Toktok Online Franchise Review 2021: Is it Legit or Scam?

Want to buy Toktok online franchise? Not so fast.

We did our homework to find out how the new Toktok Online Franchise of JC Premiere works. We won’t be talking about how they came out with the name here because that’s pretty obvious.

We are amazed at their marketing strategies.  We are sure. This new offering from JC Premiere (the seller of the controversial copper mask with a hole) has caught your attention too.


Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards endorsing Toktok. Sounds so cool right?

Not with us.

We believe, there is something wrong with this new money-making scheme that you need to know. So, hold your Php17,888 and read this Toktok Online Franchise review first.

Let’s start.

What is Toktok    

Toktok is an online delivery service offered by JC Premiere, an MLM company, servicing the Metro Manila area. It is used to pick up and deliver various items using an online platform. Currently, Toktok Online Franchise is sold at Php17,888.00 and sold together with other so-called franchises of JC Worldwide/JC Premiere (including Siomai King Online Franchise).

It is marketed as a business opportunity to Filipinos with Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards leading the advertising campaign.

Most of the posts, videos, and ads you will see about this online delivery service will tell you that you will make money from it. Earning a lot of money, according to their presentations on Facebook or YouTube, is possible with the online franchise delivery service.

But can you really make money with Toktok? Let’s see in the succeeding paragraphs.

How to Earn in Toktok

There are few ways to earn in Toktok; make money as an online franchisee and a franchise operator. According to the people behind this delivery service, you can make more money if you are an operator.

However, we believe the most interesting way of making money is via recruitment.

Make Money as an Online Franchisee

You will become an online franchise once you purchased the Toktok online franchise at Ph17,888.00. As an online franchisee, you are entitled to 3% of the delivery fee as a commission for deliveries you shared via your delivery link.

Promoters and people behind this delivery service recommend sharing the delivery link or affiliate link on social media platforms.

Make Money as an Operator

Being an online franchisee does not automatically make you an operator. To be an operator, you need to apply at Toktok’s website. Complete the registration form and submit it.

Once your application is approved, you can now recruit up to 100 riders. If you need more than 100, then you must buy an extra franchise.

Aside from the 3% commission, you are earning as an online franchisee, you’ll get 7% of the successful delivery of your riders for being an operator.  

Make Money as a Recruiter

This is where the money is. As an investor in Toktok, you now have the right to recruit others.

For every successful referral you have, you’ll earn Php5,000.

Rerferral income in Toktok online franchise.

Now we know why these promoters are convincing you to invest with them. Recruiting someone to the scheme will bring you more money than being just an online franchisee or operator or both.  

Can You Make with Toktok Online Franchise?

Maybe. Maybe Not.

We believe that your probability of making money with your investment in Toktok is low. We think that the creators of this online delivery service did not carefully study its target market.

For instance, why would your neighbor, friends, or family need this service? They may need it once or twice but not all the time.

Your ideal markets for Toktok are online sellers, entrepreneurs, or businessmen because they buy or sell goods and services every day.

But ask yourself.

Why would this group of people use this delivery service? What makes your service better than the competition?

When we tried Toktok’s website, it didn’t function well as intended. When we read the reviews of the app in the Play Store, people said, it didn’t work properly.  

So, how can you sell your service to the ideal target market if your platforms aren’t working effectively?

It’s difficult. No ride. No income.

Clearly, you won’t make much money as an online franchisee and operator. The only way to make a lot of earnings is to recruit and get a portion of the franchise payments as referral income.

The burden to Operators and Riders

In addition to the Php17,888.00 fee, operators should buy Php5,000 worth of load credits from Toktok. These credits are needed so that the rider’s app will function for delivery transactions.

Moreover, the operator purchases the equipment and tools (excluding vehicles) from the company behind Toktok. Then, he or she will sell these things to the riders at an agreed mode of payment.

Likewise, it isn’t clear who should shoulder the accident insurance of riders. The company recommends that the operators buy the said insurance. However, there isn’t a mandatory provision for this matter.

You see.

JC Premiere, the creator of Toktok, put so much burden on its operators and riders.

Who Will Make a Lot of Money in Toktok  

We think the company behind Toktok will make a lot of money at the expense of its operators and riders. It’s a truly winning scenario for them.  

Even if there are no rides, they still make money from the operators.  From the initial investment of Php17,888 to the sale of equipment and load credits, JC Premiere took them all.

Also, those who can recruit a lot of downlines will profit a lot too.

Is Toktok Online Franchise a Real Franchise?

We don’t agree with the term used by Tiktok. It’s hard to call it a franchise when all you must do after paying Php17,888.00 is just share your affiliate link.

Is there a franchise agreement between Toktok and the operator stating therein the terms and conditions signed by both parties?

If there is none, it’s hard to call it a franchise.

The best term to be used is capital or investment. However, these terms may alert the SEC of the Philippines.

Is Toktok Online Franchise Legit or Scam?

In our opinion, Toktok Online Franchise is a pyramid scheme. Based on our analysis, there isn’t much money to make when you are an online franchisee and operator.

You’ll make a lot though if you can invite more people who will invest in Toktok. For every successful referral, you’ll get Php5,000.

That’s a lot of money, right? Yes, but earning based on the entry of new investors is a pyramid scheme.  And, that’s illegal.

Moreover, we believe there is something wrong with how the delivery service is marketed. Look at how these banner ads promoted Toktok.

Main Mendoza Promoting Toktok Earning Up to 6Ok per month
Alden Richards Promoting Toktok
Toktok Online Franchise Ads With Maine Mendoza

One of the caption reads:

“Gusto mo bang magkaroon ng sariling online delivery service? Maging isang Toktok online franchise operator na! Kumita ng Php60k habang nasa bahay lang!” – Maine Mendoza, Brand Ambassador

Clearly, the company is selling it as an investment. It’s just like saying “Invest with us and you’ll get a return like this ____ or like that _____”

 As such, we believe that the so-called Toktok Online Franchise is an investment contract.

For an investment contract to exist, there must be:

  1. A contract, transaction, or scheme- Toktok Online Franchise
  2. An investment of Money- Investor pays Php17,888 in cash
  3. Investment is made in a common enterprise- Amount is invested in Toktok or Company behind it
  4. Expectation of Profits- Investors are promised returns (see pictures above)
  5. Profits arise primarily from the effort of others- Earn more money by recruiting more people and get a portion of their payments.

We can’t find evidence that JC Premiere has complied with the SEC requirements before it can sell investments to the public. Hence, we call it an investment scam.

Toktok Online Franchise Review Legit or Scam

Toktok Review Conclusion

Stay away from Toktok Online Franchise. We believe it’s a pyramid scheme and an investment scam.

Earning a lot of money in this scheme is possible only when you can recruit more people. The more recruits you have, the higher your income will be. That’s how a typical characteristic of a pyramid scheme looks like.  

We doubt if you can make money from being an online franchisee and operator. The target market for the delivery service is not clearly defined.

Plus, the company behind Toktok has been enriching itself while putting so much burden on its operators and riders.   

Ultimately, we can’t find evidence that it has complied with the requirements of the SEC for selling an investment contract. Hence, we call it an investment scam.

What are your thoughts about this Toktok review? Share them in the comment section below.  

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For a more fun-filled review about Toktok, watch this video from Invested Lifestyle YouTube Channel.

197 thoughts on “Toktok Online Franchise Review 2021: Is it Legit or Scam?”

