21 Scam Businesses You Need to Avoid and Report to Authorities (Updated Regularly)

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We know you are looking for extra money online. A side hustle you can work with during your free time. Or, something you can invest on with good returns.

So, you searched on the web or social media and saw an advertisement. This advertisement tries to lure you into joining their company and making much money.

In another case, maybe a friend invited you to her MLM, online business, or whatever money-making activity. She says, for a cheap investment, you can start earning unlimited money.

Whatever the income opportunity they are selling, there is one question that you need to ask.

Is the business opportunity that they are offering legit or scam?

We are glad because your curious mind leads you to this article. We’ve done the research for you and compiled the list of scam companies that you need to avoid.

Many of these purported income opportunities are Pyramid and Ponzi schemes. Some are disguised as MLMs but with low-quality and saleable products.

Others pretended to be online businesses, yet they do not have products or services. We’ve added the founder of the scam company so that the public will be aware.

Below are the scams that you should avoid. We will update this post regularly.

1. Paysbook

Arjay Gallenero dubbed his business as a combination of social media, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and network marketing.

However, our research concluded that Paysbook is a pyramid scheme. After more than a year in operation and two SEC Advisories, it launched a ****shit products.

This business is almost dead, and Erwin Tulfo called this a scam. DTI also warned consumers to avoid the company.

2. Unity Network

Founded by Eduard Reformina, Unity Network is a company that sells inferior digital and informational products that are freely available on the web.

After the SEC warning was issued, the online business can no longer recruit more prospects. Many of its early promoters who made millions out of the poor recruits have established new businesses.

After the SEC flagged the company, they built a marketplace (openmind.ph) for digital products. Still, the products are inferior, expensive, and freely available on the internet.

3. PlanProMatrix (PPM)

The company offers CAPTCHA encoding (unethical if not illegal) and e-loading business. Mark Naval and Junnel Millano operated this pyramid scheme.

PlanProMatrix heavily relies on the recruitment of affiliates. The SEC warned the public against investing in the said company. PPM will not last long.

4. Unity Wealth Marketing

Anthony Mendoza’s Unity Wealth Marketing offers CAPTCHA encoding. Other than that, it sells nothing. Recruitment of new members is its business, hence a pyramid scheme.

The SEC has advised the public to stay away with this scam.

5. Yeheey.biz

Yeheey a Ponzi scheme from Joed Baron and Erwin Laraya. The SEC revoke its corporate registration because it is not authorized to solicit investments from the public.

The company offers paid-to-click programs but could not sustain the scheme. The business collapsed. So, Baron and Laraya parted ways.

6. Yeheeybizfriends

Built from the ashes of Yeheey.biz, Baron and friends established Yeheeybizfriends. This time with a crap product called Purple Corn Gold Juice.

The company’s product is not marketable. Members earn through recruitment of affiliates. Hence, a pyramid scheme.

7. Pays-up Marketing Services

Since the Yeheey brand is no longer marketable due to its scamming history, Baron put up Pays-up Marketing Services.

Still, this business has no products or services to sell. Making money is primarily in the recruitment of new members.

8. Paymax

Paymax Business has no products or services. Byron Dinopol will get your money so can join the recruitment scheme.

Paymax is a pyramid scheme.

9. Fast Track Worldwide

Because Unity Network Scam is no longer marketable, its top promoters formed Fast Track Worldwide.

Armed with their experience from Eduard Reformina, Jay Gregorio, Clive Leora, James Guillera, Rey Valeriano and Janeil Aguilar now sell Organi-C, a b***shit, crappy food supplement.

However, the demand for this product does not exist. In fact, the supplement is not approved by the FDA yet. Members earn thru recruitment instead of the actual sale of goods.

10. CoinMD or CMDX

Tom McMurrain latest scam has rebranded to CMDX. CoinMD or CMDX operates in the cryptocurrency niche.

CMDX offers no products or services. It sells membership packages. In return, affiliates will market the membership itself.

11. Unlishop

Unslishop pretends to sell jewelry, perfumes, and wellness products. However, none of these exist in its platform.

Ryan Hemady designed his online business to rely primarily on the recruitment of members. It’s a pyramid scheme.

12. CashCowRobot

Khen Salce claimed his CashCowRobot is the no. 1 MLM company in the Philippines. That claim is posted on his website(affordablecebu.com).

In reality, that is not the case. The company is just another online MLM scam.

CashCowRobot sells digital products which are freely available on the web. It relies on recruitment, hence, a pyramid scheme.

13. Ideal Prime Ventures International

Ideal Prime Venture International offers e-loading and wellness products, but the demand for these doesn’t exist. Its primary source of income is from the entry of new members.

Products are packaged to make it appear like a legitimate sale.

14. Paycheck AB Online Services

Paycheck AB Online Services sells nothing but a recruitment scheme. After paying for the activation code, you’ll turn your effort on recruiting more downlines.

Alvin Borbon and Brix Calamonte founder this pyramid scheme.

15. OnePro International

OnePro International sells glutathione soap and perfume in a packaged.  Upon paying the registration fee, a new will the items. That way, it will look like a legitimate sale.

Ashley Mendez us, the CEO of this pyramid scheme.

16. Salveo World

Salveo World is dependent on the recruitment of new members. It has products, yet demand doesn’t exist.

Items are bundled in packages so that it will appear like there is a legitimate sale when you buy the membership plan.

17. AIM Global (Alliance in Motion Global)

AIM Global is an MLM, product-based pyramid scheme. Only the top of the pyramid promoter (less than 1%) made a lot of money from this scheme.

The company sells overpriced, useless, and shitty products which the company claims can prevent or cure various diseases.

Alliance in Motion Global is expanding in 3rd World Countries to scam gullible people.

18. KAPA Community Ministry International

KAPA is registered with the SEC as an independent religious organization.

The founder and members said it is a church ministry. However, the so-called church has no code of doctrine and discipline. It has no regular place and time of worship services.

According to the Cease and Desist Order issued by the SEC, KAPA is soliciting investments from the public in the form of donation. A member who donates will earn a 30% monthly interest based on his donation.

Joel Apolinario led this Ponzi scheme using religion as a front.

19. Droidjo

Droidjo is the creation of Kenerdz Valle, the noted scammer, and founder of Pluggle. It doesn’t sell anything other than the activation code.

Once you purchase the code and activate your account, you can now participate in their recruitment scheme.

20. Unliflex Advertising

Unliflex doesn’t sell anything other their recruitment scheme. Mr. Niño Kilag Brajen founded this online scam.

21. DV Boer Farm Corporation

According to the SEC, DV Boer Farm solicits investment from the public through their “Pa-iwi Program.” Once the investor pays the corresponding amount, DV Boer will use the money to purchase livestock and take care of them.

The investor has nothing to do except to wait for his earnings.

Avoid and Report Pyramid Schemes, Scams and Ponzi Schemes

Our recommendation is to avoid the above companies, online businesses, or MLMs. You will not make money from them.

The best thing you should do is report them to the authorities (such as DTI, SEC or to the police).

Your investment is at risk when you join any of these businesses. If you promote these scams and someone files a formal complaint against you, you might end in jail.

If you suspect a company is a scam, don’t hesitate to message us at admin(@)cyberbump(.)net (remove the parenthesis).

We will update this post regularly. So, check back or bookmark this page.

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