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In today’s video I am going to talk about very hot topic that is being discussed currently in the crypto Fintweet and mainstream media – an approval of Bitcoin Futures ETF.

In the first part of the video I will provide you with a little bit of education and will talk about what the ETF is and what are the key differences between spot and futures ETFs.

In later part I will share a short clip from Raoul Pal and you will be able to get his opinion about Bitcoin Futures ETF approval. In the last part I will be explaining and summarising the pros and cons of this exciting development in crypto space.

What Is an ETF?

ETF stands for exchange traded fund basically it is a type of security that tracks an index, sector, commodity, or other asset which can be purchased or sold on a stock exchange the same way a regular stock can.

What is the difference between Bitcoin spot ETF and futures ETF?

Spot ETF is a type of fund which acquires and holds the underlying assets or security on which the ETF’s value is based or “tracked”. Like GLD example I gave you.

That basically means that in our case Bitcoin Spot ETF would have to go and buy Bitcoin from the exchanges or via OTC market or from miners directly, store it and trade it depending on the demand.

So what is a bitcoin futures ETF?

It is another type of regulated financial product that allows investors to indirectly participate in the bitcoin market and making a bet on the future price of Bitcoin without a need to buy & store physical Bitcoin. The example of futures ETF from traditional market could be USO (United States Oil Fund ) which tracks the future price of oil but doesn’t buy the barrels of oil.

In the case of Bitcoin futures ETF no Bitcoin has to be bought when Bitcoin futures ETF launches next week (so no extra demand for physical Bitcoin will be generated). Bitcoin futures ETF is just a paper bet on the future price of Bitcoin.

To wrap it up Bitcoin Futures ETF has some structural changes and also some fee drag on in that might not provide just the same exposure like Bitcoin Spot ETF would but the fact that finally USA will have Bitcoin ETF is a big deal. There are tone of investors – either institutional or other types that want an exposure to the Bitcoin but they previously could not get it, they were forced to sit outside the market because there was no ETF structure available and with this Bitcoin Futures ETF approval it will bring enormous amount of capital. What the Bitcoin ETF ultimately does it opens up an access to the asset as more people will be actually be able to allocate it so net net it is positive development in my opinion.

Now I would like to know your opinion about all of this. Do you think Bitcoin Futures ETF that just have been approved and will start trading early next week is a Bullish sign for Bitcoin or bearish?

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⏰ Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
00:13 Bitcoin Futures ETF Explained
01:13 What is ETF?
01:52 What is a difference between spot and futures ETF?
02:28 What is Bitcoin Futures ETF?
03:17 What is Contango?
03:50 Raoul Pal opinion on Bitcoin Futures ETF
06:17 Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Futures ETF
10:10 Outro

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Bitcoin Jumps as BTC Futures ETF Set to Make Its Debut
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