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Review Clash of Streamers (1# crypto game)

NEW! Today I show you Athenes autoplay Bitcoin Game Clash of Streamers. It’s like AFK Arena or Raid-Shadow Legends. Download the game:

In the core its a Turn based strategy browser game with game mechanics from the 2000s but made with a lot of love!

Big difference is you can customize your hero with your own face and there is a blockchain integration who in theory helps you to sell your high level.

The Music, gameplay speed and gimmicks are superb. Everything feels like a full fleshed game. The auction house is pretty awesome and feels good to earn the ingame currency.

A small but strong community with 800 Players at the same time online. The Community is great and fantastic to chat with the game let me chat with all people online – NICE!
The Devs are responsive af! Never saw a game with a support like that.

The gameplay is confusing. It will take a long time to get used to it. It seems as if the arrangement of the menu navigation, the rewards and all the functions were designed by a drunk squirrel.

This game is so casual but once you realise the depth it keeps going on. The Endgame is not for the mainstream, needs a lot of strategy and knowledge!

Most important question can you make real money with this game?
First you have to make 3-5 Accounts to support you main account. After you played about 1 Year+ and invested IRL money to get some minor boosts. You may export your “Hero” if you reach max level and got like 1 Million Crypton. You export them to a blockchain and sell the NFT on a open source plattform opensea.

In summary: just a chill mobile game you play 15mins a day or more if you into it. A game that you can play while brushing your teeth or in any other situation where you are brain dead and you need some entertainment. A good toilet game, after a few hundred poops you can get an NFT.

Disclaimer: Part of the money gets donated to gaming4good.

1.) How to make money as a freemium user? My tip use the auction house and try to make profit with selling Skins and Pets. In the video description is a link to all people who give free skins. Just subscribe to them and you get Skins worth of 10.000 Crypton! Make sure your Account is linked to Twitch.

2.) How to get Crypton?
If you upgrade the Spellbook and get every week 100 Crypton or more.
Each week there is a different event and if you complete it you can open the save.
Use the auction house! Buy cheap and sell expensive 😉

3.) What is the best deals?
– the daily sales ( +1 Salepoint )
– golden boost
– Shiny Legendary boost
– 5x level 10 Heros Boost

4.) How to get Salepoints?
You can get anything for free in this game and never have to spend anything BUT you need SALE POINTS! Sailepoints you get by progress in the Campaign and getting
My TIP! Get to lvl 5, usse the goldeboost once and get each month for free 25 Salepoints!
As a freemium user you can just create your own

5.) How to get money?
Go to “Best Game” then “Daily” then “Giving Works” then “Gift” send “Metamask Wallet” and then swap it on “pancakeswap” for fiat. Make sure you read about Metamask and pancakeswap. This process is complicated.

Tutorials you should watch:

What are Weekly Events:

What is Crypton:

How to get crypton:

How to level up fast:

How to use the AH as a pro:–v4n4vyQAq_nH3bW

How to get salepoints fast:

This is the real bonus/multiplayer: