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Metabike by CARDIO | Play-to-Earn Home Fitness Bicycle with Metaverse & Exercise-Gaming Integration

Our mission: Making your workout as fun as possible (for you & your wallet), so you don’t have to break a sweat before you start exercising. Welcome to the future of fitness.

Not everyone is an athlete. We know how hard it is to run after a long day at work or how tiring it can be to ride your Peloton after the kids are asleep.
But get this: working out doesn’t have to be another chore or a complete bore.

CARDIO is the world’s first home & gym IoT fitness solution connecting exercise equipment (treadmills and indoor bicycles first) to the metaverse. Earn up to $30* per month worth of Cardio Points for use in-app OR swap for Cardiocoin (coming soon).

Metabike: M2E home fitness metaverse bike with gaming integration & vast content library
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Metarun: M2E treadmill that helps you earn back your gym membership & vast content library so your run is actually fun
– Currently servicing Korean market, stay tuned for updates on our US launch at

Proprietary Technology:
Cardio’s globally patented IoT sensor technology verifies your exercise through vibration pattern recognition, power sensing, and machine learning on Cardio installed treadmills and indoor bicycles (real fitness data for use in the healthcare industry). Our expertise in hardware & middleware connects the 500 million users of indoor fitness equipment with the thousands of amazing games & content from world-class developers & game studios.

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하지만 이걸 알려드리고 싶어요; 의무적으로 하는 운동이 지루 하기만 한 것은 꼭 아닙니다. 카디오는 가정과 헬스장에서 사용할 수 있는 세계 최초의 IoT 피트니스 솔루션으로, 사용자가 운동기구(실내자전거와 런닝머신)로 메타버스 세계로 들어갈 수 있게 합니다. 매월 최대 45,000원 상당의 카디오 포인트를 획득할 수 있고, 획득한 포인트는 앱 내에서 사용하거나 카디오코인으로 교환(교환 서비스 출시 예정)할 수 있습니다.

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