Press Release

Poker Cheating, Fake Psychics, & Frog Poison [The Story of a Bryn Kenney Horse]

Today I’m joined by Martin Zamani to cover some truly insane allegations about Bryn Kenney. This story has it all: ghosting, collusion, cheating, RTA, warlords, shamans, frog poison, acid, smuggling, and much more!

0:00 Intro
2:13 Martin joins, Meeting Bryn and getting staked
9:30 Horse collusion, Bryn could see Martins screen?
20:00 RTA Bans, The HE22 account, Lauren Roberts
28:51 Ghosting, Mark Herm
34:49 The Shaman, Frog poison rituals
47:52 Multi-accounting, GG’s Agent program
53:50 The Psychic, Cult lifestyle
1:02:57 More Bryn stories
1:10:42 The rake pyramid
1:17:30 Summary

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