Massdrop Marketing Review: Soap and Franchise Ponzi Scam

Is Massdrop Marketing legit or a scam? Let’s find out in this review.

Update: May 19, 2021, SEC issues advisory against investing in Massdrop Marketing Ponzi scheme.

Massdrop Marketing guarantees you will make money out of your investments in a short period.

Without doing anything.

Just sit down and wait for your money to grow. It is easy money, isn’t it?


We’ve made this Massdrop review for you, so you’ll understand how this company works. Spare a few minutes of your time to read our Massdrop Marketing ultimate review.

Read on.

What is Massdrop Marketing?

Massdrop Marketing is a local networking company in the Philippines that guarantees high returns and easy money for its investors. It sells beauty products and a franchise to the public.

EJ Tan runs the firm as CEO while Christian Lorenza and Tyron Villanueva serve as Vice-President and Shop Head Marketing, respectively.

Massdrop Marketing Review Legit or Scam Founders and Managers

Massdrop Marketing is located at unit 206 BFCT Building Marikina City, Philippines.


The company sells beauty and health products. These products are bundled into packages so that when you pay your initial investment, there may be a legitimate sale of goods.

Massdrop Marketing Products

It also sells a franchisee package called Double Tea worth Php368,000. Double Tea offers milk teas in various flavors.

Compensation Plan

Massdrop Marketing guarantees you will make money without anything.  See the discussion on the compensation plan below.

20% of Capital Guaranteed Income

Your initial investment in this company (minimum of Php1,000) will grow at 20% per month. As long as you don’t withdraw your investment, you’ll get 20% per month.

All you have to do is sit down. Wait for 30 days and you’ll have Php20,000 out of your Php100,000 capital.  

Wondering where all that income came from? We suspect it came from the investment of others.

There isn’t any legitimate company offering such unrealistic high returns to its investors. Promising 20% per month or 240% per year isn’t sustainable.

Direct Referral Income

Refer someone to Massdrop Marketing and get a percentage of their payment as your direct referral income.

Direct Selling

Sell the company’s products and get 25% discounts as your profit.

Double Tea Franchise

If you pay Php368,000 and become a franchise holder of Double Tea, you can sell milk tea and make money from it.  

In addition, if you can recruit someone who will buy the franchise package, you’ll have Php20,000 commission as a franchise agent.

We wonder if it is a good idea to invest in Double Tea.

Although the company promised that you will recover your investment after 100 days, it is relatively new with no track record of profitable operations yet.

So, think, before you invest. Php368,000 isn’t cheap.

Is Massdrop Marketing Legit or Scam?  

Based on the information we gathered across the web, we believe Massdrop Marketing is a scam.  It offers guaranteed unrealistic high return to its investors without doing anything.

The company was launched in the middle of 2020. So, don’t expect that it’s making a lot of money selling soaps or milk teas all over the Philippines.  

How will the company finance its guaranteed 20% return to its members?

Simple. From the capital of new investors.

How do we call this scheme?

It is called as Ponzi scheme.

In Ponzi schemes, promised returns of investors were taken from the payments of new investors. When new investors are no longer coming in, withdrawals will exceed collections.

Eventually, the scheme will fall. And those who haven’t recovered their investment yet will lose a lot.

While we believe Massdrop Marketing is a Ponzi Scheme, we also think it is selling an investment contract.

Massdrop Marketing as an Investment Contract

An investment contract is a transaction or scheme whereby a person invests his money in a common enterprise. Then, he or she is led to expect profits primarily from the efforts of others.

In our opinion, Massdrop Marketing satisfies the elements of an investment contract.

People invest their money in the company. They are promised a guaranteed 20% return based on their investment without doing anything.

Before Massdrop can sell its packages to the public, it must secure a secondary license from the SEC first and register the investment contract.

However, we can’t any evidence that this subject company complied with the requirements of the investment laws and regulations. Hence, we call it an investment scam.

Massdrop Marketing Review Conclusion

We believe, Massdrop Marketing is a scam. Its business model looks like a Ponzi scheme.

Your income without doing anything probably will come from the capital of new investors since the company has not demonstrated a profitable operation yet.  

This business will eventually collapse.

When it could no longer find new investors, the entity will disappear.  You will surely lose a lot of money if you are one of the latest investors to pay.   

Moreover, we don’t recommend purchasing the Double Tea franchise. While you can sell milk teas on it, there is no reliable data that the brand is saleable to the public.

Finally, we think the company is selling an unregistered investment.   

What are your thoughts on this Massdrop Marketing review? Do you believe that it is a scam? Or do you think it’s is legit?

Share your ideas in the comment section below.

