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NEW Automatic Bulk Upload NFTs To OpenSea With This Bot! Upload-10 000 NFTs in a few minutes!

-Hello. Are you struggling with downloading your nfc projects, and you don’t know how to download more.? Then this video is especially for you! I don’t ask for money for my project, everything is absolutely free, the best payment for me will be a subscription and a like! Keep following me, videos will be posted regularly on the channel!

Bulk Upload NFTs To OpenSea and bypass captcha.

◼ Fast bulk loading of your NFT to OpenSea. With this bot you can load more than 10,000 NFT in a few clicks. You can download the file at the link in the description of the video. This bot is well circumvented CAPTCHA. The bot also loads your NFT with metadatum, subscribe to Thomas from OpenSea channel and be in the trend of new bots Also bots for NFT games.

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➖Download LINK[MediaFire]:
➖Password archive: 111


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