Pixar NFTs Now Available on Veve via Disney’s Golden Moments Collection

Disney’s new Golden Moments Collection of non-fungible tokens will include a set of Pixar NFTs. It’s the award-winning animation studio’s first foray into the crypto-collectibles field, and it’s available via VeVe. Assets will be accessible from 12 p.m. PT today, Tuesday, November 9th.

Last week, we learned on the Disney Golden Moments collection. This is a large collection of NFTs depicting golden statues of famous characters from some of Disney’s most popular films. This includes Star Wars, Marvel, and — you guessed it — Pixar as partners, franchises, and affiliates.

Characters from the Toy Story films, such as the iconic trash-collecting robot WALL•E and the Pizza Planet delivery truck, have been recreated in gold for the Pixar drop. These two tokens are classified as uncommon and rare, with only 10,333 and 6,333 editions manufactured, respectively. This suggests that once the purchasing starts, both will likely sell fast.

While many fans may have a definite idea of what tokens they desire, others may want to enjoy the thrill of the unknown. Blind Boxes are also available at Disney Golden Moments. Because these assets aren’t labeled, purchasers don’t know what they’re getting until after the transaction. As a result, you may be able to get a highly collectable, uncommon token for less than the quoted price.

You may then either retain that NFT or take it to the markets to see what you can resell or trade it for. It should be noted, however, that the Disney Golden Moments NFT series is susceptible to secondary market costs. Not only will each subsequent sale be subject to a 2.5 percent fee from VeVe, but Disney will additionally charge a 6 percent licensor fee.

More information on the VeVe Disney+ NFT collection can be found here, as well as information about Disney+ Day, which the project commemorates. Alternatively, go to VeVe.me to participate in the sale. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that ‘The Simpsons’ would be in the Golden Moments series as well.