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SpiderTank To Release Pink Tank Skin for Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, GAMEDIA and Gala Games have created a beautiful (but destructive) new Spider Tank Skin available in the Spider Tanks shop!

Best of all, the National Breast Cancer Foundation will get 100% of the proceeds from this limited edition Tank Skin! Carnage and Mayhem will be wearing a gorgeous pink shell in the arena for the next several weeks, as well as a supporting pink ribbon over its head.

Details of SpiderTank Pink Skin Sale

Pink Power! Tank skins will be available for the whole month of October, beginning today. All unsold Tank skins (if any remain) will be destroyed at the end of the month.

There will be a total of 4000 Tank Skins available, with each costing about $500. If every Skin is sold, more than a million dollars will be collected for breast cancer awareness!

It’s a worthy cause, and Gala Games would be delighted to assist in bringing the globe closer to the education, early diagnosis, and supporting services required by everyone affected by this awful illness.

SpiderTack Pink Skin for Breast Awarenes Campaign

Additional Giveaway if Your Purchase one of the Pink Power

During this event, everyone who purchases one of the Pink Power! Tank Skins by donating to charity will be put into a lottery to win one of ten Rare Tank Bodies or Weapons. That adds up to a total value of approximately $5000! At the end of October, there will be drawings and prizes.

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