Python Developer Hourly Rate (2022)

Have you just received your Python developer certification and are searching for your first job? Or are you considering a career in data science and want to know what your earning potential will be in the future? Then this is the one for you. Python is a versatile, multi-purpose programming language with several applications in the computer sector. Whether you’re searching for a job in data analytics, back-end development, or another area of software engineering, there are plenty of opportunities.

Python is the top programming language that developers wish to learn, according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey for 2021. And 66.7 percent of those who currently use it intend to maintain it as their primary language. As a result, if you’re a certified Python developer, you’re already ahead of the game. The important issue is: how does this affect your earning potential?

In this article, we’ll look at the Python developer job market and see how much you may make depending on your expertise and location.

What is the state of the Python developer market?

Python’s popularity has skyrocketed since about 2018. This was most likely prompted by a rising need in the computer sector for a multi-purpose programming language that was quick to learn, simple to use, and useful in a variety of situations. Python checks every box.

Python is a popular programming language among data scientists, analysts, and machine learning experts. Because of its simplicity, it’s ideal for fast prototyping. Of course, Python isn’t flawless. It is slower and less scalable as an interpreted programming language than certain other languages. As a result, it’s mostly utilized for back-end programming and isn’t the ideal choice for developing games or apps.

Despite this, the typical Python developer in the United States makes $96,890 per year, according to over 100,000 job ads on Glassdoor. Depending on expertise, the actual price fluctuates from about $65K to over $144K. This shows that even a junior Python coder may make almost twice as much as the average US wage (around $36K).

This article solely utilizes US currency to keep things consistent. This quick currency converter may be useful if you aren’t situated in the United States.

Salary ranges for Python developers depending on experience

You shouldn’t be shocked to find that your degree of expertise influences how much money you can make as a Python developer. You’ll earn more if you’ve already made a name for yourself in an area like data science or data analytics than if you’re just getting started with some simple back-end labor. You should strive to improve your talents over time in order to boost your compensation.

Let’s take a look at some estimations for how much you may expect to make at various phases of your career.

Salaries for Python programmers at the entry level

Entry-level jobs pay less in general, that much is obvious. Nonetheless, an entry-level Python coder in the United States may expect to earn about $48K, according to Glassdoor. This may escalate to an average of $72K as your experience rises (up to around three years). Your pay will climb as you finish a rising number of successful tasks.

Salaries for Python developers in their mid-career

A Python developer in the United States with 4-6 years of experience may make an average of $78K, according to Glassdoor. To optimize your revenue, you should probably specialize in a field where Python is widely utilized. This might be data analytics, data engineering, or machine learning, for example (or a combination of these).

If you’re taking the data path, you’ll want to acquaint yourself with Amazon EC2 and Amazon Web Services, among other tools and technologies (AWS). Consider learning Apple OS X, as well as large data analytics software and other server-side languages such as HTML and CSS.

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Python developer salary for seasoned professionals

Finally, according to Glassdoor’s compensation statistics, a highly experienced Python developer in the United States (with 7+ years of experience) may make an average of $118K, with a range of $155K. By this stage in your career, you’ve probably moved on from only utilizing Python to creating algorithms and architectures. You’ll almost certainly have domain knowledge and, in certain cases, a degree or other credential. You’re more likely to make more money if you bring all of these extra abilities to the table. It’s good to know what you’re shooting for.


If you’ve secured a job interview, find out how much you can expect to earn in your chosen field at your level of expertise and in your area. It could also be beneficial to chat with any Python developers you know (friends or mentors) to see if they have any advice on how to negotiate the money you deserve.