Press Release


Litecoin has been extremely volatile over the past few years, but volatility can be good if you know what to do with it, of course.

LTCUSD is stuck in an uptrend which is represented by the two yellow slanted lines in the video

Everytime we hit the TOP of the yellow channel, we saw a decline to the BOTTOM of the channel a year after hitting that top. Therefore, we should EXPECT this to happen, even if it doesn’t play out 100%.. That’s what the data has been saying

ex. ltc had a halving in 2015 but hit its high in 2014. in 2019 ltc had a halving but hit its high in 2018

Litecoin’s halving is August 2023 so this means that we should expect a high for LTC around August of 2022

Even if we see lower prices think of that as a LTC being on SALE!!! keep grabbing we are almost there 🚀

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