer called an ASIC miner. However some projects still seek to keep CPU mining as part of their distribution and security model, which is simply awesome. Today we will be reviewing the top cryptocurrencies that are still mineable with a CPU and also outlining what is the most profitable coin to mine with your CPU in our research in 2019.

00:00 CPU mining opening cinematic
00:13 CPU mining cryptocurrency in 2019 intro
00:59 Veruscoin lead dev ex-VP @ microsoft Mike Toutonghi
01:44 Free Bitcoin giveaway competition
01:58 VoskCoin Discord server best CPU mining resource
02:15 CPU mining profitability in 2019
02:40 AMD Ryzen 7 1700 best value CPU mining
03:07 AMD Ryzen 7 1700 mining profitability cont.
03:43 Verus VRSC CPU mining profitability
04:32 CPU mining breakeven / ROI 2019 & 2020
04:53 Veruscoin mining profitability cont.
05:34 FPGA mining on Verus (Verus2 algo)
06:44 Physical Crypto Coins – KMD & ARRR & VRSC
07:15 What is Komodo KMD
07:30 VoskCoin running 2019 KMD Notary Node
07:38 CPU mining is still profitable in 2019
08:14 CPU vs GPU vs FPGA mining in 2019
08:43 CPU and GPU mining hashrates VRSC
09:52 CPU & FPGA mining is profitable in 2019
11:09 I’ll be hodling you ft. Tails Vosk


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