Toktok Online Franchise Review 2021: Is it Legit or Scam?

Want to buy Toktok online franchise? Not so fast.

We did our homework to find out how the new Toktok Online Franchise of JC Worldwide Franchise works. We won’t be talking about how they came out with the name here because that’s pretty obvious.

We are amazed at their marketing strategies.  We are sure. This new offering from JC Worldwide has caught your attention too.


Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards endorsing Toktok. Sounds so cool right?

Not with us.

We believe, there is something wrong with this new money-making scheme that you need to know. So, hold your Php16,888 and read this Toktok Online Franchise reivew first.

Let’s start.

What is Toktok    

Toktok is an online delivery service offered by JC Worldwide Franchise servicing the Metro Manila area. It is used to pick up and deliver various items using an online platform. Currently, Toktok Online Franchise is sold at Php16,888.00 and sold together with other so-called franchises of JC Worldwide (including Siomai King Online Franchise).

It is marketed as a business opportunity to Filipinos with Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards leading the advertising campaign.

Most of the posts, videos, and ads you will see about this online delivery service will tell you that you will make money from it. Earning a lot of money, according to their presentations on Facebook or YouTube, is possible with the online franchise delivery service.

But can you really make money with Toktok? Let’s see in the succeeding paragraphs.

How to Earn in Toktok

There are few ways to earn in Toktok; make money as an online franchisee and a franchise operator. According to the people behind this delivery service, you can make more money if you are an operator.

However, we believe the most interesting way of making money is via recruitment.

Make Money as an Online Franchisee

You will become an online franchise once you purchased the Toktok online franchise at Ph16,888.00. As an online franchisee, you are entitled to 3% of the delivery fee as a commission for deliveries you shared via your delivery link.

Promoters and people behind this delivery service recommend sharing the delivery link or affiliate link on social media platforms.

Make Money as an Operator

Being an online franchisee does not automatically make you an operator. To be an operator, you need to apply at Toktok’s website. Complete the registration form and submit it.

Once your application is approved, you can now recruit up to 100 riders. If you need more than 100, then you must buy an extra franchise.

Aside from the 3% commission, you are earning as an online franchisee, you’ll get 7% of the successful delivery of your riders for being an operator.  

Make Money as a Recruiter

This is where the money is. As an investor in Toktok, you now have the right to recruit others.

For every successful referral you have, you’ll earn Php5,000.

Rerferral income in Toktok online franchise.

Now we know why these promoters are convincing you to invest with them. Recruiting someone to the scheme will bring you more money than being just an online franchisee or operator or both.  

Can You Make with Toktok Online Franchise?

Maybe. Maybe Not.

We believe that your probability of making money with your investment in Toktok is low. We think that the creators of this online delivery service did not carefully study its target market.

For instance, why would your neighbor, friends, or family need this service? They may need it once or twice but not all the time.

Your ideal markets for Toktok are online sellers, entrepreneurs, or businessmen because they buy or sell goods and services every day.

But ask yourself.

Why would this group of people use this delivery service? What makes your service better than the competition?

When we tried Toktok’s website, it didn’t function well as intended. When we read the reviews of the app in the Play Store, people said, it didn’t work properly.  

So, how can you sell your service to the ideal target market if your platforms aren’t working effectively?

It’s difficult. No ride. No income.

Clearly, you won’t make much money as an online franchisee and operator. The only way to make a lot of earnings is to recruit and get a portion of the franchise payments as referral income.

The burden to Operators and Riders

In addition to the Php16,888.00 fee, operators should buy Php5,000 worth of load credits from Toktok. These credits are needed so that the rider’s app will function for delivery transactions.

Moreover, the operator purchases the equipment and tools (excluding vehicles) from the company behind Toktok. Then, he or she will sell these things to the riders at an agreed mode of payment.

Likewise, it isn’t clear who should shoulder the accident insurance of riders. The company recommends that the operators buy the said insurance. However, there isn’t a mandatory provision for this matter.

You see.

JC Worldwide Franchise, the creator of Toktok, put so much burden on its operators and riders.

Who Will Make a Lot of Money in Toktok  

We think the company behind Toktok will make a lot of money at the expense of its operators and riders. It’s a truly winning scenario for them.  

Even if there are no rides, they still make money from the operators.  From the initial investment of Php16,888 to the sale of equipment and load credits, JC Worldwide Franchise took them all.

Also, those who can recruit a lot of downlines will profit a lot too.

Is Toktok Online Franchise a Real Franchise?

We don’t agree with the term used by Tiktok. It’s hard to call it a franchise when all you must do after paying Php16,888.00 is just share your affiliate link.

Is there a franchise agreement between Toktok and the operator stating therein the terms and conditions signed by both parties?

If there is none, it’s hard to call it a franchise.

The best term to be used is capital or investment. However, these terms may alert the SEC of the Philippines.

Is Toktok Online Franchise Legit or Scam?

In our opinion, Toktok Online Franchise is a pyramid scheme. Based on our analysis, there isn’t much money to make when you are an online franchisee and operator.

You’ll make a lot though if you can invite more people who will invest in Toktok. For every successful referral, you’ll get Php5,000.

That’s a lot of money, right? Yes, but earning based on the entry of new investors is a pyramid scheme.  And, that’s illegal.

Moreover, we believe there is something wrong with how the delivery service is marketed. Look at how these banner ads promoted Toktok.

