Paysbook Review 2019: A Legitimate Opportunity or a Big Scam?

Is Paysbook legit or scam? Read on and find out. 

What if we tell you that you can earn money in social media while posting, liking or commenting on a platform.

That all you must do is register, login and promote it on Facebook.

Paysbook CEO
Photo from Facebook

It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

This social media platform we are talking about is Paysbook. Arjay Gallenero, the founder, tells you that this is the platform that pays while doing the same things on Facebook.

What a brilliant and cool idea!

But, are you not wondering where did these earnings come from?

Is it legit or scam? We will know in this ultimate review.

Paysbook Review

This Paysbook review attempts to answer the most critical questions to help you decide whether to invest or not in Arjay’s Gallenero’s creation.

Also, we will reveal to you where you can buy their social media platform. Yes, you heard it right. The script is available in a marketplace.

Moreover, you will discover how the company earns and pays its members. More importantly, you will find out if Paysbook is legitimate or not.

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What is Paysbook

Paysbook is an SEC-registered partnership. Its primary purpose is providing other information technology and computer services.

As of November 2018, the partnership is now a corporation.

The founder claims his business is a blend of social media, with an e-commerce system and affiliate marketing program. Furthermore, he argues that the platform is the only social media that pays.

If this is true, the owner then must have invented a unique combination of Facebook and Amazon. With a mix of affiliate marketing, it is interesting to examine the company’s business operations.

However, a closer look at the company indicates that it does not have a single identifiable product to sell and uses some MLM principles.

Update: The company launched a juice and coffee mix in 2019. But, these products do not have demand and members are not interested to sell them. Hence, these are used to mask its illegal activities from the authorities. Paysbook crap products were introduced after the 2nd SEC Advisory.

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Login and Registration

To register, you need to visit this link. You need to fill out the form to complete the registration.

After registration, your affiliate Paysbook login dashboard will look like below.

Paysbook Login Affiliate Dashboard

As you can see, just by logging in the platform, you earned Php300. Sadly, you cannot withdraw the amount unless you buy an activation code worth Php1,000.

Nice bait Arjay. No wonder why people register in this scheme because of your unique marketing strategy.

You pay 1,000 to earn 300. How cool is it to fool other people right?

Except for their Emall, the company does not have a privacy policy on its various websites. If privacy is important to you, then do not join their platform.

Social Media

The social media platform can be accessed here.

Paysbook Review: Social Media Platform

What’s their first lie?

Meet millions! FYI! The company has not breached the 1 million user mark as of October 2018 (original publication date of this article).

Update: After lying for several months, finally, they breached the 1 million-member late last year. But take note. There may be millions of Paysbook members but only a few of them use the social media platform.

The platform is total crap. Its loading speed is slow. You can’t even access it most of the time.

Logging in Paysbook Social is a headache as of this writing. The site is inaccessible for more than 36 hours since the last time we logged in.

Do you want the truth?

Their social media platform is a script called “Socialite” that is available in CodeCanyon for $46.00.

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That is so cheap! So, don’t expect a quality site from their CEO.

Anyone who knows how to read can make a website, can buy a socialite script and create Paysbook. It’s so easy to do that.

Take a closer look at the following screenshots from CodeCanyon.

Socialite script
Socialite script
Socialite script

Here is another lie.

The are 600,000+ (800,000+ according to an FB post) active users in their platform.

Paysbook Login Review Active Users

That is misleading.

When you check the users’ profile, their posts were almost 30 days ago. Ironic, their members spent more time on Facebook than on their platform.


The Paysbook e-commerce site is accessible at emall. You need to create and register an account again before you can log in on their emall.

What’s inside their emall?

Their so-called e-commerce site includes sellers posting various items. Check the screengrab below.


To determine whether the site works, we sent a message to various sellers to buy a different pair of shoes and other stuff.  Almost 48 hours have passed, but nobody cares to respond.

Is their emall legit or fake?  We believe its fake.

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What did Arjay say about the 1000 activation fee? See this (we suspect) paid media exposure.

What? 1000 pesos is for advertisement services? However, he said publication is free throughout the whole website.


There is something wrong with Mr. Gallenero’s business.

How to Earn

There are three ways to earn money in this online business. You can earn thru Paysbook login, have a trending post and recruit people to join.

Paysbook Login, Log-out, and Sign-in Income

  1. Sign-in Reward- You can earn Php300 after registering and signing up.
  2. Log-in Reward – One can make Php50.00 for merely logging in to the platform. It is limited to two logins per day for up to six days to earn a total log-in reward of Php600.00.
  3. Log-out Reward – You get Php50.00 for logging-out from the platform. It is limited to two logouts per day for up to six days to earn a total potential log-out reward of Php600.00.

Trending Post

According to a coach, the top 100 trending posts in the social media platform will divide the pot money earned from the company’s Propeller Ads.

Check how developers of Paysbook put the ad codes in various links of its affiliate dashboard.

They put an ad code at the upper drop-down arrow. A member will surely click the ad every time he logs-out or edits his profile.

Also, there are ads in the various links in the dashboard. Additionally, you will be redirected to an advertisement when you right click your mouse.

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Propeller calls this as OnClick (Popunder). We tried it on this blog and found it annoying to users.


This method of earning is the most popular among the members and perhaps the bread and butter of their monkey business.

