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Metabotz – A Newest Blockchain P2E NFT Game

Newest blockchain-based Play-to-Earn NFT game that emerges fun experience, quality game, and quality NFT. The platform offers a wide variety of game modes that suites players’ different preferences – from passive gameplay to active tournaments. Players can enjoy collecting MTBZ coins by blowing up crates, deploying troops, managing their base, and trading all money rewards, all in the comfort of their own homes. Metabotz is a survival world, that worked together to rebuild broken homes. Through this war, the five major factions survived and the beginning of Metabotz.

Metabotz – A Newest Blockchain P2E NFT Game 1

Mission and Vision

Metabotz was brought for a promising mission, in the view that it believes that play-to-earn will take over in the future. Bringing blockchain games together by allowing players to have fun while making money and taking control of their assets. Furthermore, it will be combined on an NFT game tailored to Defi protocols, resulting in a bonafide GameFi on the blockchain.

Metabotz – A Newest Blockchain P2E NFT Game 2

What are the benefits of playing Metabotz?

Like any other NFT game, Metabotz offers opportunities to earn while playing the game by collecting Token rewards, trading NFTs characters, earning tokens like MTBZ, and trading it in an exchange platform where MTBZ are listed, also they can earn from staking their rewards tokens and NFTs. Every player can play anytime and enjoy it anywhere and make profits from the game. Users can participate via purchasing and upgrading game characters and items. Allowing players to have fun while making money and taking control of their assets.

MTBZ, In-game reward Token

Inside the world of Metabotz, the game economy is powered by one main currency – the governance token, which is tradable in various decentralized exchange platforms and can be used in different in-game processes such as NFT purchases and rewards fusion, and upgrades.

Metabotz governance token is MTBZ which serves as the utility token. This token deployed in the Binance chain is mainly for payments for NFT purchases in the marketplace, metabotz chests, and exchanges.

Metabotz – A Newest Blockchain P2E NFT Game 3

Metabotz: Road Map

Be guided with our development through our road map. Right now, Metabotz is making its way to the beta test and will be launched on P3. You can check our road map below for further development details.

P1 – 2021 (October to December)

Information gatherings: Blockchain, NFTs, and game details.
Graphics and Designs
Game development
Website content

P2 – 2022 (January to March)

Website Launching
Tokenomics and white paper release
Marketing and partnership with influencers

P3 – 2022 (April to June)

Metabotz Game, Beta test (Test net) release
MTBZ smart contract deployment (Binance Chain)
Smart contract audit
Token Sales (Private sale, pre-sale, and PS Liquidity Pool)
Official Game Launching
Game Release: Scavenger hunt
Game: Fusion Release

P4 – 2022 (July to September)

Exchange Listing
Tournament and event
Market Place Launching
NFT listing to marketplace
Staking MTBZ
Pilot Program
Market Expansion
Mainstream Media

P5 – 2022 (October to December)

Enhanced versions released
Mini-games released
NFT Staking

The Metabotz inspired by Bomb Crypto, it’s a play-to-earn platform wherein every user has the privilege to earn by playing and enjoying the game. It represents five factions and possesses each uniqueness and abilities. These are SAC 1 Corps, SAC 2 Corps, Bomber Fleet, Scout Rangers, and Icarus Knight. The base currency of the Metabotz is MTBZ, the users can use the token via NFT purchase in the marketplace, Metabotz chests, and exchanges.


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