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Riders of Icarus Classes Overview – Pros and Cons – Playstyle of each class

Ranger Info:
Ranger also use chaos magic to attack. Have long distance and short distance attacks. Can refresh own energy , heal self and also can heal party members ,not so often as priest though. Good to do solo dungeons , pvp and worldbosses.If you want detailed info please check my interviews with pro players.

Cons of zerk : no ranged attacks. You need good management of rage to manage your combos. And the recommended combos are not always the best for maximizing your DPS. Also for maxed dmg, you need to trigger repeated hellfire assault. That’s randomly luck based.(Thx ASH’s friend)

Here I talk about Riders of Icarus Classes . If you have different opinion please comment down below so ppl will have more info about classes. Do you have gear and seal advices ? Talent and combo advices ? Let people know at the comments , you can discuss strong and weak sides of the classes . These are my opinion overall and I got help from my team ofc. Please do not disrespect eachother at the comment section , tyvm :3

These are interview videos about each class. You will find talents and skill combos, prefered pets and seals info about each class. Sadly trickster and berzerker interviews not here I still need pro players who knows about these classes to answer my questions, if you think you can, comment down below or add me from discord SydolinEmuna#7426

Ranger :
Wizard :
Guardian :
Assasin :
Priest :

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