59 thoughts on “Massdrop Marketing Review: Soap and Franchise Ponzi Scam”

  1. Same thoughts cyberbump. Ganyan din ang scheme nung isang nagsara noon. Nag collapse kase wala nang maibigay na “profit sa members” at naubos na ang pera dahil wala nang ma recuit na investors, businesses sometimes do well, sometimes they go red, so you cannot guarantee a profit monthly, kung yung massdrop shop nila ay hindi makabenta ng sapat para ipamigay nila lahat sa investors nila, paano sila magbibigay ng profit? Yes from other investors’ money, and that is what makes it a ponzi scheme kagaya nga nung sinasabi nya. And i highly doubt na nag gegenerate na ng enough income yang e commerce nyo, eh wala ngang nakakaalam ng e commerce nyo. Sino ba bumibili sa ecommer nyo, diba kayo kayo lang din? Mas marami ba akong mabibili sa inyo compared sa lazada or shopee? Mas mura ba? Asan ba kase yang e commerce na pinagmamalaki nyo at bibili ako, baka may magustuhan ako, makatulong sa pamamahagi nyo ng profit sa members nyo. Hihihi

  2. Mga defender ng Massdrop sinasabi nila hindi sila investment, pure direct selling daw yung ginagawa nila at purchase ang term na ginagamit nila 😂 purchase pero may pay out? Ano kaya yon 😂 tapos may option 2 sila na company ang magbebenta ng products sa di marunong magbenta meaning INVENTORY ASSETS ang tawag pag ganyan eh di INVESTMENT nga kayo 😂 nagpalit lang ng pangalan ng company pero yung modus ganon pa din 😂

  3. nag iba na cla ng pangalan (corp company na dw cla) with new SEC cert. which is common strategies sa ng mga MLM pra ma divert ung mga issue nila and yet ung mga followers nila nagpapaniwala na may secondary cert na cla from SEC.

    d man lng nila binasa na ung bagong cert nila is same lng sa una. hays ibang pinoy nga naman pikit mata nlng minsan.

  4. I just don’t get it, If SEC releases this advisory, and yet they still know that MassDrop is still operational, why is that SEC not doing anything to shut the door of this company. Does it make sense if they release that type of advisory, just to warn the public and serve as a reference, but still the company continues to do business? What the heck is their purpose other than that.

      • What is the rule that applies to this. If it is an investment scheme or a ponzi scheme, who are the victims? Is there a compliant already that can support the claimed that it is a scam. Based on its existence for 9 months, was there a case already built against this type of companies, what rule of the regulations this company breached, non-compliant or disregarded.

  5. Hi, I’m one of the investor but I know this also will collapse soon kaya mababa lang investment ko, after I got my money I won’t re-invest again to play safe. Nag-invest lang ako ngayon kasi pa-bloom pa lang siya and marami pang investor so malaki chance na mabalik at tumubo investment ko. Thank you for some ideas, I don’t take it as negative because they are just concern citizens. To make it short, think before you decide.

    • what? You invest then won’t invest once you’ve get your capital?
      Hindi mo ba naisip na para ka rin na scammer pag ganyan ang mindset mo ?
      anyway, it’s only my opinion.
      Sana pag sasali kayo sa mga ganito, help the company as well to grow.
      Paano magiging investment to ? eh para ka dito bumili tapos since di ka magaling sa sales talk, pinabenta mo na lang ?
      anyway, E-commerce naman kasi ito, sus…
      pag mga ganito, mashado pinapansin pero ung mga MLM na GRAND UPLINE lang ang kumikita ay okay lang? haha
      anyway, pasensya na.. dito ko na nailabas, hinaing ko .

    • yare sila ?
      hmm kaya pala ung MasaMart matagal ng nasa Advisory 😂😂😂

      sasabihin mo sa akin malamang wala ng payout sa Masamart?
      wala na nga 😂😂😂

      pero the point is on going pa rin sila …

      Kasi KURAKOT ang …alam mo na…

  6. Kung mag iinvest ka man..its always a choice..una , handa ka tanggapin kung di legit or legit..hard earned money mo yon ,(extra).. lahat ng investment may wala kang sisihin incase..
    Parang sugal..may natatalo may nanalo..thanks..

    Desperado na kase kumita kaya sige lang lagay ng pera.
    Ung nasa dulo ang kawawa. Ung mga nauna naman patawa tawa nalang.

  8. yes, SEC-registered as one-person corporation but i have yet to see their SECONDARY PERMIT.. usually direct selling you get to purchase on credit or cash transaction, you get a discount.

  9. Thanks for the review, I wonder if they secured permit to operate sa DTI/DICT as a courier and ilan kaya slot ang inallowed sila para sa mga riders.

  10. is a reliable source for review. He must show his face to the public and be honest to his complete information. What background does he have? Where did he graduate and live in this present days? is he a humanist? or Agnostic or theist?

    • Some people value privacy.

      Privacy is important on this site. And you should abide by that because you are using my site.

      Otherwise, I should have barred you from commenting anonymously.

  11. My friend joined last August. He invested 25,000 pesos. Today, I saw his post that he has earned more than a million pesos. Definitely he kept investing the earnings. I just wonder if he can withdraw the whole amount soon.

