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My HODL Crypto & DeFi Portfolio – Earning 35% APY on my tokens

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This video is a thank you to my ~200+ subscribers! I know that you can get 10000% returns in DeFi, but in my own personal portfolio I’m trying to stack Ethereum and Bitcoin (and a smaller amount of some other tokens), so I’m relying on yield farms that generate ~20-50% APY.

I had to record this video twice since the protocol (1inch) I was yield farming on ended their incentives. In this video, I’ll cover how to yield farm ETH/BTC on Sushiswap, the expected gains, the risks of doing so, and the other tokens and protocols I’m looking at (Tornado and Terra).

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00:00 My Personal Crypto & DeFi Portfolio
1:37 I used to farm these 2 liquidity pools on 1inch
3:54 I’m now farming the same ones on Sushiswap
4:48 How to farm on Sushiswap
6:54 Risks to yield farming
8:08 Alternatives to Sushiswap
8:50 Future investments