  1. Sa mga webinars nila puro recruitment ang topic. Minamaliit nila ang capacity ng employment para kumita. They make people insecure na mali ang maging empleyado at never daw magiging mayaman ang nasa employment lang. Ipapamukha nila sayo na kelangan mo mag join sa kanila para matupad mo ang mga pangarap mo sa buhay. Yung mga coaches nila ay mga addict sa pag kita ng malaki at mabilisang pera. Mga bihasa na mag manipula ng tao para sa mga pansarili nilang interest na kumita ng malaki. Palabas lang nila ang Siomai King at Toktok! Sobrang nakakadiri yung mga pag humble brag nila ng mga travels, sports car at bahay, pati na yung mga limpak limpak na amount ng pera na alam naman nating galing sa networking. Akala nila nakaka impress sila pero halatang halata na mga pekeng mayaman lang sila. Bakit hindi nakakasuhan yung mga ganitong tao na manloko ng kapwa ang kinabubuhay?

  2. I attended zoom meetings ng toktok to understand how it works. I’m disappointed kasi para nga syang networking. Hindi man lang na elaborate sa meeting yung toktok side talaga. The company behind this toktok ay parang tubong lugaw pa biruin nyo lahat ng burden ay ipapasa sa operator and rider. Hindi sila liable if ma aksidente yung rider. Ako naman I’m for the good of my employees/riders. Ang coach pa nila ay parang kino-condition yung mind mo to decide asap for you to not think about it. I’m so lucky to have ask God to give me a sign if I should continue with the franchise thing and I found this page. I am a stock market investor/trader so I decided to invest my 17,888 pesos in stocks. Think twice guys.

  3. just finnish the webinar..
    umpisa palang wala na talga ko gana..makulit lng kasi husband ko,,invest daw ako ng money ko dun at the same time pde akong magpost ng business ko sa toktok mall,,so kahit hindi ako naniniwala alam ko naman na gusto lang ako tulungan ng husband ko mas maging productive sa earinings,kaya pinagbigyan ko sya kahit halos makatulog nako sa haba ng oras ng zoom meeting..ganda nung impisa pero nung pumasok ng ung word na recruit para sa 5k na commision,,ayy bigla ako nagising sa antok ko..hahahaha…tinaas na nung coach ang pulanh bandera..tama nga pakiramdam ko umpisa palang..and kahit anak ko na 16y.o naririnig nya kasi ung pinagsasabi nung coach banay nya sakin mommy ano yan pyramid scam? imagine 16y.o huh..nakatunog na agad kahit ang galing manghikayat nung coach..17k pa sila maliit nga naman pakinghan maeenganyo ka talaga…from 200k naging 50k tapos 17k apakalaking kalokohan..sarap toktokan ng mga ulo e..

  4. Omg, kakaattend ko lng po ng zoom meeting last night (May 30, 2021) so not true po pala limited offer ung P17888 kasi yun din ang sinabi kagabi..ipressure ka lng palang magjoin agad kaya sinabing limited offer. Nandun kasi ung pera once marecruit mo ung tao, imagine P5k per head. Tsaka maya-maya may kasama nang motivation yung mga speakers, which is need nilang magjoint forces to become more effective smga viewers nila. Yung reservation form pa nila, need mo ilagay dun yung ng payment po, so mabilisan tlg,,parang maisnatch tlg yung pera mo kung magpapadalan ka sa “mabilisan trick” nila.

    • duda din ako d2..may nag recruit sa akin…gusto agad padala ako sa gcash..sabi ko..thats a big money for a minutes conversation…di ko pa poh masyado m
      naintindihan ang negosyo..paano po pag walang gagamit sa app ko…wala din ako income…syaka…paano pag walang toktok rider sa area ko?kasi dapat local na ang franchise kasi sa dami na ng nag franchise…paano na kikita?meaning walang pakialam ang company after nagbayad ka ng 17888 for recruitment…bahala kana sa account mo…nakakatawa…wala ka ni hinahawakang papel..paano pag nag shut down ang online flatform nila?…..

  5. Just finish attending a webinar from toktok. Ang dami kong tawa sa mga comments dito. Lalo pa ako natawa nung nabasa ko about deadlines! Deadline bukas! Monday May 31st 2021! Kapatid ng may-ari yung nagtalk kanina. I left na the “zoom meeting” nung nakita ko na yung mga top earners pati mga post with expensive cars ng mga so called masipag nila na mga franchisee. Sabi ko na lang sa sarili ko ay muntik na! Muntik na ako maloko. Then my boyfriend called me up so i made kwento what happen about the webinar. Natawa sa akin and he told me thats MLM and jc premiere is a dead investment don’t waste your time and money. Sabi ko hndi naman talaga. Nacurious lang ako. Tapos i came across your site. Hulog ka ng Langit Scam buster. Dami mo natutulangan! Nagenjoy tlga ako sa mga comments at defense ng ibang tao.

  6. Muntikan na talaga akong madala….buti nalang napaisip akong mag review muna….tsk2 maraming salamat sa post nato….god bless to you maam/sir…

    • Sobrang magaling at bihasa ang mga coach manlinlang at magpa engganyo ng mga kung ano anong materials na nabili nila at mga perang nakuha na daw nila. Mga COACH DITO AY MGA DATIHAN NA SA UNO MGA EXPERT MANLINLANG AT SA PYRAMID SCAM… BIGLANG YAMAN NG WALANG KAHIRAP HIRAP…. SOBRANG SINAMANTALA NILA MGA TAO LALO NUNG SIMULA NG PANDEMIC…

      • Very true. Mang guilt trip, manlinlang at mag manipulate ng mga tao yan ang expertise ng mga coach ng JC Premiere. Yung mga viewers naman nila bilib na bilib sa kanila, ang dami daw learnings at ang gagaling daw nila magsalita. Mga galing sila sa mga dating pyramiding scams. Ginagamitan pa nila ng mga Bible verses at prayers para lalong magmukha silang totoo sa mga webinars at trainings. Puro pagkuha ng multiple accounts ang bukang bibig nila. Ang sisiba nila sa pera. Very obvious na pang disguise lang talaga nila ang Siomai King at Toktok. Napaka luma na ng style at modus ng mga pyramiding schemes na ganito and yet ang dami pa rin talagang nauuto at umaasa na yayaman sila bigla. Puro milliones na pera, sports car, bahay at travels ang pang silaw nila sa mga tao. Ang sakit na sa mata na makita sa Facebook yung limited offer daw nilang promo. Dito lang lahat galing ang kinikita nila, sa pag recruit ng mga investors na nalilinlang nila. Tapos Ayun nga, yung mga coaches mga pa humble brag ng mga bagay pinagyayabang nila. MGa COACHES NA PEKENG MAYAMAN!!!

    • sana po maam.. dami nila niloloko nagpapakasarap sila sa mga pera ng mga taong galing sa pinaghirapan ang pera na inis scam nila…

  7. Toktok nung una tapos ngayon may Toktok Mall daw. Pangalan pa lang ng mga business nila halatang may mabahong kalokohan sa likod JC Premiere! Tuwang tuwa pa yung owner na si Jonathan So na tawaging Tukmol Yung name ng negosyo nya! Para siyang hindi nag aral sa De La Salle College of Saint Benilde! Imagine if you will use Tokmall in a sentence, it will be like, nag shopping ako sa Tokmall. Or kanino ka nag padeliver? Sa Tokmall na driver! Ang baho pakinggan diba?

    Google define Tukmol as follows:
    Tukmol. Meaning: An ugly person; stupid or dumb ass. Origin: The U.P. Diksiyonaryong Filipino defines “tukmol” as “isang uri ng ilahas na kalapati; pagaw o turtledove.” But due to its onomatopoeic quality, some people probably adopted it and turned it into a slang term for someone or something “that is overly ugly.” So it means na literal na pangit ang meaning ng Tukmol!