Main Mendoza Promoting Toktok Earning Up to 6Ok per month
Alden Richards Promoting Toktok
Toktok Online Franchise Ads With Maine Mendoza

One of the caption reads:

“Gusto mo bang magkaroon ng sariling online delivery service? Maging isang Toktok online franchise operator na! Kumita ng Php60k habang nasa bahay lang!” – Maine Mendoza, Brand Ambassador

Clearly, the company is selling it as an investment. It’s just like saying “Invest with us and you’ll get a return like this ____ or like that _____”

 As such, we believe that the so-called Toktok Online Franchise is an investment contract.

For an investment contract to exist, there must be:

  1. A contract, transaction, or scheme- Toktok Online Franchise
  2. An investment of Money- Investor pays Php16,888 in cash
  3. Investment is made in a common enterprise- Amount is invested in Toktok or Company behind it
  4. Expectation of Profits- Investors are promised returns (see pictures above)
  5. Profits arise primarily from the effort of others- Earn more money by recruiting more people and get a portion of their payments.

We can’t find evidence that JC Worldwide has complied with the SEC requirements before it can sell investments to the public. Hence, we call it an investment scam.

Toktok Online Franchise Review Legit or Scam

Toktok Review Conclusion

Stay away from Toktok Online Franchise. We believe it’s a pyramid scheme and an investment scam.

Earning a lot of money in this scheme is possible only when you can recruit more people. The more recruits you have, the higher your income will be. That’s how a typical characteristic of a pyramid scheme looks like.  

We doubt if you can make money from being an online franchisee and operator. The target market for the delivery service is not clearly defined.

Plus, the company behind Toktok has been enriching itself while putting so much burden on its operators and riders.   

Ultimately, we can’t find evidence that it has complied with the requirements of the SEC for selling an investment contract. Hence, we call it an investment scam.

What are your thoughts about this Toktok review? Share them in the comment section below.  

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13 thoughts on “Toktok Online Franchise Review 2021: Is it Legit or Scam?”

  1. I’ve tried attending JC Premiere’s webinar and its really hard to believe na kikita ka saknila. I attended their webinar because I want to add other line of business na pwedeng pagkakitaan since my existing business na kmi, but listening to their business plan, mukhang mas kikita pa sila sa mga taong iniinvite nila mag invest sknila. I can tell because I know to myself as a business person kung kikita ka sa offer nila or hindi. This experience was prior them having Toktok as part of their offer.

  2. The toktok app po is working. The only thing is need talaga niya yun referral code to proceed. Kaya the members need to post on social media the referral code. Sadly, it was not advertised properly.
    Hindi pa ako nag hire mg riders since nakikita ko po na wala pa masyado nagamit ng app kaya i am promoting the app muna with the referral code.
    May mga kumikita namn po aside sa pag recruit ng members.
    Mahina ako sa recruitment kaya i am looking sa business side ng franchise since legit nmn ang products.
    Ayun lang po .. Thanks!

    • Ok po thanks. Working naman siya pero base sa mga reviews sa Play Store maraming pang kailangang ayusin. Yep, legit naman ang delivery services.. Yong online franchise lang talaga ang may problema para sa akin. Specifically, ang recruitment side.

  3. My sister tried to recruit me kasi siomai king franchisee at toktok operator na daw siya. She already earned 150,000 daw from her 16k. Although muntik na akong makumbinsi, I still don’t get the business model, inalok pa nga niya ako ni siya na daw magbabayad, at if kumita bayaran ko nalang siya, but di pa rin ako nakumbinsi.

  4. Ganda ng review! For sure madami ka matutulungan dito. Nilagay ko yung link mo sa video ko, okay lang ba gawin kong isa sa mga references ko yung website mo? I still have a lot of videos lined up but sobrang detailed talaga ng reviews mo. Im doing a video about Young Living next so crossing my fingers. Natatawa ko sa comment, keep up the good work, hopefully we can make a dent in the MLM industry.

    • Thank you. Thank you..:). Hopefully maraming matulungan. No probs you can put links anywhere. least my comedy ng kaunti sa comment section…Share the link your video here if you are done. Good luck din sayo.:)

  5. Scam talaga yang Toktok na yan. Pangalan pa lang halatang scam na. Kikita ka lang diyan pag naka recruit. Biruin mo may operator operator pa, eh sa ibang delivery diretso na mag apply sa company. Ang kumpanya lang ang kikita ng malaki kahit walang bookings ang riders kasi yong mga franchisee kuno eh magbabayad ng Ph16,888.00.

    Kaya pala todo promote mga tao dito sa YouTube kasi bawat ulo na recruit nila may Php5,000 silang komisyon. Grabe naman tong may ari ng toktok sakim sa pera. Marami tong ma iiscam kasi artista ang nag promote.

    Thank you sa review buti na lang nabasa ko.

    • Talaga lng ha scam pala yung may ari eh advisor ng presidente at nag tayo ng jc n company since 2014 scam pala hahaha..vubo nmn ng site nato

      • Pinag uusapan natin dito ang business model ng Toktok. Hindi ang nagtayo kahit kanang kamay pa yan ng presidente wala akong paki diyan.

        Haha..vuvu..maraming ng napasara ang site nato..kaya pag na review ang MLM mo dito..aba..kabahan ka na..

        Balang araw kakainin mo yang sinabi mo.:)


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