According to the SEC warning against the company, an investor can make money through referrals in the following ways:

  • Direct Commission – Earn PhP100.00 for every recruit, whether directly or indirectly through his downlines, and who subsequently activates their account for maximum of fifteen (15) recruits or account activations or a maximum commission of PhP1,500.00.
  • Matching Commission – Make PhP100.00 for every pair of recruits, whether directly or indirectly through his downlines and activated on the left and right side of his recruitment pyramid for up to forty (40) pairs matched per day or a maximum commission of PhP4,000.00 per day.
  • Leveling Commission – Get PhP400.00 for filling every level or layer of his recruitment pyramid with downlines, recruited either directly or indirectly through his downlines, for up to the tenth level or a maximum of PhP40,000.00 for all levels or tiers.

Marketing Strategy

Showing the money, cars or any shiny objects that they’ve got to lure others is the most common strategy of scam online businesses.

We had seen this tactic when we reviewed Unity Network, PlanProMatrix, Unity Wealth and CoinMD scams. Paysbook is no different from them.

These bogus businesses are selling the idea of becoming rich. In effect, they are pushing the dream of becoming wealthy.

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Why not promote real products instead of fancy things?

They can’t because these fly by night companies do not have salable products. Alternatively, some have products but of low quality and no demand.

Paysbook is a Scam

It’s so enticing to join because the founder offers Paysbook login rewards after signing up.

However, Paysbook is a scam because its business model looks like a recruitment-based Pyramid scheme.

After the second SEC advisory was released, Paysbook introduced few products to make it appear like a legitimate business.

But, Arjay Gallenero’s company derived its income primarily from the recruitment of people. And not from the actual sale of products.

What is a Pyramid scheme? Article 4(k) of the Consumer Act of the Philippines (R.A 7394) can provide us with an answer.

Section 4(k) of R.A. 7394

Article 53 of R.A 7394 prohibits the Pyramid Sales Schemes.

Yes, you can make money in this scheme. However, it’s your invites who paid your commissions. If members stop recruiti, we are 100% sure; this pyramid scam will disappear.

SEC Advisory on Paysbook

On August 1, 2018, the SEC issued a warning against Paysbook. It says in part;

SEC Advisory
SEC Advisory

It seems the SEC believes the company is selling an investment contract. We agreed with SEC on this matter.

An investment contract is a transaction or scheme whereby a person invests his money in a common enterprise. Then, he is led to expect profits primarily from the efforts of others.

For a detailed explanation of an investment contract, please check my PlanProMatrix and Unity Wealth reviews.

On January 9, 2019, the SEC reiterated its advisory against Paysbook. The SEC received information that Paysbook members made it appear that their issue with the SEC is cleared.

What did the corporate regulator say about the Paysbook? The agency said;

To date, the Department has not issued any order lifting the 01 August 2018 Advisory (hereafter “Advisory”) on PAYSBOOK E-COMMERCE SYSTEM CO. LTD. finding no sufficient ground or justification to lift the same. Thus, the general public is hereby informed that the Advisory REMAINS VALID AND IN EFFECT.

Still interested to join? Here’s what the former SEC Chairperson said when an advisory is issued against a company:

It is up to you if you still want to deal with a company that is flagged by the SEC twice.

Debunking Gallenero’s Reply to SEC

Arjay Gallenero sent a letter in reply to the issuance of an advisory from the SEC of the Philippines.

Mr. Gallenero said;

Reply to SEC Advisory

Paysbook is different from Facebook because the former earn thru the recruitment of members while the latter sells real advertising services.

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The CEO does not know how Facebook works. Facebook collects all our information (such as age, location, relationship status, photos, videos, work, comments, posts, likes, and more) and sells it to advertisers.

The fact is, the secret of Facebook’s success is the big data that they have.

Facebook never used affiliate marketing to generate internet traffic. Also, affiliate marketing requires a person to promote a real product and earn a commission for each product sold.

The sign-up rewards, the direct, matching, and leveling commission, and login rewards are characteristics of Multi-Level Marketing schemes.

The CEO clarified;

Reply to SEC Advisory

He and his members’ actions tell otherwise. The showing of money and the earnings they’ve got from Paysbook is clear evidence that they promised a return to their members.

Why not promote the real product instead? Because their products have no demand after all.

Recently, Paysbook launched a few products. But, these products are just used to make the company look like a legitimate business.

Possible Violations of Paysbook

Based on our review, the following are the possible violations of Paysbook;

  1. The Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its IRR (R.A 10173)- The company failed to disclose its privacy policy when it collects personal information in their social media platform, and affiliate dashboard.
  2. Consumer Act of the Philippines and its IRR (R.A 7394)- The company’s business model looks like a pyramid sales scheme, a prohibited practice.
  3. Securities Regulations Code and its IRR (R.A 8799)- The subject firm is selling an investment contract which requires a Secondary License and should be registered before it can be sold to or offer for sale to the public.

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Paysbook Review Conclusion.

Paysbook’s login reward is enticing, but you can’t have it until you pay Php1000. This practice is a marketing strategy to entice people to the pyramid scheme.

Our review concludes that Paysbook is a scam.

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At first, it has no products or services. But recently, Gallenero introduced a herbal juice mix and a herbal coffee mix. We believe this is just a strategy to hide Paysbook’s illegal activities from the authorities.

Second, its operations rely on the recruitment of affiliates.

Third, people join this company to recruit and earn commissions depending on the level of the pyramid.

Finally, the SEC issued an advisory believing that the company is selling an investment contract which requires a Secondary License.

The investment contract must be registered (which the company failed to do) before it can be sold or offer for sale to the public.

We will be glad if you will share this review with your friends, families or relatives. You must avoid Paysbook at all cost.