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SalveoWorld Review 2020: Legit or Scam?

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Is Salveo World legit or scam? Read on find out.

Imagine you are living in an elegant 4-bedroom house in one of the most expensive communities. You can feel the comfort as you drive your latest fancy car.

Worry no more because you have a lot of savings. How cool isn’t it?

House. Car. Big Savings.

These are the things that SalveoWorld and Technowise 360 promised to you. And, these are the things that you are dreaming of.

CEO of Technowise 360 and SalveoWordl

Screengrab from

Who wouldn’t want such a better life? A life where you can make money at home and be your boss.

We dreamed of such a wonderful life too.

But, lets pause for a while.

How can SalveoWorld and Technowise 360 give all those things? Is the business opportunity legit or scam?

What products are they selling? Are they not a pyramid scheme?

If you are curious and want to know more, then this article is worth your time.

SalveoWorld and Technowise 360

SalveoWorld is a marketing system of Technowise 360. Technowise 360 is a Philippine-based Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company that sells health, wellness, fitness, beauty, and fashion products.

Operating since 2013, the company claims it features recognized brands such as Sopistikada, Argento 925 Silver, Carpe Diem Timepieces, Salveo Organics, Bubblyface Babystuff, Dothrak Stainless Steel, and Sopistikada Elite.

You can visit their office at 3rd Floor WAM Bldg., Lot 1 Blk 1 Magalang Road, Citicenter Pandan Angeles City, Pampanga.

Products and Services

Technowise 360 says it sells 3000+ high-quality products on its e-commerce website. To verify this claim, you can head on to and discover the 3000+ products.

Have you visited the link? If you did, perhaps you will notice that most of the listed items are sold out.

Technowise 360 sold-out products

Demand must be so high that stocks are running out right? Or, the company doesn’t offer such products after all?

If you are a fan of President Duterte, they have something for you: The Duterte Stainless Steel (White Face) Watch by Curren.

Sadly, you can’t see any image of the product neither you will know the details of it. Maybe that’s a strategy to surprise you after ordering. What do you think?

SalveoWorld Duterte Stainless Steel Watch by Curren

When you buy any of the SalveoWorld membership, your package may include Salveo Barley Grass, Amaranth GlutaNAC, Back Diamond Soap, Rosy Peel Soap GoodShape or Skinny Latte.

Are these products high-quality like they claim to be? Certainly not.

MLMs always exaggerate their products claims without factual basis. In fact, most MLMs can’t sell their goods in retail outlets.

Do you know why it’s hard to sell MLM products?

Because nobody with a sound mind would buy such overpriced low-quality items.

If you are curious about what can SalveoWorld products do to your body, just look at the screengrab below.

Claimed benefits of SalveoWorld Barley Grass

Photo from

Do you think Salveo Barley Grass can destroy cancer cells? Crazy, isn’t it?

Technowise 360 must know that a claim like that violates consumer laws and regulations.

Article 112 of R.A 7394

So, if people are not willing to buy their products, then what are they selling?

Two words; Compensation Plan.

Compensation Plan

To survive the industry, MLM companies make sure that their compensation plan is saleable to the public.

SalveoWorld and Technowise 360 sell their compensation plan so that you can buy your dreams. If you want a house, car or a lot of savings, then you need to purchase their membership packages.

Memberships packages cost Php2,500 and Php6,998 for the Gold and Platinum plans, respectively. Upon payment, you will receive some products you may not need.

A portion of the membership fee goes to your sponsor as a commission for recruiting you to the scheme. This is one of the 15 ways you can make money with Salveo World and Technowise 360.

7 ways to Earn Money with Technowise 360

1. Earn cashback every time you buy from Technowise 360. Cashback is equal to 100% of Point Value (PV). PV is called Shopbucks.

