Swap with SimpleHold Wallet

Here we are with great news — your SimpleHold wallet is getting new cool features. Today, it’s swapping one that will allow you to swap assets whenever you need that!

What Is a Swap?

Let’s cover the basics: swapping is a mechanism that allows you to exchange one currency for another one without having a crypto-to-fiat thing.

Of course, you know that there are 7,000+ cryptocurrencies out there. No wonder it’s difficult to choose between them and almost impossible to have all. What to do when you have one token but urgently need another one, but what can you do? How to try a new one? The answer is amazingly simple: make a swap!

Imagine you have Litecoin ($LTC), but you really need to get some Dash Coins ($DASH) instead. Thanks to the swapping option, you can exchange your LTC and get DASH of about the same value. Also, you can easily swap your volatile cryptocurrency to stablecoins. Just generate USDT address in Simplehold, and you are ready for Swap!

Why Does Swapping Matter?

Now when you embraced the idea of swapping, you surely have a question that’s fair enough — Why on earth do you need swapping? Is it swapping for the sake of swapping? No, of course, that’s not only about moving between different assets. Here are other points you might want to learn more about:

Making benefits

You can gain some profit by trading cryptocurrencies, as they can change in price rapidly. If you are really into trading and perfect timing, you have all the chances to earn by swapping your crypto at the right moment.

Diversified portfolio

If you aren’t keen on such risky games with price differences, you can rather choose to diversify your crypto portfolio. Why? When you have many different cryptocurrencies, you can reduce the impact of almost unpredictable price drops.

Passive income

There are definite crypto-assets that support staking, and it means you can get more crypto without doing anything. You could swap your crypto to test that.

Lower fee asset

If you have an asset with high fee characteristics (BTC or ETH, as an example) and consider changing that by swapping from that asset to the one with better fees and speed capabilities.

Swap to a stablecoin

Tired of cryptocurrency volatility? BTC price changes rapidly. So, if the price is high and you want to lock it, use the swapping option and connect your asset to one of the stablecoins, such as a USDT. Stablecoins are pegged to the US dollar, which allows escaping the volatility of crypto.

Why Swap with SimpleHold wallet?

  • Diversity

Swaps are about a variety of assets, choose from 200+  within the SimpleHold wallet and pick the one with the most competitive prices and even more, 400+ within SimpleSwap exchange. Swap services are provided by SimpleSwap. They ensure the lowest transaction fees and the best rate on the market due to the aggregation of the market quotes. But even more aggregates are coming soon, so stay with us to be always updated!

  • Cost-efficiency

We’re looking for the best trade for you. Gas fees for executing a transaction really differ, so we want to provide you with the best prices and define which liquidity source is the most gas efficient for each trade.

  • All in one tool

Isn’t that exciting that you can store, receive, and send your favorite assets in one place? Of course, but there is something even more fascinating — you can swap assets within your wallet. Don’t waste your time looking for places where to swap, and do that while using a SimpleHold wallet.

  • Security

Believe us, privacy issues are very important for us, and we just can’t stand data breaches as much as you do! That’s why we never ask for more information than it’s necessary. Receive, store, and swap tokens without worries. Whatever you do with SimpleHold’s help, you are always the only one who controls your personal data.

  • Efficiency

Swap your assets directly from your desktop or a mobile app. Thanks to SimpleSwap aggregators, the best price with the lowest network fees will be delivered to you without delay!

Swap with the SimpleHold wallet — simply, swiftly, and securely!