The 3 Types of NFT’s that Will 100x | My NFT Strategy for Each Category | Why NFT’s Have Value

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The NFT market Consists of three main categories at the moment. Those are what i call “High Art”, Profile Picture Projects (pfp) and Gaming NFTs. They each serve a different purpose, take unique approaches and each require a different strategy. I break down the differences of the categories and show you examples of the some of the best projects in each category.

The goal of this video is to better help you navigate the NFT space. If this helped it would be greatly appreciated if you share what you liked about the video in the comment section below so i can get better at helping everyone!

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The projects I talked about in this video:

High Art:
Ether rocks:
Art Blocks Curated:

Profile Picture:
Crypto Punks:
Bored Ape Yacht Club:
Pudgy Penguins:

Gaming Metaverses:

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