    And then again this is only a laughing matter for the owner Jonathan So??? Hello, you’re from an exclusive university and I was expecting na may class ka! But you are delighted sa lahat ng cheap and tasteless crap about Toktok and Tok Mall! Ganito ba mag isip ang taong may dekalidad na edukasyon? Puro basura Ang mga brand names na naiisip mo! And yet tuwang tuwa naman ang marami! Kasi dito sa Pilipinas ang gusto ng majority is yung baduy. Mga baduy ang sumisikat at tinatangkilik. Konting tao lang kasi ditosa bansa natin ang may well bred mag isip. Kaya gumising kayo! Hindi porke pinapatawa kayo ni Jonathan So dahil sa TokMall na Yan eh magtitiwala na kayo. Nililibang lang niya kayo para dahan dahan niyang kuhanin pera nyo!

  8. Why no one notices or even suspects that JC premiere is owned by a gay couple??? They are also paying coaches who are suspicious! Coaches who are expert on manipulating people. They call it orientation, webinars and Zoom trainings in disguise of mind control and gaslighting! A story that is old as dirt in the traditional networking!

  9. Here’s my toktok franchise story.

    Last October, na encounter ko sa newsfeed ko ang ads ng siomai king na si boy abunda ang brand ambassador. I clicked the learn more. In short may nakausap ako, at she is from the US. hindi natuloy ang pag franchise ko wala pa ako pampuhunan.

    Then nakita ko ang toktok sa fb. I got interested. sabi ko ito ng gusto ko. I attended their orientation. I asked a lot of questions, about how it will operate. pero they didn’t disclose the info but instead told me na kapag nag franchise na ako doon ko malalaman.

    they showed several videos ng launching ng toktok, I think tatlong lugar which I forgot na. the people talking are from mindanao. so sabi ko bakit puro taga cavite ang mga operators na franchisee. pwede naman daw kasi since nationwide naman daw ang operation. and I could even get riders from all over the country basta may hub daw doon. In addition, ayaw daw ni Inday Sarah na magkaroon sa mindanao? sabi ko why? I never got an answer.

    ang team leader nila ay from canada. I asked her how’s her toktok operation. nagulat ako nung sinabi niyang hindi siya nagfrancise ng toktok. sa products daw siya. In fact mag apply daw siya ng distributor, but pinsan daw niya ang paasikasuhin niya. I asked myself, kung francisee na siya ng JC at potentially they are saying na kikita siya, bkit hindi siya nag toktok since part na rin ito ng franchise niya. hindi daw niya maasikaso kasi may iba pa daw on line business siya. at sa canada siya nagwowork. 1st red flag na yon.

    I was about to pay na pwede daw sa gcash kung ay gcash ako. kasi daw 15 pesos lang ang bayad. whereas, kapag bank parang about 600 ++. I said I don”t have gcash. kausapin na lang daw niya yung pinsan niya na siya na lang ang maybayad ng franchise fee ko sa JC. I should deposit it daw sa gcash ng pinsan niya. bakit sa gcash ng pinsan niya ibabayad ko ang 17,888 franchise fee. ang dahilan niya kasi inaassist niya ako. Oh OH, 2nd red flag.

    I asked her hindi ba pwede directly to the bank? kung direkta daw akong magbabayad sa bank mga weeks pa daw bago maibigay sa akin ang link at ID and other paraphernalia. BTW, I have a friend who franchised toktok. So I asked him, sabi niya sa bank daw siya nagbayad. at sabi niya a day or two nakuha na niya yung link. ang 3rd red flag ko, yung friend ko, hindi pa daw siya nakakabawi sa toktok delivery niya. nagreretail siya ng siomai king products. ang kanyang rider taga pangasinan, dagupan. sabi ko bakit ang layo, pwede naman daw yon, at friend niya yon. i asked him kung meron ng hub sad pangasinan sabi niya wala. so sabi ko paanong nagkaroon ka ng rider doon na wala naman palang hub pa? I don’t even remember kung nasagot ng friend ko yung tanong ko.

    Nung maramdaman ng magiging upline (since it is networking) ko ang disinterest ko, nag guilty trip na siya. Inaalagaan daw niya ang pangalan para lang daw sirain niya para sa pera. sa negosyo daw na ito, trust daw ang kailangan. My reply is this: “yes, I know that you have your reputation which you have built. And we are not saying that you are a bad person or what. But then I can’t blame my partner. The money we have is hard earned. kaya maingat din kami. We met only via zoom and messenger. Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t say that you’re not to be trusted. Sa totoo lang, hindi trust ang issue. Kasi ang trust is something that is build thru time and within a relationship. We haven’t build anything yet this far. Kaya may mga mechanism that would bridge that trust between parties. May risk talaga sa business. Pero this risk can be calculated sometimes. And one thing, I don’t know if I would want to share to you the latest findings niya. Kasi honestly, I don’t want to offend you. she sent me something that breeds so many questions. kaya she hold the franchising move. She’s trying to reach out another friend of her from her church and get some more information. So sabi ko sa kanya, sige. So I’m waiting for her”.

    I did not push through with the franchise. Di ba may business negotiations before you venture or partner with other businessmen? part of that negotiations, is the how-to of the business. ano ang paraan ng pagkita. kung toktok delivery ang business na pakikipagpartner ko sa JC dapat we should talk about everything regarding sa operations and management, profitability and sustainability.

    Ang issue dito is not about being walang effort, ayaw mag effort, easy money lang ang gusto. But as a businesswoman, I wanted to know my business, ano yung potential and calculated risks, How will I earn from the toktok operation itself. But It was never explained to e, kasi nga hindi pa ako franchisee.

    Na involved na ako sa networking. Sa umpisa may kita, because of the sales from others and from my recruits under me. I was then under a now famous guru on financial matters. Legit naman dahil may product. it’s a food supplement. kaya lang nung hindi na gumalaw at kumilos ang nasa ilalim ko, nagdomino effecgt na siya. hindi na rin ako kumita. So sabi sa akin ng upline ko magrecruit ng bago. napagod na ako. I never gained yung mga sinasabing nilang potential millions. 50K nga wala e.

    So now, tinago ko na lang muna ang 17l++ ko.

    I appreciate if you have reach reading this far. I don’t want to discredit people nor even any institution. I’m just telling my toktok story. By the way, my son research about toktok it’s legitimacy. nasa kanya na kasi ang pera ko to pay via gcash dahil siya ang meron. and he posted my messenger about SCAM BUSTER. So I read it. and even watch some videos which he posted as well.

    Thank ko po, God bless you. Keep safe po sa ating lahat.

      • I am a franchisee also, I signed up in February because I really wanted to start a business as preparation for my retirement in the Philippines (i am overseas). So far napakaliit pa lang ng nababawi ko but it all came from delivery service (just the 3% referral link, i am not a operator) Am i satisfied? so far oo, I signed up because I wanted to try the products that looks promising at a distributor price. I post every single day sometimes twice a day. May mga friends ako na nagtatanong how it works and I tell them its an MLM but it has a huge potential because there really are multiple ways to earn. I never posted anything saying you can earn 60k++ because it is not a realistic number at the moment dahil nga bago pa lang. And it is a lifetime franchise and hindi naman ako nagmamadali 🙂 To sum it all up, toktok has to be promoted and downloaded and used by more people in order for it to be a profitable business for all franchisees, so I encourage everyone to download the app and try its service and support new business para matulungan ninyo kami na nandito na 🙂 Joining was solely my own decision because I saw the potential kaya I appreciate everyone who shared their story. You can download and use my link, dahil mas mura talaga sia kesa sa iba (link deleted) and buy JC products also (link deleted)

        Thank you and more power to everyone 🙂

    • Hello,

      I just encountered the whole service today. It was not me but my mother and she was really interested kasi syempre, sino ba hindi? But because she trusts me and I seriously have good instincts about fraud and scams napansin ko agad na ang off nung page. I’m a graphic illustrator and a designer for pages so I know na the advertisements are too much (and there is just something really suspicious about it). I tried researching for other pages and gosh anrami nila that will make you question kung ano talaga siya. I tried stalking the girl who chatted with my mother (FMG yung initials) and tried to dig deeper about the company itself. Good thing I stumbled dito (but i already told my mom no because of my gut feeling) and realized na tama pala ako. Hope you people get the money back and make that company stop kasi marami talaga naniniwala.

