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NFT & Crypto Gaming 2021 Predictions & Forecast

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NFT & Crypto Gaming 2021 Predictions & Forecast
Today I chat with DCL Blogger, one of the smartest minds in the world of crypto collectibles & non fungible tokens (NFTs). We talk about why the NFT space is booming; the most popular NFT projects that are now on a variety of different blockchains. What are DCL Blogger’s favourite NFT games, crypto collectibles & crypto artists as we head into 2021. In case you weren’t aware, NFTs are crypto tokens that exist on the blockchain. NFTs can be in-game collectibles, legal contracts, representations of digital and physical art, event tickets & much more! Here are a few predictions that Matty & I have for crypto gaming & NFTs as we head into 2021. #NFTs #Ethereum #Tokens

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0:00 Recent developments in NFTs and crypto gaming
0:55 NBA Top Shot trading card game by Dapper Labs
5:45 CryptoPunks: the first-ever NFTs on Ethereum
8:55 Gamifying token issuance
10:50 Updates on Decentraland
12:15 Proposed PLAY crypto gaming index through PieDAO
14:05 Atari is joining the Decentraland virtual gaming world
16:45 Touring Nugget’s News HQ in Decentraland
20:55 What Matty likes about Sandbox
23:40 NFT & crypto gaming predictions for 2021
36:05 Matty’s monthly NFT reports for members

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