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Mining Investment Secrets for an Economic Downturn

Relentless, fanatical, and urgent actions are required to survive markets like this. This is as true for investors as it is for the companies that they are invested in. Be relentless and fanatical in your research, diligence, and holding the management team accountable. We are joined by three junior market CEOs at different phases of their evolution, who discuss how to evaluate jurisdictional risk, greenwashing, raising capital, and astute allocation of that money in a tight market and how newsflow and why staying in control of your workflow is important.

Tim Harrison, Managing Director of Ionic Rare Earths Ltd. (ASX: IXR)
Andrew McIlwain, Managing Director of Investigator Resources (ASX: IVR)
Paul Bibby, MD & CEO of Akora Resources (ASX: AKO)

0:00 – Panel Overview
1:27 – Adjusting their Companies’ Strategy to the Current Market Environment
3:06 – Sentiments on the Current Risk Off Period of Investors
4:48 – Perspective on the Current Prices of Battery Metals
5:49 – Possibility of Having a New Type of Funding Stream for Battery Companies
6:58 – Perspective on the Current Prices of Precious Metals
8:42 – Advice to Investors on Where to Focus when Investing
9:40 – Akora Resources’s Pitch to Investors
11:06 – Perspective on ESG Badging and Implementation
17:24 – Independent Power Source for the Ionic Rare Earth Project in Africa
18:50 – Support from the Local Government and/or Banking Institutions in Africa
22:07 – Perspective on Defining what a “Tier 1” Jurisdiction is
23:53 – Attitude Changes from the Start of the Project to the Current Day
27:05 – Support from the Australian Government
29:37 – Importance of Knowing Jurisdictional Risks for Both Investors and Companies
31:15 – Operating in Madagascar: What is it like?
33:49 – IRE’s Notable Work done throughout the Years that Investors should be Aware Of
35:21 – Characteristics that setup Companies for Success
39:52 – Sale Pitches to the Investors
44:59 – Outro

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