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Natasha Vita-More & David Wood joins meeting with Transhuman Coin Scientific Advisory Board Members

Monthly meeting of the Transhuman Coin Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), discussing our new team members in the SAB (Natasha Vita-More), Dev team members and roadmap for Transhuman Coin.

We discuss the metaverse, maintaining scientific rigor in the transhumanism movement, growth iniatives including the upcoming NFT launch, and actions from our last meeting.

To support this channel, Transhumanism Australia and the #transhumanism movement, buy Transhuman Coin:

Transhuman Coin is a dedicated research and charity-oriented token for the transhumanism movement. Founded behind an ideology of enhancing human life through science and technology, the token is one of the first on the market to support such causes domestically and internationally.

As a research and charity-oriented token, a portion of every transaction is allocated to fund science and technology initiatives. With every purchase, sale, or transfer of a Transhuman Coin:
-2% of the transacted value is sent directly to its Liquidity Pool to enable more transactions with Transhuman Coin
-2% is redistributed to holders, including the Transhuman Fund Wallet for contributions to transhuman projects and charities
-2% is sent to the Transhuman Marketing Wallet to promote the transhumanism movement and Transhuman Coin

The allocated funds will be used to support cutting-edge research and development for solutions to diseases, disabilities, and death through science, technology, and human enhancement while rewarding Transhuman Coin token holders.

Transhuman Coin has already made donations to / Life Extension Advocacy Foundation and transhumanist organisations such as Transhumanism Australia and US Transhumanist Party. Our initial goal is to have all transhumanists leaders and organisations hold Transhuman Coin to accelerate and unite the transhumanism movement with an economic incentive, increasing the balance sheet value of those holders as transhumanism is adopted by the rest of the world. In order to receive a Transhuman Coin donation, you’ll be required to have or create a wallet with an account on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

The decisions to allocate the Transhuman Coin Fund are approved by our Scientific Advisory Board, including:
-Dr Natasha Vita-More
-Dr Avinash Singh
-Dr Adetola Mowowale
-Dr Jabu Nkehli
-Art Ramon
-Zane Ma
-Jonathan Woods

If you would like to purchase Transhuman Coin or recommend it to other Transhumanists, Transhuman Coin is currently listed on all decentralised exchanges supporting the Binance Smart Chain, such as Pancakeswap and also the centralised exchange, Coinsbit. We are supported by a team of expert developers, including Alyse Sue and Beau Williams, and management team members, including Dr Charles Awuzie and Peter Xing.

To learn more, please see the Transhuman Coin whitepaper.
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @transhumancoin #transhumancoin
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