One Pro International Review: Scam or Legit Opportunity?

So, you are looking for an extra income online?

Chances are you have seen One Pro International promoted as a business opportunity across the internet.

Is it a real opportunity to make money? Is One Pro International legit or scam?

Perhaps these were the burning questions you want an answer from us.

And we’re glad your doubtful mind leads you to this article.

To begin with, we will give you a summary of our review.

One Pro International is a scam.

In the next section, we will explain to you why the subject company is not worth your money.

So, keep reading.

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Company Background

What is One Pro International? Where’s its address?

What does it do? What are its products? Who is its founder?

Unfortunately, there is not enough information about One Pro International on the web.

Its official website did not indicate its company profile. There is no contact information — the address of the business is nowhere to be found.

You can’t even find a reliable source of what products it sells on the internet.

Should this missing vital info alarm you?

Yes, it should.

These are essential information that any legitimate business should reveal to the public.

However, we found the business name “Onepro Marketing Services” registered with DTI.

Also, a Facebook post claims that Ashley Mendez is the CEO of One Pro. Her office address is at Rm 208 2nd floor, Mother Ignacia Avenue Corner Samar Avenue, Quezon City.

One Pro International CEO and Office Address

If you are looking for what building they are residing, you should ask the allege founder herself.

Products and Services

Any legitimate company should have saleable products and services.

Sadly, for One Pro International that is not the case.

It has a glutathione soap and perfume which are often sold as a package.

Upon payment of the registration fee worth Php598, you will receive a package together with some products.

This is a strategy so that the payment of the membership fee will appear as a legitimate sale of goods.

Sounds familiar right?

AIM Global, Salveo World and Paysbook are using the same scheme to mask their illegal activities from the authorities.

With products, government regulators will think their operation is lawful.

But if you dig deeper into their operations, you will realize they aren’t marketing the products but the dream of becoming rich.

Like the online MLM scams we have reviewed, One Pro International cannot demonstrate that it has demand for its goods.

So, instead of selling the actual merchandise, the company markets its compensation plan.

Compensation Plan and Marketing Strategy

Do want to know how One Pro International make money?


By selling its compensation plan.

The fact is, the company does not market its products.

Instead, it enticed its prospects using its compensation plan.

Have you seen a post that promotes a glutathione soap? Or perfume?

There is none. Rather what you’ve seen are advertisements like that below.

One Pro International PromotionsOne Pro International scam

Tempting, isn’t it?

Not really.

If you examine their various ways to make money, it all boils down to one single method.

Recruit. Recruit. Recruit. An endless chain of recruitment.

Now, let’s find out the various means to earn money with One Pro International (as promoted by the company).

How to Earn Money with One Pro International

  • Get Php100 as sign-up and login bonus. Take note. You can’t withdraw the amount until you activate your account.
  • Earn Php5 watching YouTube videos. You have 20 videos per day up to 8 days. You can’t redeem the money unless you sponsor someone.
  • Have Php50 for each direct referral.
  • Get a portion of the company’s total sales up to Php1,000 per day.
  • Receive Php50 as pairing bonus when someone team joins you right and left teams. Maximum of 10 pairs per day.
  • Gain Php5 from your indirect referrals (from 2nd up to the 10th
  • Your registration fee will serve as down payment for the peso-Wi-Fi vending machine. Get Php1,000 discount if you avail.
  • Earn Php2,500 for each peso-Wi-Fi sold.
  • Every time your direct invites sell the peso-Wi-Fi, you will have Php500.
  • You can sell its wellness products and get 50% profit.
  • Earn thru various incentives, and raffle draws.

Why One Pro International is a Scam

We are warning you.

One Pro International is nothing but a recruitment scheme. It’s a pyramid scheme.

Affiliates make money by inviting others into the program and let the recruits do the same.

Members don’t sell the soap or whatever products the company has. Instead, the company promotes the compensation plan to lure its prospects.

Don’t be fooled by their promises.

Because upon payment of the registration fee, you will turn your effort to the recruitment program.

That way you can recover your cost of investment and make money from your recruits.

Unfortunately, a business like that will not last long.

Believe us.

If you join, you are only enriching the owner and top of the pyramid promoters.

Do you think that’s a legitimate opportunity?

Certainly not. We call it a scam.

Aside from classifying One Pro International as a pyramid scheme, we also believe it’s selling an unregistered investment.

Hence, the company should be subject to SEC rules and regulations.

Final Thoughts on One Pro International

Should you join One Pro International?

It’s a scam. Thus, we recommend that you avoid it at all cost.

Its business model is not new to us.

Like Paysbook, AIM Global, Salveo World and Pays-up Marketing, One Pro is a pyramid scheme.

What’s a pyramid scheme?

It’s a scheme where profits are taken from the payments of recruits and not from the actual sale of products and services.

In a pyramid scheme, lots of money are paid to the founders and top of the pyramid promoters.

This is possible at the expense of the new members like you.

So, don’t be deceived by the promises on their compensation plans.

We will appreciate if you will file a formal complaint against One Pro International. Contact the DTI and the SEC so that you will be guided.

We will be glad if you share this article to at least 5 people you know. And let these people do the same.

See you in our next article.