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Is Crypto Dead? 10 Numbers that Prove Crypto Adoption is Growing

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With the crypto markets down, critics are declaring that cryptocurrency is dead. In this video, I go through 10 statistics that show crypto adoption has grown tremendously over the past few years.

Data Sources:
BTC Addresses and XMR transactions –
Lightning Network –
Ethereum –
Arbitrum –
TVL and Stablecoins –
Brave Browser –

0:00 Intro
1:03 Dynamo DeFi
1:13 Bitcoin Active Addresses
2:01 Monero Transactions
2:41 Bitcoin Lightning Network Nodes
3:19 Ethereum Active Addresses
4:07 Ethereum Verified Contracts
4:43 Ethereum Layer 2 Transactions
5:25 Total DeFi TVL
6:31 Stablecoin Market Cap
7:10 Protocols with $1M in TVL
8:04 Brave Browser Users
8:39 Final Thoughts

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