Press Release

Sphere Finance – The Cryptocurrency Index everyone's talking about #bitcoin #spherefinance

The S&P 500 of Crypto
Holders of the Sphere token enjoy exposure to a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrency projects.

Balanced for Profit Taking with our Dynamic Tax
Our dynamic tax system ensures that no one person can cause massive swings in price. Because fees are adjusted when a transaction affects Sphere’s liquidity, we’re able to encourage people to take their profits in a way that benefits both the investor and the community.

Participate with confidence knowing that Sphere has overshot the industry-accepted security measures. Two KYCs, three audits, and 120+ peer reviews of our contract to date – Sphere will continuously stay ahead of the security curve.

Gain Influence and Build Value with Extreme Utility
Sphere uses its treasury to invest in valuable governance tokens across the DeFi space granting Sphere holders voting power over other influential protocols.

More than just a standalone protocol, Sphere is accelerating an entire ecosystem of DeFi innovation.

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