Tesla may take Shiba Inu (SHIB) as payment, according to a website leak

Shiba Inu owners may be in for a pleasant surprise. According to rumors, Tesla may introduce the controversial meme currency as a payment option.

The story is based on an examination of the Tesla website source code, which shows $SHIB as a payment method. However, no official word has been received from the EV company on this.

When Tesla announced a $1.5 billion Bitcoin purchase and the inclusion of Bitcoin as a payment option in early February, the top cryptocurrency saw a 23 percent increase on the day. According to several commentators, this occurrence was the key driver of Bitcoin’s mid-April highs.

Despite this amazing performance, skeptics continue to spread the myth that $SHIB is just a flash in the pan that will eventually sink to zero.

Nonetheless, Shiba Inu is gaining essential strength. For example, consider Shiboshi NFTs’ recent accomplishment in creating a 2 ETH ($8,600) price floor.

But how likely is it that Tesla will add $SHIB? After all, $SHIB is an ERC20 token, which, given the Ethereum network’s high and unpredictable gas costs, makes it an unsuitable payment option.

According to Sawyer Merritt, the Shiba Inu is mentioned in the “inspect element” section during checkout on the Tesla website source code.

Merritt confesses that he has no idea what this implies since he has no coding skills. Merritt also has no professional history in cryptocurrency as the co-founder of Twin Birch, a sustainable apparel business.

“So it appears the Tesla website source code shows SHIBA (aka $SHIB) under the payment type section in the code when clicking ‘inspect element’ during checkout. It’s not live however. Since I am not a coder or anything, I’ll let ya’ll figure out what the heck this means lol.”

Nonetheless, Sawyer’s tweet was met by a response from web developer @hendcorp, who said that after reviewing the code, everything seemed to be in order.

Hey mate. I’m a coder and from what I can see, seems like $SHIB is going to be part of payment gateway when you choose “Crypto” on the checkout process. And the domain is also legit, the code is sitting on http://tesla.com.

Others, though, are doubtful since the code reads “SHIBA,” not Shiba Inu or its ticker SHIB. Based on the usage of “BITCOIN” in the code, it stands to reason that the programmer would use “SHIBA INU” if Tesla intended to include Shiba Inu.