    • Halatang Pyramid parin…hindi tatagal toh…Somebody recruited me…I ask directly how many toktok franchise sa area?why we need to recruit many operators or franchisee?how about the bussiness competition?paano kung 100 kami sa area ko?tapos lahat kami nag post ng shop link namin?paano na yung mga rider ko?kung 1000 na sila sa ilang maliit na barangay?kikita paba sila?o tambay ng isang araw…hintay ng order?buti pa pamasada nalang sila…dalawang balikan may pera na sila…haisssttt…Halatang ang habol ng campany ai yung kita nila sa referral…wala sila pakialam sa mga operator….ang ganda pakinggan…muntik na ako talaga..buti nalang segurista ako at nag search ako ng mga reviews..until i got this site…i once lost 100k for a scam called KAPA…not this time…kailangan isipin muna natin mabuti bago pumasok…Think Think THink…Yan modos nila…pababayarin ka kaagad…para wala kana magagawa,…No return No exchange….Kaya ingats poh Tayo….

  10. I just attended their zoom webinar yesterday, interested ako maging toktok operator and to have sana the maximum 100 riders. To my surprise, naka focus ang zoom meeting sa pangalan ng JC premiere, mga owners, mga top sellers and endorsers which made me realized na recruitment nga ang focus ng mga ito instead na turuan ka pano talaga kumita sa toktok sisilawin ka sa easy money sa recruitment side. I even asked paano mag hire ng riders at ano ang mga liabilities ng operator. And the coach just answered “may seminar tayo jan pag member ka na” so join muna bago ang system knowledge? And the meeting goes on and on it lasted for almost 2 hours.. ang catch eh may toktok ka na, online franchise owner ka pa ng ibat ibang food franchise nila. Then hanggang kaninang umaga nagiisip nga ako na if i fail to become a successful operator eh mag rerecruit nalang ako para makabawi. Very wrong na, unang una legit ang mga existing businesses ko na nag simula sa scratch then naka benta ng actual products bago ako kumita. Hindi ko linya ang recruitment talaga noon pa ko inaya ng friends ko mag frontrow.. and diko nagustuhan mga pakagat nila na manilaw ng tao na soon magkaka kotse at magkaka laman ang jc wallet kahit dika na gumagalaw (meaning dina nag rerecruit or nag ooperate ng toktok) kasi ang downline mo nalang ang bahala. Left and right na daw pasok ng pera sa jc wallet mo. Taliwas sa ineexpect kong sa pagiging toktok operator ang maging discussion. Thank you scam buster and sa mga honest comments. 17888 saved.

  11. Dear scam buster,

    Thank you for your review and amazing talent. Sabi ko na nga na may parang mali dito sa Toktok na ito eh.
    Salamat dahil na-save ko ang 17,888 ko at magiging malinis pa ang konsensya ko dahil hindi ako makakapang loko ng kapwa.
    Mangungutang pa sana ako sa pang pondo ko sa investment contract na ito eh. Buti nlng tlga.

    Basta kapag mga ganitong siste, yung paaasahin k na kikita ka ng malaki sa pagrerecruit.. hay nacu. Mag isip isip ka na.

    Salamat sa review na ito. Sana marami pa ang ma-save nitong review ni Scam Buster.

  12. Ito yung isa sa pinakamagandang review. Great website and more power to you Cyberbump!

    I franchised din start January not knowing na networking pala to. Ngyun, nasusuka na ako sa ginagawa nila that I decided to mute the group chats na.

    Ang Toktok, it is legit, HOWEVER ANG SCAM dito is yung kumpanya behind it and yung very deceiving practices nila. Nakakabahala yung sinasabi/post nila na katas ng negosyo at kinita nila yung ganun pera nila dahil sa pag business ng Toktok, Siomai King etc. Oo kumikita kayo malaking pera, pero AMININ NYO,hindi yan from the Franchises lang.

    Ts sabi nila nung March magstop na ang hiring, miski ang owner nagpost pa, pero hala sige padin. Syempre andun ang kitaan eh sa recruit eh diba. Kainis. Di na nila naiisip yung about competition pag super dami na operators/riders(pero onti ang app users) and wala na silang business sense sa utak nila since para sakanila, as long as kumikita sila from networking eh ok ang negosyo. Negosyo ba ang pagrerecruit? You call that your business??? Cringe!

    Yung people na yumayaman at nagmimilyon, pansinin nyo napakaliit na percentage compared sa mga nakawawa. At wag na wag nyo idadahilan ang katamaran at marami pang ibang franchises sa package. Yan naman ang number one sagot ng mga kulto ng MLM sa mga nagcriticize sa shady practices ng company.Mang gui-guilt trip. At hindi magffranchise yan kundi dahil sa Toktok dahil yan ang prinesent nyo. Sa toktok namin gusto kumita sana.

    Sasabihin pa nila pano nging scam eh nakipartner na sa SM at big time celebs. So what? Doesn’t change the fact na may mga maling practices na ginagawa. Like I said, Toktok as a delivery is oo legit sya. Pero yung mga nangyayari behind the scenes at presentation nyo is a scam. Ginagamit ng kumpanya ang Toktok as front. Oh sige nga, bat di nyo agad binabanggit ang networking sa first presentation nyo? Sige nga?

    Ako I don’t attend this so called “tranings” anymore. Paulit ulit lang, puro hype, at puro papuri lang sa mga kinikita nila or puro networking lang.Traning yun? Sobrang cringe ako sa zoom meetings and how they act kaya umaalis nako. I only attend kapag totoong tungkol sa business ang meeting. And magugulat ka dahil yung mga top earners sa group halatang mga walang alam sa business. Mga mangmang. Pano eh puro sa recruiting lang alam. Oh eh akala ko ba yumaman kayo sa franchises? Eh pano kayo yumaman ng mga wala kayong alam? At kung bago ang Toktok, eh pano kayo kumita ng milyones?

    Sobrang sinungaling nila. If only I knew na networking pala to di nako sumali. Nagbayad ako kasi sabi promo at may deadline and nakita ko potential ng business na to. If only nagexist lang ang mga youtube reviews and itong review nato that time, di sana ako pumasok dito. I hope lumakas pa sya in the future.

    Pero now, nkakalungkot yung hype na hype sila at pupurihan sa yaman nila sa zoom meetings pero a large percentage of people nagsusuffer. Well, welcome to typical na nangyayari sa MLM Pyramid Scheme.

      • I have a problem with this freaking toktok!!! And i need someone na ihelp ako. if nabasa ko lang sana tong review na to. Please reply.

      • Hayyysss this review is a big help, a friend is also convincing me to be a toktok operator. But since then, i already had a hesitation that this a pyramiding scam. Now, I’m fully decided, i will not get a toktok franchise!!!

  13. Thank you for this. Got curious when an fb friend keeps posting about this toktok, encouraging us to buy a franchise. Akala ko tuloy isa siya mga nagsimula nung business kaya nag aaya ng investors(?). Then I saw ads with famous personalities. Was really considering kasi mukhang logistics yung business and so far mukhang wala pa sa area namin. Salamat sa effort na pag explain, na save 17k ko.

