Paycheck AB Online Advertising Services Review: A Scam Copied from Another Scam?

Is Paycheck AB Online Advertising Services legit or scam? Read this article and find out.

Someone invited you to join Paycheck AB Online Advertising Services, right?

Or perhaps you saw that YouTube video that promises unrealistic income from your Php1,000 investment.

Whichever the case may be, one thing is sure. You want to earn extra money online.

Earn with money with Paycheck AB Online Advertising Services

However, investing your hard-earned money is risky if you don’t research the background of the company.

What is Paycheck AB Online Advertising Services? What are its products?

Is it a real income opportunity or just a fly-by-night company?

To answer your questions, give us 5 minutes of your time to read our review on Paycheck AB Online Advertising Services.

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What is Paycheck AB Online Advertising Services?

Paycheck AB Online Advertising Services is a combination of the new innovative internet business today.

That is what the founders and promoters claim.

What else do they say?

They say it’s an affiliate marketing program, e-commerce system with a great social media platform.

Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

It’s not new indeed. Paybook used those lines to describe its business.

Isn’t Paysbook a scam? Yes, it is.

If Paysbook is a scam so is Paycheck. Is that what we mean?


However, we believe it is best to investigate this new online MLM scam.

In its website (, it says it offers various services. These are Air Ticketing, E-loading, Remittances, Bills Payment, Visa Processing and E-commerce.

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However, we found out that those services do not exist.

Still interested in joining? We hope not.

Frequently, this latest money-making activity used Facebook and YouTube as the primary advertising platform.

In case you missed it, the company had its grand launching on the 28th of February this year. Thanks to their President Alvin Borbon and CEO Brix Calamonte.

Paycheck AB Online Advertising Founders

Products and Services

Are you excited to know what products and services Paycheck AB Online Advertising Services sell?

Don’t be shocked because there is none.

Yes, you heard it right.

Paycheck has no identifiable products and services for sale to the public.

But, don’t worry.

Soon the company might launch a product like what the Paysbook scam did this year.

Any guess what product would that be?

Never mind.

Any products sold by these online MLM scams are just used to cover their illegal activities from the authorities.

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Often, these goods are packaged and given to the new members upon payment of the membership fee.

If Paycheck AB Online Advertising Services has no products, then what does it sell?

As usual, it markets its compensation plan.

It sells the idea that with its business you can make much money. Work from home and be your boss.

Selling the compensation plan is the same strategy of PlanProMatrix, Salveo World and Pays-up Marketing.

AIM Global, One Pro International, Unity Network and Droidjo are also using the same tactic.

The Compensation Plan

And now, here’s your favorite part of the review.

In this section, we will discuss the various ways on how to make money with Paycheck AB Online Advertising Services.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Not really. Because most of these methods are found on almost scams, we have reviewed- notably, the Paysbook scam.

To earn money with Paycheck, you need to pay Php1,000. After that, you will receive an activation code so you can log-in to your dashboard.

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Here’s how to Make Money with Paycheck AB Online Advertising Services

  • Earn Php400 just by signing up. The minimum cash-out is Php3,000 so you can’t withdraw the amount yet. Moreover, you may need to recruit more to achieve the minimum.
  • Daily profit rewards of P100 per day up to 7 days only.
  • Share your referral link and get Php40 per day for 10 days as share reward.
  • Every time you sponsor someone who activates his account, you earn Php100 as direct referral income.
  • Receive a binary income of Php200 up to 30 pairs per day.
  • Get Php100 as leveling rewards in every (first) match per level.
  • You will earn Php100 from 1st Level up to the 10 Level Sales Match of your direct invites. A total Earnings of Php1,000 both legs.
  • Earn Php15 as indirect referral income from the 2nd level up to the 15th level of your structure.

Coming Soon Additional Ways to Earn

  • Profit Sharing.
  • Lifestyle Incentives.
  • Car Incentives.
  • E-commerce.
  • E-loading and Airline Ticketing.

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Why Paycheck AB Online Advertising Services is a Scam

Paycheck is a Pyramid scheme.

First, it has no products or services to offer.

Second, its primary source of profit is the recruitment of affiliates.

If you join this company, part of your payment goes to your sponsor. And the rest goes to the founders themselves.

Upon payment of the membership fee, you will then recruit more people under you. In return, you will get a portion of their money as your commission.

In reality, the earnings of the people on top of the pyramid are coming from the poor downlines at the bottom.

Paycheck AB Online Advertising Services Scam or Legit

Is that what you call a legitimate business opportunity?

Off course not. That is a scam.

What happens when recruitment stops?

You lose while they gain.

Also, we find Paycheck AB Online Advertising Services selling an unregistered investment. Thus, it should comply with SEC rules and regulations.

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Avoid Paycheck AB Online Advertising Services avoid at all cost.

The company, which is promoted as a business opportunity is a scam because it’s a pyramid scheme.

Besides the fact that there are no products, it also relies on the recruitment of affiliates.

When you buy a membership, a portion of your money goes to your upline. That will serve as his commission for recruiting you.

The truth is, the profit of the founders and promoters are financed only from the entry of new members.

What do you get after paying Php1,000?


When the time comes that inviting is no longer possible, the poor downlines at the bottom of the pyramid will lose their money.

Eventually, a company like Paycheck will not last long.

We suggest you report this company to the DTI and SEC of the Philippines. So that the government authorities can initiate appropriate actions.

Do you find this review helpful? Then, share it to the people you know and let them do the same.

See you in you in our next article.