The new PLCU cryptocurrency and passive income with PLC Ultima Farm

Despite the tremendous growth the crypto market has seen over the past two years since the pandemic began and the frantic rise in popularity of blockchain technology, even now, cryptocurrencies remain disconnected from everyday reality. Traditional businesses lack the experience, tools, and courage to integrate cryptocurrency into their operations fully, and many people are still skeptical about crypto. Moreover, they don’t understand how to use it in practice.

The corresponding legislation of different countries of the world, which are already in development, and the emergence of a new generation of cryptocurrencies can correct this situation. Such coins would have flexible mining methods and infrastructure and would be able to easily integrate into everyday life. Moreover, at least one such cryptocurrency already exists today — that is PLC Ultima. Businessman and venture capitalist Alex Reinhardt launched it at the end of 2021. By April 2022, it had demonstrated growth of almost 1000%.

What PLCU coin is, how it appeared, and who Alex Reinhardt is

PLC Ultima coin is a large-scale infrastructure project powered by Litecoin’s advanced blockchain combined with the Segregated Witness protocol and CryptoNight encryption, which Bitcoin also uses. With an entire ecosystem of more than a dozen products ranging from a crowdfunding platform to an international marketplace where you buy cryptocurrency, PLC Ultima stands a great chance of becoming a universal payment medium for everyday life.

PLCU’s global goal, as its founder Alex Reinhardt states, is to bridge the gap between the traditional market and the crypto world and provide ordinary people with no investment experience with a simple and effective tool to create a source of passive income.

This is what makes PLC Ultima exceptional, which has already helped the cryptocurrency community exceed one million people from 120 countries worldwide. Furthermore, every user of the system can mine new PLCU coins. That is because the cryptocurrency has completely abandoned mining during the development phase and decided to use minting technology (mobile coin minting).

Although the PLCU coin did not officially start trading until December 2021, the concept of crypto has evolved since 2016 and has undergone many subsequent transformations. Alex Reinhardt himself is not only an experienced businessman but also a business coach, a popular speaker at blockchain conferences and the founder of his own Alex Reinhardt Academy, which teaches business, investing and more.

Since PLC Ultima is a coin and not a token, and because it has so many related products, its potential is unlimited. In addition to being able to start mining new coins with PLCU and thereby create an inexhaustible source of income, it is also possible to:

  • Launch your own start-ups using the crowdfunding platform Platin Hero, or support others’ ventures, where investors don’t spend money but actually earn through that very minting;
  • Become a merchant and sell your goods on the global Platin Deal marketplace, which is already fully operational in Germany and is launching soon in other regions;
  • Buy any goods from brand clothes to jewellery for any of 17 cryptocurrencies (PLCU, BTC, Dogecoin, and others);
  • Pay for purchases in other shops and make super-fast commission-free transfers using Platin Pay and debit cards.

However, the main “attraction” of the cryptocurrency and Alex Reinhardt’s pride is still minting, so it’s worth talking about it in more detail.

Minting and PLC Ultima Farm

PLC Ultima aims to contribute as much as possible to people’s standard of living around the world. Yes, it’s a lofty goal that seems unattainable, but there are real prerequisites for its realisation, thanks to minting. Every user of the system, who buys any amount of PLCU coins, can start generating new coins, thus, increasing their amount and income.

All thanks to minting, a more environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to mining. As you know, mining has been harshly criticised by the world’s leading countries like China and famous personalities like Elon Musk. All because mining consumes more than 121 terawatt-hours of electricity – more than the entire population of Argentina consumes! Unlike mining, minting doesn’t require that much electricity. It also doesn’t require any special equipment or technical knowledge. All you need is a smartphone and a few apps:

1. PLC Ultima Farm

This application allows you to mint new coins by simply storing them in your wallet. You do this in the following way: the user selects the number of coins they want to freeze for one to three years, and then they sign a smart contract with PLCU, which records all the conditions they have chosen. The same contract specifies the amount of remuneration – the number of coins mined at the end of the specified period. Thus, after its expiration, the user receives both the frozen coins and the new (minted) ones. In its turn, a smart contract provides full transparency of the process and security, as it is stored in an open blockchain and cannot be edited after signing.

Coins earned are no different from those purchased: they can also be spent on purchases, transferred, or even re-held to increase income over and over again. Only the user has access to their coins – all information is stored only on their device. No third-party servers!

Coins earned will be deposited into the balance of your wallet every month in the same amount. You can download the Ultima Farm app on any Android or iOS device through their official marketplaces.

2. PLC Ultima Wallet

That is the main wallet of the system, where all purchased coins are stored and where minted coins go. You can also use it to make all the basic transactions (payments, transfers). Non-standard encryption protects it with a 6-digit PIN code and a private key. Suppose the user loses access to the device or loses the PIN code. In that case, it will not be possible to restore access to the wallet because PLC Ultima has taken all measures to ensure the security of user funds in case of theft or fraudulent schemes.

3. Ultima Minter

This digital certificate is a “permission” for the Farm app and allows it to start holding. This certificate is purchased for a fee and has different categories – the higher the category, the greater the rewards that can be minted. If the user wants to expand the farm, they can also purchase additional certificates. This condition allows the company to limit the number of coins and network members to maintain liquidity and balance in the market.

After logging into the applications, purchasing Ultima Minter and entering into a smart contract, the minting starts automatically.

PLCU’s benefits and guarantees

In addition to the above technology, which secures all transactions and wallet storage, Alex Reinhardt also offers the following within PLC Ultima:

  • The minting of new coins decreases every month by reducing the mining speed and farm volume.
  • The company burns 100% of its coins to avoid competing with users for liquidity.
  • 50% of all the coins in the system are frozen on the farms every year. By comparison, for Ethereum, this period reaches up to three years. 30% are stored in users’ wallets and do not participate in farming.
  • Each transaction burns 1% of the coins.
  • PLC Ultima uses the consensus method: it is required that a minimum of 51% node approval is given for transactions, and all participants in the network have equal rights.

All these measures ensure stable growth of PLCU price on the market, the exclusivity of participation in the system, and wide usage of coins in trading, farming, and various programmes. Consequently, that also contributes to the stability of the system and its maximum transparency.

PLCU price today

The price of PLCU demonstrated incredible growth since the start of trading in December 2021, jumping over the $40,000 mark in just one month. However, today’s PLC Ultima price is even more impressive – on Coinsbit, for example, it reaches 92,000 USDT as of April 13, 2022. Furthermore, you can find the coin listed on Bibox and HitBTC. On the official websites of any of these exchanges and a few others, you can check the current PLCU rate and purchase it to become a user of the system now and start minting as early as possible.