Is Lixir Finance the next 100x Crypto Altcoin?!!

In Cryptocurrency, finding the next small cap Altcoin is always a priority. Lixir Finance is definitely a potential candidate, with a very small market cap and great use case managing concentrated liquidity on Uniswap V3 and upcoming Sushiswap Trident. This could be the next 100x cryptocurrency Altcoin!!


0:00 – Intro
1:46 – Lix Tokenomics and Marketcap
5:44 – Comparables
6:50 – What does Lixir do?
7:49 – Concentrated Liquidity
9:49 – Lixir Dapp
10:42 – Lixir Vaults, Farming and Boosting
13:41 – New look
14:18 – DYOR
14:45 – Lix and veLix
15:56 – Lix hype on Twitter
17:00 – Lix Buyback
18:10 – Future of Lix
19:27 – Lix and Sushi Trident
20:11 – My Lix Strategy
22:43 – Conclusion

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