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The Fabricant interview | The Metaverse NFT Fashion Pioneer

The Fabricant is a decentralized digital fashion house building the wardrobe of the metaverse via our co-creation platform The Fabricant Studio. They have already cemented their place as the top dog for popular fashion brands and now NFT games. On this episode, we’re discussing their current roadmap in making metaverse fashion design accessible to everyone as well as the untapped mega-potential in cosmetic avatar fashion in NFT blackchain gaming.

Guest: Kerry Murphy – Founder & CEO, The Fabricant
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00:00 intro
00:50 The Fabricant
03:47 Roadmap Updates
05:53 NFT Games
07:50 Evolving Fashion NFTs
11:30 Traditional Fashion Houses
14:18 IP Brand Partnerships
18:09 Software Tech & CLO 3D
21:22 Fashion Designers
23:21 Flow Blockchain
25:08 Fabricant Token
25:29 outro

#NFT #Metaverse #Fashion
~The Fabricant interview | The Metaverse NFT Fashion Pioneer~
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