  14. Yan din sabi sa akin kanina sa webnar meeting hanggang april 24 lng daw ang promo buti nalang wala laman ang ATM at GCASH ko nako kong may laman goodbyeeer 17,888 php.

  15. ok naman tong toktok, pero well sa recruiting talaga malaki ang income. like me naka diamond na ako and i’m nearly in my first million pure profit.

    before ka sumali dito tandaan mo hindi mo magagawang maka million overnight, effort talaga ang kailangan. yes invite dito, invite doon, training dito, meeting doon that’s part of the business. hindi sya scam, nagiging scam lang sya sa mga taong tamad hahaha! yung gusto pag binayad nila yung 18k nila eh mayaman na agad sila bukas mga ulul haha!

    • Kung ang kitaan is sa recruiting, then it is a pyramid scheme… then it is illegal! When you get the money of another person under the guise of an investment, di ba grifting yun?

    • Recruiting ba kamo napakalayo sa pinapalabas nila na magiging operator at riders ka lang. Yan pa nmn ang ayaw n ayaw q ang networking.. Dpat sa una pa lang sinabi na nila networking to hnd delivery service.. Pnloloko na agad yun…

    • by tamad you mean tamad magrecruit? ang mga taong nagffranchise ng negosyo, you wouldn’t say na tamad sila kasi nga papasok sila sa business, which is lifetime mong gagawin regardless kung matumal or malakas. and ang point dito is hindi yumaman kaagad, kung hindi magkaroon ka ng stable income, not by recruiting, but by operating your business.

      obviously, hindi yun ang highlight ng “negosyo” dito, kung hindi yung recruitment. nakakatamad talaga mag recruit kung alam mong yung makukuha mong tao sa ilalim mo eh marerealize nila kung ano yung narealize mo pagsali mo, nakakaawa. tapos magrerecruit nalang din kasi para maibalik yung investment. hindi masipag ang tawag dun, kung hindi makapal ang mukha at sarado ang konsensya.

      yung mga “trainings” na puro pahangin, thank you lord kapit kay lord oh lord oh lord, i don’t sell products i sell dreams, sipag at tiyaga manny villar gaming na mga pinaggagagawa niyo eh nakakasuya. biruin mo sasali ka para may matutunan pero puro mga bagay na hindi mo alam kung bakit kailangan pang sabihin sayo ng ibang tao yung mga pinagsasasabi nila. sasali ang negosyante para malaman yung mga data at strategies nung business, hindi para masabihan na “sipagan mo lang, walang nagsusucceed sa tamad” abay titinginang yan, anong kwenta nun? sa araw araw na ginawa ng diyos paulit ulit na ganun maririnig mo tapos mga taga gatong na “IBA KA TALAGA LODS” “YEEEEEEEEES” “THIS IS IT THANKS GOD” hahahaha para nga talaga kayong ACNE na pinangiinsulto nyo, ambibilis kumalat, pero mikrobyo ang ganap. thanks lord mo to.

      pero teka, baka naman masyado lang ako nagaassume din. sabi mo naka diamond ka na, aanhin mo yung maraming accounts? lahat yun pinagbebenta mo kaya ka aabot na sa milyon? o kasi maraming downlines sa accounts mo? pashare naman lods thanks lord di tayo susuko araw araw kikilos orayt gimme dat millionaires club ticket please

    • hindi ako naniniwlang milion n yung income mo bro ang milyonaryo nd n nag rereply sa mga ganito para aksayahin oras nila

  16. Thank you for your review! binasa ko din lahat ng comment. mabuti na lang at nahanap ko ito mag fill up na sana ko ng franchise form nila dahil sa maamong mukha ni Alden at Maine 🙂 heheheh mahirap kumita ngayon pero hindi ibig sabihin kailangan na natin bumigay sa pyramiding scheme na yan. basta sobra sobra ang pinapangako na roi mag duda ka na! Salamat ulit scam buster.

      • Hi. Can I ask something? Just wanna know how webinar/stock market works? And of course how legit it is. Muntik na kaming mag-go ng asawa ko sa 17,*** na yan! Jusko! Buti nalang nag-research muna ako. Kasi based sa adds I felt like there’s something wrong. And voila! I found out the answers to my questions 💪 Thank you so much!

        • Hi Takatak,

          The stock market is legit. You can join free webinars about it. However, these free webinars are used to generate leads and sell something else such as ebooks, online courses, or any digital products.

          You may buy or find free resources available on the web about the stock market. Your 18k is more than enough to start investing.

          You can also join the community in and ask advice from them for your investing journey.

  17. Natutuwa akong mahanap tong website mo. Baka pwede tayong gumawa ng FB group na mga stress sa MLM tsaka mga pyramiding companies. Nagtatry kasi ako maghanap puro hindi PH based ang meron sa FB. Salamat!!!!

  18. Thank you Scam Buster for this enlightening article.
    Mabuhay kayo and keep helping Filipinos thru this channel.

    God bless.

  19. There are operators that I know who are already complaining about being an operator because they are not getting any bookings.

    I tried logging in their webapp using my friends account. As a developer myself, their app is not yet production ready to be launched based on my company’s standards (this was around february 2021) .

    When you’re asking for Php17,888 you’re app should at least look and function like Php 17K. LOL.

    So here’s my take.

    The delivery service is a competitive market even before apps were created, more so when it was created. This market falls under the technology industry. There are standards and acceptable mvp’s, procedures and other things to consider when you launch an APP specially if you’re collecting P17K for every user for whatever the business model behind using your app.

    Clearly, the creators of toktok app and it’s founder does not have any experience in the tech industry. Making websites and programs to few known companies does not mean you have the right experience.

    The reason for launching a horrible app is because the focus is not on the app. It’s on the recruitment of. investors, hence the use of Maine and Alden, instead of starting with a close group of beta testers. LOL.

    We already know the true and tried working business model for this kind of service local and international. We use this service all the time. Coming up with untested new or hybrid business model for this service is not only lame but also stup*d.

    But who knows, maybe they will improve the app and the business model and remove it in their mlm scheme. Otherwise, it will just be front for actually collecting P17K.

    As an investor of buying a franchise, you would not buy into something that is not yet tested. The reason you buy a “franchise” is because it is already tried true and tested.

    Much like launching coppermask (a mask with a hole), this one is same idiotic idea.

    Matalino tayong mga pinoy, so don’t give in with this kind of opportunity.

  20. I’ve been seeing a lot of Toktok ads on Facebook and every time I get really confused…

    “Ha? Franchise? Franchise an on-demand delivery app?”

    Then, I got really interested in it when I heard Wille Revillame mention it on his show. “Created by Filipino, for Filipinos”. That’s great! Maybe a home-grown startup, I thought. Maybe, it’s a startup company and trying to get funding through “franchising”, I reckon.

    But LOL! I saw the Reddit post that led me here.

    Thanks to you author for putting so much effort and equipping us with knowledge about this scam.

    And to add… I think I saw almost the same “online franchise” thing by Khaleb Shawarma. Funny that tayo pa ang magbabayad to sell their products online and get what? 5% 10% commission? Ginagawang tanga mga tao.

    Save your 17k and start something else.

  21. Hi Scam Buster,

    Okay na sana ang review mo, kaso pag may nag comment sayo ng hindi maganda, tinatarayan mo din. Parang di mo inaaccept ung opinion nila eh gusto mo din naman iaccept ng readers mo ang opinion mo. Everyone is entittled to their opinion.

