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The $2 Million Metaverse | Eikonikos CNFT Land Sale THIS WEEK!

Today we’re talking about Eikonikos, a metaverse building on Cardano that aims to revolutionize education, gaming, and business services by technologically resolving the unsolved philosophies. ‘Eikonikos’ traces its origin from the Greek language and in its true essence means ‘Virtual’, as it will be the bridge between the virtual world and the real world.

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PUBLIC MINT DATE : June 5, 2022

Eikonikos Genesis Passports

Registrations: June 1 – June 3 (More Details to be announced soon)
Mint Date: June 5

Warriors WL wallet registration (on discord): May 30th
(It runs for 48 Hours)

Public Wallet registration opens June 1 @ 12am UTC
(It runs for 48 hours)

50% WL discount start: June 3 @ 4am
(It runs for 24 hours)

Normal price WL start: June 4 @ 4am UTC
(It runs for 24 hours)

Public Mint through Registration: June 5 @ 4am UTC
(It runs for 12 hours)

Public Mint First come First serve:
June 5 @4pm UTC

Mint Price: 396 $USDT (For Registration and Mint, the ADA value will be displayed)

Lowest Tier Contains 5 Free NFTs (including 4 Land Parcels)
Highest Tier Contains 9 Free NFTs (including 4 Land Parcels)

Lowest Tier Passport Supply: 35% of Total Supply
Highest Tier Passport Supply: 1.2% of Total Supply

Video Timestamps:

0:00 – Eikonikos
0:48 – Passport Mint Details
1:57 – Genesis Passport Perks
5:05 – 4 parcels per passport
5:36 – Genesis Crystal Details
6:47 – Summary
7:07 – Roadmap

Business inquiries: [email protected]

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