Smart Asset Managers (SAM) Koin and SAM MAP Review

We understand, someone offered you to invest in Smart Asset Managers (SAM) promising a 15% monthly return with a minimal risk.

So, you read its whitepaper yet can’t understand what’s written there. You downloaded the app and created an account but still doubtful about it.

You did your research and we are glad you are in this page.

What is SAM? What is SAM Koin? It is legit or a scam? What are its products and services? How much is the investment to join? What are its multi-stream income opportunities?

If you are interested to know the answers of the above questions, then read on.

What is SAM?

SAM stands for Smart Asset Managers. Rommel Santos together with his friends from Malaysia founded the company. Santos is operating in Australia based on his social media profile.

Rommel Santos is a Filipino promoter of DDKoin, a shit coin MLM Ponzi scheme.

SAM never denied that it’s not connected with the DDK Ponzi scam. In fact, its relationship with DDK is visibly disclosed on its website.

DDK and SAM review legit or scam

SAM’s parent entity is Sam Digital Industries Technologies Corporation, which operates SAM E-Wallet and SAM Project Developments. The company is registered with the SEC of the Philippines under registration number CS202052735. However, the registration is not a license to sell a security to the public.

As of this writing, SAM is not on the list of Central Bank of the Philippines’ supervised Electronic Money Issuers (EMIs).

SAM targets gullible investors in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

Products and Services

SAM offers various solutions without a problem. A long-list of its projects (includes ongoing) can be found on its complex whitepaper. This list includes SAM Koin, SAM E-Wallet, etc.

SAM Koin Solutions Review Legit or Scam

What is SAM Koin

SAM Koin is a worthless token used in SAM’s platform. Outside of SAM, its utility is zero. In short, it’s a shitcoin. The company priced its shitcoin at 1$= 1 SAM Koin shit and offered it to investors at a 10%-30% discount for a certain quantity.

SAM Koin’s main source of demand is the Smart Asset Managers’ Project Developments’ (SAMPD) Subscription Program.

Yes, you read it right. You get the shit coin in exchange for your real money or real cryptocurrency.

The token is currently offered to naive investors. To date, the company behind it has raised around $1.5 million according to its website. Investors can dump their worthless DDKoin for equally worthless SAM Koin.

SAM Koin was listed on Probit. So, the pump and dump Ponzi shitcoin is now ready to take off.

Both DDKoin and Sam Koin are under the Investor Alert List of the Securities Commission Malaysia for selling unauthorized investments.

SAM MAP Investment Packages

MAP stands for “Merchants Accelerated Program”. Santos and his team are currently promoting MAP membership in various investment packages.

  1. Bronze- $20-$80
  2. Silver- $100-$480
  3. Gold- $500-$980
  4. Diamond- $1000-$4980
  5. Platinum- $5000-9980
  6. Titanium- $10000 and up

Rewards, bonuses, and incentives in SAM MAP are determined using their advance unique feature (cough, cough) called automated role positioning.

How to Make Money With SAM Koin and SAM MAP

SAM Koin offers passive income of up to 15% monthly of the amount you invested under the guise of SAMPD. Other ways to make money are shown below:

  • Referral Chain Rewards. Earn 24% total rewards up to 5th level. 10%, 5%, 2%, 2% and 5% for 1st up to the 5th level respectively. This reward is offered only for Phase 1 of their so-called crowdfunding project.

SAM MAP Rewards, Incentives and Bonuses

  1. Direct Referral Reward. Earn 10% SAM Point (SP) of the amount invested by your direct recruit. Includes renewal or upgrade.
  2. Auto Matrix Direct Bonus. Get 10% SP of the lower between your left and right leg.
  3. Auto Matrix Group Bonus. Make 10% SP of the group with the lowest volume.
  4. The Power of 10 Bonus. Earn 1% of the total investment of your recruited 10 people.
  5. Platinum Bonus. Recruit 10 people who bought platinum and get 100 SP.
  6. Titanium Bonus. Recruit 10 people who bought titanium and get 100 SP.
  7. Daily Reward of up to 20% month.
  8. Phase 1 Privilege Bonus of 10%.

All rewards are capped at 200%. Once the limit is reached, you must upgrade or renew your package. Otherwise, the excess will be lost in 7 days.

Is SAM Koin Legit or Scam

We have been calling SAM Koin a shit coin right from the start because it is a scam. It’s running on a crypto MLM Ponzi scheme.

It’s a worthless token used only in the SAM platform. Once trading starts, scammers will just pump it up to increase the price. Then, dump it until the value is close to zero.

Also, making money with SAM MAP depends on the recruitment of members. The more recruit you’ll have the higher your profit will be.

The clip below tells us all.

When recruitment stops, the scheme will fall and you’ll be left with a token with no value.

In addition, the company behind SAM Koin has no authority to solicit investments from the public in any country or jurisdiction. While it has secured an SEC registration in the Philippines, that doesn’t mean the SEC has authorized the company to sell a security.

Hence, SAM Koin is an investment Scam.

Review Conclusion

SAM Koin is a MLM crypto Ponzi Scheme. Avoid it at all cost. It’s a scam.

If you were invited or offered to buy their packages, just ignore them and spend your money somewhere else. If you are a victim of this scam, please report your case to the authorities.

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