More than 99% lose Money in Paysbook Stats Reveals

More than 99% of people who join an MLM loose money. That’s according to a study published in the US Federal Trade Commission.

And Paysbook is not an exception to that.

A recent post from a member, including the CEO himself reveals that more than 99% of affiliates lose money since it started.

Here’s how it goes.

  1. Paysbook has 1.5 million affiliates.
  2. There are now 31 millionaires.
  3. 20 members are in the 900k range.
  4. 300 affiliates are making 800k plus.
  5. 1,200 are earning 500k plus.

Paysbook Scam Earnings

Now let’s do the math.

Adding all the numbers will give us a total of 1,551 (31+20+300+1200). The figure is equal to 0.1034% of the 1.5 million members.

Obviously, there are those who are earning below the 500k bracket although it’s not disclosed.

Let us be considerate with Paysbook. Let’s say 10,000 people are making money below the 500k range.

Again, that’s a conservative estimate, but we firmly believe the number is lower than that.

Adding the 10,000 to the 1,551 is equal to 11,551. Meaning, there are 11,551 affiliates earning money on Paysbook.

How is the number compared to the total affiliates of 1.5 million?

That’s a dismal 0.77%.

What does it mean? It means more than 99% lose money in Paysbook.

Who belongs to 0.77 %?

Those are the top of the pyramid promoters. They made money at the expense of the 1.4 million poor downlines.

Isn’t that a scam? Certainly is. Sometimes it is called a thief by deception.

If you see somebody posting their earnings on Paysbook, tell them that they are enriching themselves at the expense of the new members.

Tell them that what they are doing is illegal based on this SEC advisory.

Perhaps, it is now time that you file a formal complaint against this Pyramid Scheme.

So that millions of money will be saved from incoming downlines. Protection Status