2. Get a sign-up bonus of Php5.00 when someone signs-up using your Technowise 360 replicated shop.

3. Earn endorsement bonus of 100% of PV when somebody buys from your replicated website.

4. Make 20-30% Direct Sales Bonus when people buy a product from you.

5. Earn thru group overrides.

6. Direct referral bonus.

7. Group referral bonus.

8 Ways to Earn with SalveoWorld

1. Earn a Sponsor Bonus of Php100 or Php500 from your direct referrals when they purchase a Gold or Platinum

2. Get a matching bonus when someone joins your left and right sales team. Income depends on binary credits and packages purchased. Income ranges from Php250-Php1,000. Maximum daily earning of Php2,500 for Gold and Php10,000 for the Platinum package.

3. Every time a customer buys from your SalveoWorld website you receive a direct sales bonus. This is equivalent to your discount percentage; 20-30% for Gold while 30-40% for Platinum.

4. Receive a repeat matching bonus when your downlines buy or sell the products — maximum daily earning of Php2,500 for Gold and Php10,000 for the Platinum package. You must have purchased a minimum of 100 Binary Credits (BC) last month to qualify this month. Sounds like a mandatory purchase, isn’t it? Surely, anyone who would like to max its earnings will buy a minimum of 100 BC. This is equal to 1 box of Salveo Barley worth Php1,200.

5. Get a personal star rebates every time you buy SalveoWorld products. The more you buy, the more discounts you have.

6. Have a group star rebates equivalent to highest star rebates minus the lowest star rebates in your downlines.

7. Boost your daily income up to Php40,000 per month. To qualify, you must be a 3-start or 5-star qualifier. Meaning you will need to purchase more products to maximize your earning potential.

SalveoWorld Booster

8. Get the chance to earn from the company’s overall sales. The more you buy or sell, the higher the profit you have.

Is Salveo World Legit or Scam?

Technowise 360 is registered with the SEC, BIR and DTI. They have products available for sale. You can visit their office if you want to.

However, we find SalveoWorld a pyramid scheme. Hence, a scam.

Its income is primarily based on the recruitment of associates. First, products are put into packages. Then, you will purchase a membership together with the package to make it appear like a legitimate sale.

After payment, you will turn your effort to recruit other people. SalveoWorld cannot demonstrate that it has demands for its products outside of the program.

Will the public (not members of Salveo or Technowise 360) buy its products? A big NO.

Also, its compensation plans have the characteristics of a pyramid scheme. For instance, the matching bonus that entitles you to profit from the entry of persons is a clear indicator that its recruitment-driven.

Although it’s not mandatory for you to purchase products, you will be forced to do so to maximize your earning potential. In reality, it’s an incentivized purchase.

We also believe that Technowise 360, with its marketing arm SalveoWorld, sells an unregistered investment.

Allowing one person to purchase up to 31 accounts is evidence that should alarm the government regulator.

Can you make money with SalveoWorld?

Trust us.

Your dream of having a house, car and big savings with SalveoWorld is not feasible.

The US Federal Trade Commission has published a study that says less than 1% make money in MLM (after deducting expenses).

Who is this 1 %? These are the founders and top of the pyramid promoters.

Now you know why your upline will push you to buy more accounts and recruit more people under you.

Your loss. Their gain.

If you still doubt our article, check this Wikipedia’s discussion on MLM as shown below.

MLM Discussion on Wikipedia

Conclusion: Avoid SalveoWorld at All Cost

SalveoWorld promises you the moon and stars. However, a review of its products and compensation plan indicates that it’s a pyramid scheme.

It has products, but its market is not available.

Who do you think will buy their products? Only the members of the pyramid scheme.

Their goods are bundled in packages. So that when you pay the membership, it will look like you are buying the products.

The primary way to earn money in this business is to recruit more people. The more recruit you have, the higher your income will be.

What’s our recommendation?

Avoid SalveoWorld and Technowise 360. Report the company to authorities for violating specific laws and regulations.

We will appreciate if you share this review to at least five people and let them do the same.

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