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Monster Super League – Ancient Water Colossus clear

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0:00 Showing the gems of all the astromons
1:32 start of the run

My setup is,
line #1: Wood Seedler, Wood Medusa, Wood Persephone, Wood Cherry
line #2: Water Miho, Water Seastar, Dark Mildeu, Light Venus
All but Light Venus are Evo 3, she remains at evo 2.

So basically the main line up is 3 sappers and a shielder (Cherry). Shields prevent debuffs from landing and this boss is all about avoiding his saps and landing your own.

Tactic: Kill the right add with saps as it will heal the collosus, when it’s dead just ignore the left one and go all out on the collosus itself.

At 50% the boss will try to seal your abilities so I swap to the 2nd line-up and let them eat the seal – then switch back to the main one.

Recorded with Xiaomi’s screen recorder on a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s.


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