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Phantom Palace Walkthrough – Mokoko Seeds Lost Ark – Full Walkthrough


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#1 Mokoko Seed
This is a Secret Mokoko seed, and you need to finish a few steps on the hard difficulty to get the Mokoko seed.
Step 1:
On Floor-2, while fighting the first boss name Phantom Legion Rook, look for buff along the circular wall. If you don’t enter the dungeon on hard difficulty, the buff will not display. You have one minute to collect the buff before it vanishes. The timer starts as the boss fight starts. Refer to the below images to find the exact locations of buff on the map.

Step 2:
Continue the journey inside the dungeon. On Floor-2, while fighting the third boss name Phantom Legion Queen, she will summons a waves attack. At this moment, you can find a buff right where the third boss stands. Keep your full HP, as you will get hit by a wave while picking up the Buff.

Step 3:
In the third step, before facing the final boss, place two buffs you’ve collected at two specific locations inside the chess area.

After that, a quest called Checkmate will be assigned to you automatically. Complete the mission by placing the King and Pope in their proper positions on the chessboard.

Step 4:
Take the left-hand stairs to “Enter the Chamber of Darkness,” where you’ll find another boss named Phantom Legion Bishop. Defeat this Boss and find the secret hidden area on the map’s eastern side, as depicted in the image. The Mokoko seed can be found in the dark area.

#2 Mokoko Seed
It is located on the first floor (1F) of the phantom palace, on the marked area in the image. Right next to a floating boulder, you will find a Mokoko Seed on the ground.

#3 Mokoko Seed
It is located on the first floor (1F) of the phantom palace, as marked on the map. Go to the west side of the map and you will find the Mokoko Seed near Chess Pawn pieces.

#4 Mokoko Seed
It is located on the eastern side of the chess arena inside a hidden room (1st floor), as marked on the map. Passage to this hidden room is behind a purple curtain. keep yourself on the right side of the wall to reach the Mokoko seed.

#5 Mokoko Seed
It is located on the broken bridge of the 2nd floor, as marked on the map. This broken bridge is east of the area where you will fight with the first boss.
#6 Mokoko Seed
For this Mokoko seed, you must enter a mirror in the 2nd floor that will teleport you to a secret area. I have marked the location on the map. At the end of the hidden/secret room, there will be a Mokoko Seed by a window and stairs.

#7 Mokoko Seed
It is located on the 4th floor and can be found outside of the palace in a big garden that is filled with trees. It is a bit harder to locate as it’s hidden from the leaves. I have marked the location on the map.

How To Solve Phantom Palace Chess Puzzle in Lost Ark
The in-game guide tells us that you need to place the chess pieces “symmetrically.” To accomplish this, look at the chessboard and observed how the pieces are arranged. Then find out the missing White or Black pieces. Finally to solve, just pick up the missing ones from the side and put them on the chessboard. You need to solve the chess puzzle two/three times where each time you solve the puzzle a magical door appears that you need to enter and fight with a boss.

First Chess Puzzle
#1: Pick up the White Horse.
#2: Mirror it with the position of the Horse. Refer below image for reference.
Second Chess Puzzle
#1: Place the pawn in middle to match the symmetry.
#2: Place Queen on the right as marked below.


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