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Push up Challenge – July 2022

We had a challenge thrown up this week for #STEPNers, how many push-ups could you do in 30 seconds. Are we the fittest Crypto project?

Great fun, I really look forward to the next challenge, during the bear we BUIDL! Not just the game, but body and mind as well 🙂

STEPN is a Move 2 Earn game on Solana, Binance and now Etherium, so 3 reams and blockchains. It’s a very basic start to the game, you move for 10 minutes a day outside via a mobile and GPS with an NFT (Non Fungible Token) pair of sneakers, and you earn $GST every day!

• All of the opinions in this video are mine and don’t reflect the opinions of other’s from the communities I am involved.

• I try my best to keep my information up to date, informative, and of course with a little bit of Aussie and may use a little Aussie/Adult language.

• I can get information wrong, I have put my own funds into bad projects that have Rugged, make sure to always DYOR, and work accorindgly to your own risk levels.

• Contents on this channel are NOT financial Advice.

• Remember be safe in Crypto. Always do your own research. Do not fall for scams. I will never DM you asking for money or crypto coins or NFTs, nor offer you some magical unicorn of a project to invest in.

• Do not invest in Games/Tokens/NFTs more than you can afford to lose, and always assume things can and do go to zero. We will be lucky to see 95% of these games and NFT projects make meaningfull launches and success.

• Be careful when clicking on links, use trusted sources when researching projects, be careful if you choose to download a game that is in Beta, at some stage people will include malicious software inside those (maybe use a non crypto computer when game testing). My personal first check will usually be checking a projects Official Twitter, but still be careful.

– STEPN Official Website

– STEPN Discord Invite

Ktrain – US Ambassador
5+ Days a week of STEPN info and community engagement

Krit (French stat superstar)
If you are checking information on drop rates, Luck and Mystery Boxes, a good place to check

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