RAINBOW CURRENCY ~ Could it be the Hottest New Cryptocurrency ?

Maybe the HOTTEST ICO in 2017! DO NOT LOSE THEM:
How to SIGN UP in Rainbow Currency site (tutorial)

“Just wanna make sure that you aware that something huge is coming.
You might not have heard about “Rainbow Currency”. So let me explain, what it is and what the benefits are:
1. The currency is strictly limited to 100 billion Twinkles – name of the coins.
2. It is backed by real shares of the underlying company.
3. Now here comes the special thing: It is tied to a real economy in an open network across the globe where businesses and internet users can join to be in a safer environment and to collect more rewards than anywhere else.
4. The currency is founded by more than 3000 people across the world who already own more than 30% of the total Twinkles.
5. It will be overwatched and represented by the Rainbow Foundation, a non-profit organisation, which also assures that the currency is not a business model itself – like with other cryptocurrencies who are literally overvalued.
6. The ICO is held from Nov 6th to Nov 13th. The Twinkles are offered with a special discounted price each day. Starting from $0.002 each it goes up to the actual price of $0.01 on the first public exchange.
7. Although the price is very low for the value and usability the currency is providing later on, it is also possible to get Twinkles completely for free. Yes, at no cost you can earn them right away at the discounted rate.
So what do you think now?
Can Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency offer all of these points together?
I personally don’t know any other cryptocurrency that is providing all these benefits ar once.
Is it worth to look a little deeper into it?
I think so. Just write me a short message and I will provide you with further info and help you with anything I can.”
Anyway, have a nice and successful week!