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Majority of Working Americans Willing to Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin as Payment

Skynova interviewed over 1,000 working people, including 797 workers and 205 managers, to learn how Americans see cryptocurrency as a form of workplace remuneration.

Skynova offers invoicing software for small companies, and the firm conducted a poll to assess interest and experience with the new form of pay. The study comprised 46.9% of respondents who had previously received bitcoin as compensation and 53.9 percent who had not.

Majority of Employees Willing to Accept Crypto as Payment for Compensation

The poll was designed to gauge overall sentiment and how ready Americans are to accept payment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Do they consider it a benefit and would they leave their current job for one that paid this well?

65.5 percent of employees said they would be “somewhat willing” to accept cryptocurrency compensation, and over 28% would be “very willing.”

The workers’ demographics emerged as a key element, as a study showed that 63 percent of millennials consider cryptocurrency remuneration to be a perk.

Fewer than ten percent thought it was “very bad” for their employers to start paying wages in cryptocurrency.

Almost a third of respondents indicated they would leave their present job to seek one that paid in crypto, but 42.2% would leave if their current company began paying in crypto.

This attitude indicates workers prefer to seek new kinds of remuneration on their own rather than being forced to do so.

Majority of Working Americans Willing to Accept Crypto as Payment
Majority of working Americans willing to accept crypto as payment for salaries. Photo credit: skynova.

When asked which crypto they wanted on their paychecks, most Americans (74.3%) chose Bitcoin (BTC), followed by Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

To be paid in crypto is seen as the future of money, according to the study, with additional advantages including possible financial gains and income diversification.

The most common perceived disadvantages of remuneration in crypto are market volatility, financial risk, and restricted acceptability.

Hiring Managers Willing to Compensate Their Employees With Crypto

More than 200 of those polled were managers, typically in control of recruiting and pay. More than 77% of hiring managers are willing to pay employees in crypto, making them more likely to approve a crypto paycheck than employees.

When it came to hiring, cryptocurrency played a significant role, with 48.3 percent of those in charge of hiring stating that they typically look for cryptocurrency experience.

Managers of both small and big businesses sought for crypto expertise when screening applicants, with medium companies (50-249 workers) searching for it the most.