    Mas madami akong nakuhang information sa comment section. Btw, ayaw na ayaw ko ng mlm so talagang ayaw ko ng toktok pero nung mabasa ko ang comment ng mga tao, mukhang magada syang itry 😁and i think susuportahan ko ang asawa ko na kumuha ng toktok operator franchise na eto 😁 why? kc sa tingin ko may future ang operator business side and un naman gusto nya, gusto nya maghawak ng tao. Ang maganda neto, mura lng ung fee. Sa lahat ng business matumal talaga sa umpisa, may risk na di kumita, but kung masipag ka kahit papano kikita ka din.

    • I give them straight facts.

      What’s wrong with that? Does the truth hurt?

      Those comments were approved to be posted on my website and yet you are telling me their opinions were not accepted.

      FYI, I just added a rejoinder to debunk their misleading claims.

      Ok, try it. Let’s see if you can make money with the delivery service. Delivery service ha, not the recruitment side.

      Give us an update after a month.

      • Hi Scambuster let me give you further details inside toktok, am in various groups na as operator, availed the franchise late February pa. Ano problema ng operators? SULUTAN ng bonggang bongga mga operators ng mga riders, may operators na mag aalok ng free bag, long sleeve shirt etc., At eto, libreng cake for birthdays ng family ng riders, libreng isnag sakong bigas monthly kung may certain quota ma reach si riders. Ewan ko kung ano pa latest na gimik ng mga ganid na operators. So paano naman yung operators na di kaya ibigay yung ganun incentives diba, o e di babye na. Tas may riders naman na mauutak, pasok sa iyo as rider mo, and kung ang ibibigay mo mga freebies na bag and shirt, as soon as makuha na sa iyo, lipat sila sa iba. Or nakikipag negotiate o takutan, sir bakit sa ibang operators daw ganito etc bigay, sorry ho, ikaw na ttaanggihan. And then theres the auto clicker issue, i dont know much tungkol dito pero napapabilis daw ang kuha ng bookings. Then theres the app problem mismo nga, faulty magtataka ka ang daming bookings pero di makapasok sa iyo. And until now wala ako sa mga gc. Ng team kung san ako nabibilang. Kailangan mo talaga aralin pa mag facebook ads dahil yun ang chansa mo makakuha ng rider. And also may mga reports na may rider na parang pinapa cancel sa nag book na client yung booking para daw di na lumitaw sa side ng operator ni rider successful delivery, ang di aalm ni rider e operator rin pala client nya. If you can dear scam buster, help me recover my money. And oo isa pa pala, panay sila promote na matatapos na yung 17k plus na intro price bla bla e ang nangyayari kasi marami nang operators at ano ibig sabihin kapag madami operators, di na proportional ang ratio between operators and riders, and isa pa, liable ang operator kapag nagkaroon ng violation ang rider sa kalsada.

      • Im a toktok online operator and wenever someone asks me about joining the franchise i directly told them the negative side so they will know and avoid being brainwashed by someone who make beautiful voices and flowers and making money all the way just to hit the 5k commission. I’ve already had many additional expenses being an operator and wasnt able to get my ROI so i wont let that happen to them.. Because i think toktok is new.. So much upgrade they made for the system and they tied up sm to its apps for bookings that’s vital to our business.. I think being successful u will have to take risks to achieve it.. And that flaws ive mentioned is part of that! How about you? U are helping people to avoid mlm by just tyling words in your website we dont even know ur identity. Is that wat u called good samaritan just to make business making it bad for public yet you doesnt even helping people who starve!!!!

    • Hi I agree on that kaya nga tinawag na business e alangang d ka mglalabas ng capital ano yun free??? San k nakakita business sinimulan mo free??? Tama ba ako,, as like what you ‘ve pansin ko nga ma puro negative comments nkalagay dito where is the other side? Ang tanong nascam ba ang author na to kya siya ngsulat ng ganito sa other company? Sa other networking din daming negative vibes? Pero hanggang ngaun buhay pa rin.. what you think?

      • Alam mo kung bakit buhay parin mga networking scam? Dahil may mga nagpapaloko pa rin. Dahil may mga umaasa parin sa easy money or easy return of investments. Dahil may mga gahaman pa rin na hindi iniisip ang pinaghirapan ng iba as long as kikitain niya yun sa ganun kadaling paraan. Mag-rerecruit ng mga inosente at walang idea sa networking? Madali kasi sila masilaw sa false promises of return ng investments. So ang mangyayari, kahit wala silang kinikita sa mismong produkto nung “kumpanya”, pipilitin nilang maka-recruit ng iba para sa commission. AND THE CYCLE JUST GOES ON. Isa yan sa mga dahilan kung bakit napakabagal ng usad ng pag-unlad ng Pilipinas. Dahil sa mga mandurugas at nagpapadugas.

        Gusto mo yumaman ng mabilis? Manloko ka ng kapwa mo. 🙂

        • Tayo nga nagpapaloko sa politician… Mlm pa kaya na umaasa tayo para lumago ang buhay natin!!! Matagal na tayong nagpapaloko sir. filipinos are living in slums wake up!!!!

        • Tama. Pero tandaan mo ang pera mabilis mawala pag nasa maling pamaraan at lalo na may panloloko na kasama. Enjoy today dusa later. Lahat may karma. Kung tingin mo yumaman ka sa pera ng iba, matakot ka sa karma.

    • Please try it po.i am a franchisee of toktok .you can choose either being just a franchisee..a rider or an operator.since i invested in JC co.last june of just 7 mos.i became a millionaire.just one more year amd we could go home na in Pinas.we already built our house thru the help of JC.yes it is an mlm co.but it is in an mlm where we could earn and live comfortably in such a so short time.ang buhay dapat sinusugalan.mas ok na po magtry than be afraid and retire at the age of 65.JC is not a scam.

      • Stop your BS.

        If you made money by selling its products to people who aren’t members of your MLM, then that’s fine.

        However, if you made money just by recruiting or by selling products to members of your MLM, then you’re running a pyramid scheme!

        • Super agree ako dito. Bihira lang tayong mga mulat ang mata sa katotohanan ng MLM, Pyramid at Ponzi Schemes.

    • Please update me for any development good or bad man i want honest review we are planning to invest but reading some bad sides of this investment im thinking twice…

  22. Pag may MLM, scam na kagad? Ilang bwan na ba si toktok para husgahan natin? Normal na sa umpisa may mga system bugs. Mas malala pa nga mr speedy, lalamove nung nagstart sila. Nag-eexpect kayo ng bookings na bongga agad sa 4 months operation? Lets see in the near future kung sino ang scam. I just hope that the reviewer expose her name also not just as scam buster. By the way, please update your blog, may bagong coppermask na wala ng hole.

    May iba nga dyan ginamit ang paninira ke toktok para makakuha ng maraming views sa youtube.

    Ang payo ko lang sa mga mag-iinvest, think twice. Business is like a gamble. May risk. Kung di mo kaya magrisk, then wag ka magbusiness. Pero if you see future in this business, then, invest!

    I am an operator and I have co-operators as well. Hindi kami pare-pareho ng kita, some nakabawi na, some hindi pa. Iba-iba ng effort, iba-ibang kita. Take note we dont do recruiting. We just hire riders and do retail also. The franchisee fee includes several businesses, all you need to do is to maximize all of those. Recruitment is just an option. Decision is all up to you.

    GOD bless us all..

    • MLM with emphasis on recruitment is a pyramid scheme. An MLM with majority of its sales coming from its members is a pyramid scheme.

      People will purchase a franchise because there is already an established track record of profitable operation.

      Why would you purchase a franchise from a new business?

      Hiring of riders to do the actual delivery service is fine.

      But making money from the recruit by selling the business idea isn’t.

