Press Release

The Cult of the EYE – A Grand Metaverse Conspiracy!

The following video has been dramatized for entertainment purposes,
None the less, it is based on true events! (Created for the community – in the spirit of fun!)

The Cult of the Eye mini documentary explores a long forgotten dark phenomenon that took place in the Metaverse platform of Cryptovoxels in 2018.
Our investigation explores the history of the Cult of the Eye, what it may have been, and the apparent conflict that arose from its expansion.

Visit the parcel where it all began:[email protected],21S

00:00 – The journey begins!
00:53 – Ancient history – Cryptovoxels 2018
01:13 – The Eye Worship Garden
03:02 – ToxSam & Polygonal Mind
04:06 – The anti Eye Resistance
06:02 – The depths of Reddit
07:04 – The conflict fallout
08:49 – Finale

Created by Paradoxx Media.
Made possible by the Metapurse Fellowship Program!

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