  12. Hahaha…massdrop is legit guys. I was once doubt about this. But man im already earn. Anyway thats your opinion. Go into there office and you will see. Tapat lang po eto ng MOA. Marami na pong na scam ni Massdrop na nabago na ang buhay ayun quality life style na ang results. Take risk and you will see.
    1000 lang naman yung starting purchase. Go and God bless you

  13. I totally disagree of what others say it’s a scam.. Well i respect your opinions.. But for me it’ s a legit one. Iyong product n sinasabi nyong front well it’s not true. If your a member her, choice mo kung kw mgbenta or ndi(pbenta kay massdrop).. So better know more massdrop than making a story.. Hahaha… Better think positive. Kung nega ka sa buhay, manahimik ka na lang, ok???

    • You respect my opinion but you’re telling me to shut up. How stupid is that?

      1. A passive investment that guarantees returns without doing anything is a security.
      2. Income taken from the investment of others is a Ponzi scheme.

      My site. My Opinion. My Rules!

      • May mag dedelete ng Comment dito kapag naubos na new investors. Haha Obvious na hindi nag basa, kasi nag invest na sya. Kaya in denial. Ganyan din ako sa NewG bago ako na scam. Ngayon isa lang ang pinaniniwalaan ko. WALANG EASY MONEY!! Kung meron man HIGH RISK, tulad nito. Go lang. Wag ka sana ma demanda ng mga investors na inalok mo magpasok.

    • May mag bubura ng comment for sure XD
      Haha obvious na hindi mo binasa lahat. OR nag invest ka na kasi kaya lahat ng mabasa mo in denial ka kahit alam mo na may sense mga sinabi. Kung may magpasok ng 100M sa Massdrop, san sila kukuha ng 20M monthly? at 120M sa 3rd month? Sige nga? Sa mga Milk tea at Sabon? Gaano kakilala ba products nila para maging ganun kabenta?
      Dati na ko na scam sa NewG, ganitong ganito ang scheme. Isa lang natutunan ko, WALANG EASY MONEY!! Kung meron man, HIGH RISK. Kaya kung gusto mo ituloy yan, ito lang mapayo ko sayo. Wag ka mag iinvite ng ibang tao OR ELSE ikaw ang hahabulin nila kapag wala na mailabas na pera si MASSDROP. Kapag wala nang NEW INVESTORS. GOOD LUCK sayo. Think about it THRICE or AS MANY AS YOU CAN!

    • Papano siya naging legit imbis mag comply sila ng secondary license nila eh pinalitan nalang nila pangalan ng kumpanya nila bakit?? 🤔 Yung complan nyo sa dating company name nyo ay same modus lang din naman ng maging MDM VENTURES CORP. na kayo.. wala talagang balak mag comply yang kumpanya mo ganon lang kasimple yon..

  14. “What are your thoughts on this Massdrop Marketing review? Do you believe that it is a scam? Or do you think it’s is legit?”

    Finish your research, because your conclusion is based on just pure information you probably Googled. You haven’t cited a case where someone has been scammed. And it’s very likely you haven’t even set foot at the office in Marikina.

    If you actually talked to the Marketing Head, you wouldn’t know about Massdrop Shop and how it’s connected to Massdrop Marketing. The fact that this is even missing in your article means that this is pure conjecture.

    Better yet, give it a try. Your Php 1,000 will go a long way in terms of your being educated in the way it operates. Then compare that to what happens if you simply let the same amount sit in a savings account. You’ll understand why people are into this.

    By the way, there is already a list of reputable members already supporting the “scheme.”

    • Your Massdrop Shop neither your reputable members don’t make your passive investment legal. If you solicit money from the public and promised them with guaranteed return without doing anything, you are selling an investment contract to the public.

      It’s totally fine for the members to market your very saleable, unique, and amazing soaps because that’s legal. But, if you take a portion of the payments of the new investors as profit, then it’s a Ponzi scheme.

      Take my advice.

      Revise your compensation plan and avoid advertisements as if you are selling investments to the public. Otherwise, you’ll be shut down by the SEC soon.

      • Unfortunately lots of Filipinos are desperate now a days. They do not educate themselves on how to properly invest or learn how finances really works. 20% guaranteed income per month? Any sane person will be running away from these kinds of scams. Filipinos haven’t learned from Similar schemes like Kapa & others. They are being blinded by the promise of easy money & ended up being very irrational.

  15. It’s not pyramiding, try to join the lecture for 30 mins in order for u to understand, where they get the money, and its impossible to be bunkrupt even pandemic the company survives ang growing. Lots of Senators, politicians, generals, celebrities who are members. SEC registered and license, awarded as BEST CHOICE AWARD 2020-2021

  16. Have you guys heard the Pyramid Scam before, it’s look like the same..
    Well, it’s only my opinion the product that they are selling is only a front, who else will buy more on beauty product at this time of Pandemic? Everybody is having hard time now a days either they lost a job or cutting hours..well as what i’ve said, it’s only my opinion..

  17. Wagkana kj or pabida jan, mag invest kana habang maaga pa .
    Kung darating mn ang panahon na paghuhulihin na scam talagah sila atleast naka bawe kana .
    Dahil bago payan, Parang Sugal parin gaya ng legit investments.
    Ganun lng ang buhay tol kanya kanyang palusot para mag survive.


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