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Raoul Pal And Lyn Alden Crypto – Our Prediction On HUGE Recession in 2022

Raoul Pal And Lyn Alden Crypto – Our Prediction On HUGE Recession in 2022

In this Video, CEO of Real Vision Raoul Pal interviews Lyn Alden to get her take on inflation and possible inflation which could be due to Covid, Russian and Ukraine war and shortage of energy and other supplies. Lyn also talks about her prediction on future inflation and its outcome and what preparation we can do to avoid it.

Also Raoul Pal gives his point of view on huge recession for this year and his prediction for 2022, find out more at the end of this video.

Perhaps the biggest concern of experts who see a potential recession coming are the big changes in the Federal Reserve’s strategy. After playing down inflation for much of 2021, the Fed has finally found religion when it comes to getting price growth under control.

The Fed started preparing markets for tighter monetary policy in January, when Fed Chair Jerome Powell said the central bank would lower its $9 trillion balance sheet sometime in 2022 and begin the process of withdrawing cheap money from the economy. This put pressure on stocks across the board—especially high-flying tech companies that thrive in such an environment.

Powell rolled out the next step by not only raising the federal funds rate, but also signaling that there could be as many as seven rate hikes this year. Goldman Sachs expects the Fed to be even more aggressive in upcoming meetings, raising rates by 50 basis points instead of just 25 basis points.

Given the high rate of inflation, especially in oil and food, it’s not hard to picture consumers dialing back their spending to compensate. While taking some spending out of the economy is why the Fed is raising rates, economic growth could stall should consumers clam up too much.

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Credit: Real Vision Finance
Raoul Pal on Global Recession: What to Know

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