      Pag nagbigay ng opinyon sa business model niyo paninira agad? Ayosin niyo kasi business niyo kung ayaw niyo ng negative review.

      The fact will stay. You sold an expensive copper mask with a hole.

    • This is true! Lahat naman ng decision naten is tayo ang gumagawa. Ang Toktok delivery is a legit business, kng gusto mo kumita ng malaki in just one night, I dont think it will happen. So matulog kana lang and dream about it. Lol You have to work hard para makuha mo ang ROI mo. Hndi pako operator, pero i’m planning to be one. Nagbabasa basa lng dn ako ng mga reviews. I must say ang dami talagang negative reviews than positive, feeling ko kase nakafocus sila sa networking side. Let’s try to focus on their business side too, anung masama dun? Ang businesses is talaga maraming kakompitensiya, kaya nga business kse tatrabahuhin mo pa dn.

      Anyway, kahit ang dami ko nababasang negative comments, I will still push my decision na maging operator. I’m willing to take the risk. Negosyo yan, so gnyan talaga. And sa mga tao na nang gagalaiti sa galit kesho MLM dw yan, choices po ng franchisee kng ipupush nila ang recruitment side.

      So maging masaya nalang po kayo sa mga taong nag avail ng toktok. We all have our own decisions to make. Kng ayaw nyo sa toktok eh di wag😅

  23. Nag-invest na ako before researching which is so wrong on so many levels. I invested without further research kasi I trusted my friend who recruited me. Nakakapanghina lang kasi sa simula pa lang, I already felt that something’s wrong. They kept on asking me to post and try to recruit other people (eh ayoko nga ng recruitment job!) and to attend trainings kung saan nila ibabalandra mga successful daw na partners (they don’t use the terms recruitment and recruiters nga pala). Also, upon recruitment, they will tell you na you’ll receive freebies which is worth 1k -you can choose kung food products, health products, or combination of both. I chose both para kako masubukan pareho. Pagkadeliver sa akin, siomai lang pala na more or less 20pcs, 30 capsules na dietary supplements, and JC ID lang. 1k na yon? Really?? Nakakabwisit lang din when you trust people too much tapos sisirain lang nila for their personal gain.

    • hehehe same tayo di na ako nag recruit kasi mas importante skn ung friendship kesa sa 5K na commission. na huli nila ako sa word na limited slot. from 15,888 to 16,888 to 17,888 ewan baka 18,888 na ngyun limited slot pa more un pala unlimited slot pala pati mga OFW na recruit na rin. meron ako friend na OFW na nag avail nag give na rin sila.

      in short:
      1. walang booking kasi masyado na maraming operator
      2. buloks sobra ng apps nila mauubus na battery ng cellphone kaka refresh
      3. walang free speech sa GC pag nag reklamo ka kick ka
      4. secret lang ang number ng operator ayaw disclose
      5. hindi limited slot eto kundi unlimited slot ito
      6. ikaw bayad boost ng ads mo kung kuha ka rider budget ka 100 pesos per day
      7. ikaw bayad advance ng load ng 2K na hindi mo mauubus with charge pa yan in addition sa 2K

    • this is so true. Papa attend ka parati trainings or mentorship ekek nila.Yung training puro paulit ulit na pagpuri lang sa top earner tas sasabhin wow grabe si ganio ganyan ang sipag magbenta siomai. Hello eh sa recruit nila nakuha yang yaman nila. Oo nagbebenta sila pero to tell na dun galing ang 100% ng earnings nila is a lie. Tas papag post ka. Tas sasabhn limited time. Pano ako gaganahan magpost ng kasinungalingan.

      At san ka nakakita ng business owner na araw araw puro nalang pagbbroadcast sa negosyo nya ginagawa sa social media at popost post pa ng mga cheke. This is so cringe.

  24. Rider here. Wala pang grab at lalamove, nagwowork na ako sa delivery service industry.

    Wala kayong mahahanap na rider, kung meron man, kaunti lang. Ung mga newbie riders at walang alam sa karakaran ng delivery services. Eto explanation:

    Bakit? Hindi kami empowered jan sa toktok. Imagine, operator ang may control sa bookings ko, instead of centralized system gaya ng Grab or Lalamove. So kung walang gumagamit ng affiliate links ng operator ko, wala akong booking. 1 big uncertainty

    Eto pa, Sabi nila pwede mag assign ang ibang operator sa hindi niya rider. Eto response naming mga rider, paano ako makakasigurado na may gumagamit ng affiliate links nung ibang operators? Sa dami ng uncertainties, kaming mga beteranong riders, hindi sasali sa ganyan. Duon na ako sa Grab at lalamove kung saan alam kong controlado ko ang sarili kong kita.

    Kaya makikita niyo naka focus ung mga nag-franchise sa networking side nung toktok. Kaunti lang ung nagfofoccus sa delivery service, ung mga baguhan at hindi pa narerealize na walang market ung company na pinasok nila. Once na marealize nilang walang rider na nag-aapply, tska sila mag sisisi or magfofocus sa networking side.

    • WELL SAID. Yung mga nasasaktan sa review na ito ay yung mga wala pa talagang naiintindihan sa “scheme” na pinasok nila. Charge to experience na lang kapag wala nang naniniwala sa kanila. Nakakaawa lang rin yung mga nauuto pa. In the end, para lang “mabawi” yung 17k or so, mapipilitan silang mag-recruit.

    • Thank you for your explanation. You nailed it! Defense kasi ng iba yong yumaman sila sa JC or sa TOKTOK… how did you do it, excluding the recruitment?? Honestly, that’s how they got the money. Coming from you, a veteran rider, you certainly know what you’re saying. And don sa iba na techy that explained the lousy system of the company, thank you for explaining. Thank you Scam Buster for defending the truth and enlightening others against fraudsters who just want to trick others so they can recoup their own investment and place themselves in the pyramid for their gain.

  25. Tinanong ko friend ko kung kumikita na sya dyan and she didn’t answered but instead sent me videos about this Toktok scheme 🙂 I replied her na alam ko yung business model ng may ari ng Toktok kaya skeptical ako dyan … and di nya na ko kinulit knowing na di nya ako marerecruit 😀

  26. When the focus is in recruitment with the new member getting no actual value from his/her membership fees then it is a pyramid scheme.

  27. I have learned of this Toktok online franchise too on FB and IG. Then I was recruited by a friend too, we work for the same company. When I asked her how much she was making from Toktok, she was defensive. Sagot nya “Para mo narin tinanong mgkano sweldo ko (sa company). Instanly I detected something not right. How can you convince me to sign up if you cant even give an average figure of earnings? She gave me a zoom and youtube video that is 1 hour long that I didnt watch.
    My take, Why would you want to recruit a lot of people to sign up as operator when you can monopolize it lets say in your area? Too many operators means more competition.
    Thanks scam buster, this is a very.good read.

  28. I am planning to avail the franchise because its cheaper and also to help people. Thanks for the insights and informations.

    I will try to validate by asking questions that are already mentioned here and see if their answers are the same what I had read here.

    Thanks and kudos to the writer. I assumed that you had tried several MLM companies that is why you can write this articles about it.

  29. I Agree!! Tama na pag rerecruit…wala na yung quality of services. Dapat improve nila yung services para kaya nating sumabay sa mga kilalang delivery services.

  30. Muntik na kong magbigay ng 16k haha. When I found out that it’s more like MLM 👎 No offense to mlm peeps pero diko kasi forte ang ganyang business kasi marami na kong sinalihang mlm companies pero di ako sinwerte. So I’ll save my 16k muna 😂

  31. I bought 3 accounts dati sa JC..wlang nangyari sa pera ko…Bigla kasing may nakaparehang UserID ung account ko then di ko na ma-access nang tama. Hindi na-solve ng upline ang problema ko until now kaya nasayang yung pera namin after namin magtiwala. Inalok pa nya ako ulit mag-TOKTOK may gosh! The nerve! I guess the greed for money totally changes people.

