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This why the worse is yet to come. UNVEILING Three Arrows Capital misbehaviours and consequences

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Three Arrows Capital has been one of the most important players in the crypto industry in the last couple of year, but after the Terra crash has become insolvent. How this happen and what are the behaviors that brought us in this situation?

Three arrows capital portfolio:
Insider leak:
8 blocks capital:
3ac leverage:
3ac yacht:
Kyber Network:
Voyager digital 1:
Voyager digital 2:
Are they involved?

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00:00 Three Arrows Capital: what’s going on, what are the players that are involved, and about the behavior by Three Arrows Capital
01:16 The website of Three Arrows Capital, the reason why it is interesting
02:14 What are the other players that are involved into this crisis
02:50 In order to solve that situation
03:21 A news about Crypto Broker Voyager Digital
03:33 In order to avoid a bank run
03:52 Is there any other players involved?
04:26 What happened with BlockFi
05:36 Going to the reason why everything happened
05:51 How it was possible for these big players to fail, some speculation
08:30 The reason why they were doing it instead of just keeping the fans into the treasury
09:34 Another speculation from 8 Blocks Capital, another problem
11:27 If you wanna know more about the possible implications of this situation
12:05 Cyber Network
12:40 Other consequences, Finblox
14:03 The worst scenario is still possible
14:20 Pay attention
14:38 Babel
15:17 Pay attention
15;27 Conclusion