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MOONGANG #89: How Close Are We To The Bitcoin Bottom Or Is The Low Already In?

The MOONGANG unites weekly from 10pm EST to discuss the latest events in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and global financial markets.

Today we discuss if Bitcoin’s bottom for this down move is near or if the low is already in and what this means for the wider cryptocurrency space.

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0:00 : Intro (it’s unbelievable hot in Guadalajara)
2:50 : Chats
3:20 : MOONGANG on Pulse-chain’s launch
15:10 : Chats
15:30 : Miguel on HEX x PULSE
24:30 : Can you trade free coins with PULSE
28:59 : Watch the last stream on Friday it was good info
30:30 : Should I buy LUNA/UST? No!
33:00 : Charlie shows us LUNA status update statement
39:00 : MOONGANG talk about LUNA’s failure
46:00 : MOONGANG talk about loans
47:15 : Buy BTC now or later…?
51:30 : Charlie pulls up the BTC chart
57:00 : Reserve risk/BTC/S&P/USD chart (Charlie drops some knowledge)
01:09:00 : MOONGANG talk about inflation & how we can invest
01:15:15 : Miguel on how the US manipulate the USD
01:17:10 : Interest rates? (Miguel goes in)
01:24:00 : Charlie brings the HEX chart!!!
01:30:00 : Bitcoin Logarithmic Growth Curves
01:37:30 : Miguel talks about Tony Vegas
01:39:00 : Chats
01:43:30 : Show wrap up
01:45:00 : The show ends