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Soft landing? NO WAY! 18% of homeowners are near default and foreclosure.

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We talk about the housing crisis that is ripping across Canada and the US. People’s finances are being destroyed by inflation and interest rate hikes. The indebted and overleveraged are on the edge of defaulting en masse. After that will come foreclosures.

The stock market and bond market continue to implode sending interest rates skyrocketing. An ultimate toxic feedback loop is forming. The biggest debt deleveraging in history has begun.

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The channel reflects my own personal views and is not intended to be financial advice. Please do not take this as financial advice and always seek the help of a professional when making financial decisions and choices.

0:00 – Debt market crash
5:00 – Bond market crash
11:00 – Unique market crash
12:20 – Precious metals commodities
14:00 – Stock market
17:00 – Cryptos
20:38 – Debt survey discussion
26:00 – Mental health
33:10 – How prepared are people
35:00 – No education on basic economics
37:30 – Niagara effect
38:20 – My story of childhood
41:00 – Learn yourself
41:50 – Personal responsibility
45:30 – Why I’m on YouTube
46:30 – Source of article
48:40 – MBS crashing
49:51 – Michael Burry tweets
51:50 – Yield curve inverts in US AGAIN
53:00 – Denial phase
54:00 – Mexican story lol 🤣

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