    • Lugi ang mga madaling maniwala sa mga taong magagaling magsalita. Pero kung itatatak mo na sa isip mo na wala kang mapapalang maganda sa mga pyramid scheme, in fact nakakapang-loko ka pa nga ng kapwa. Kaya umiwas na tayo sa mga networking na yan!

  32. May binigay sila SEC registration under JC Premiere po. Allowed po ba mag operate ng Toktok brand using their mother company? Kasi may nag aalok sa akin now and I’m doing my pros and cons po. Thank you po sa sagot.

  33. Muntik na akong kumuha ng franchise na yan dahil ang nag endorse KathNiel, buti nalang may napanuod akong Video Review about sa TokTok. Nanlumo ako sa napanuod ko at medyo disappointed sa Idol ko. Sana pinag aralan nila yung ini endorse nila bago nila kunin at i endorse. Madami pa naman kaming mga fans na binibili namin mga ini endorse nila.
    Keep up the good work sa pag investigate sa mga ganitong scam sa pinas.

  34. Not on our part. Because we are earning from Toktok. How? Binigyan namin ng trabaho yung mga kapitbahay namin and mga pinsan para may lang sideline na man. What you said about “recruiting” is just an option. What if may gusto talagang mag business sa toktok, pipigilan mo because scam nga mag recruit? Be responsible with your content! You might be sued for it. Isa pa, MLM is a legal way of marketing according to R.A. 7394.

    Sayang ang talent mo in writing kung BIAS kang mag bigay ng review. 👎👎👎

    • Sue? Lol.

      Those were the words of Fast Track Worldwide before they were shut down by SEC. Earning? Cge nga magkano na kita mo sa toktok aside as pag recruit?

      Kung opinyon ko na na SCAM ang TOKTOK. Wala kayong pakialam doon. Kung sa tingin ko SCAM ang toktok wala kayong pakialam doon. Will you sue me because I believe Toktok is SCAM? lol

      Dear, I know the law. So, don’t ever threaten me with suits. Isa pa..mahirapan ka because this site is hosted and with CDN from US companies. You will never get my info.

      I’m not bias. I just express what I believe.

      • Guilty hahahaha. So judgemental ka pala? At wala kang pakialam kung sinabi kong judegemental ka 😁😁😁 pag recruit scam agad? Shocks wag sana dumating yung time na pag may business ka scam ang tingin sa products mo. Para malaman mo kung ano ang totoong meaning ng scam.

      • Why can’t they accept that those who came in earlier are the one’s who can claim their ” success”? Pano yong mga next, wala naman profit by just selling. The magic word is Recruit. I heard it was mentioned by the former celebrity Grand Mentor. Sabi nya, not verbatim,, yayaman ka basta recruit ka ng recruit.. it was red flag for me.

      • Thank you! I’m glad at nakita ko itong review mo.. kinausap ko pa ang partner ko ang sabi ko mag invest kame dito baka sakaling ayos ang kitaan.. pero dahil hindi ako familiar sa nature ng business.. nag research din ako at thankful akong hindi ako nag bitaw ng money.. ayoko din mag recruit isa yan sa ayaw kong pasuking trabaho.. ayoko din bigyan ng false hope ang mga kakilala kong maeenganyo sa sinasabe nila sa ads nila.. anyway.. sana mas mapabuti nila ang marketing and app.. dahil dun nakasalalay ang kita ng mga nag franchise na ayaw mag recruit..

    • Ang ads po nila at pinangangalandakan is about dilevery service hnd po networking kya po aq nagkainteres pero sa mga napapanood q sa zoom nila napagtanto q na may mali bkt napasama yang siomai king blabla n yan. Dapat pukos lang sa pagiging riders at operators at kung paa l ito gumana db saka db dapat direkta tau sa company pag magaaplly bkt may mga agents agents pang nalalaman..

    • operator po ako mam meron ako rider pero wala talagang booking mam meron akong 4 friends na gusto mag avail recruit ko sana pero na konsensya po ako diko na tinuloy.

        • Hi, Scam Buster. First of all, I would like to thank you for this content and I hope aspiring “Franchisees” will be able to find your article first prior to signing up.

          As for me, I have to learn the hard way as I’ve already signed up. Only later on have I found out that the company is an MLM company and I don’t have much knowledge about this type of marketing scheme. But upon reading your article that I only realized that I have put my money in the wrong investment. After a month, I don’t see any favorable result. Worse, when you tell them of your sentiments, how hard it is to find our own riders, they (Recruiters) would just tell you to be patient, business are like that and will just tell you positive quotes, blah, blah, blah.. Total cringe.

          I demanded for a money back but they said it’s non-refundable already. I said they give me a company policy that says so so I could seek legal advise. They haven’t gotten back to me yet. But, I do hope and pray that they return the money. If they (the company as well as the recruiters) claim that they earn 6 digits to millions, P17,888 shouldn’t be that so hard for them to return the money.

          I hope anyone who reads this who knows a legal person will be able to help us who have been trapped in this investment scam.

    • ako po operator meron ako riders pero walang meron gusto mag byahe ang pangit daw kasi ng apps walang makuhang booking po. and sabi po kasi nila limited slot lang so expect ko stop recruiting na pero continue pa din po ang webinar 3 times a day ang mga invites.

      • Yan din sabi sa akin kanina sa webnar meeting hanggang april 24 lng daw ang promo buti nalang wala laman ang ATM at GCASH ko nako kong may laman goodbyeeer 17,888 php.

        • Naka attend po ako ng webinar via zoom kagabi May 12,2021 sabi until may 17 nalang daw po ang promo. matagal na pala ito at palaging limited offer. 17,888 parin. gusto ko rin mag invest pero nag search muna ako bago sumali.
          buti nalang merong review atleast alam ko na..

  35. ganito lagi reply ng mga networkers pag may negative reviews sa mga inaalok. 🙂 mahilig manakot. patingin muna ng proofs ng mga naipasara bago kami maniwala. xD

  36. I have been sent a picture JLM SEC registration as posted by one of the recruiters I have been communicating through messenger.
    How do you check if this is legit or the SEC required registration for its “toktok” online franchising business?

  37. I attended the webinar and this is my analysis. You cannot say that it is a franchise because there will be no legal documents/contract between the two parties (SEC Registration). This is just like signing up for a right to deliver the products using TokTok company. So, the advertisement is somewhat misleading. Also, there’s misconception because of the well known companies affiliated with it (eg. Siomai King, Siopao King…) and celebrities that they hey hired yo endorse it, so emphasize is in the advertisements, not the delivery company itself (TokTok). So if you’ll just look at the advertisement, it looked so appealing. But hey, be careful, your job is to deliver them, you’re not affiliated with them 😂. What I mean is, if you sign up, you have to understand that you are only signing up with the delivery company, TokTok, which, probably, has the right to deliver those products. In my analysis, it goes like this, JC Mobile Services needs to hire delivery people to execute its contract of delivering exclusively the products of said companies but it has no manpower. Therefore, at the expense of others and via registered operators scheme, using websites similar to that which is used by MLM companies (which is very smart indeed), they are able to find people to do their job for them. The website will help track the commission of their recruits. In doing so, JC Mobile Services saved itself large operating expenses, no liabilities because all of them will fall on the independent operators shoulders, plus an endless flow of money through royalties and renewal fees every year. Wow, that’s good for them, but too bad for those who signed up. Why? Because they just don’t have to pay P16,888 upfront, they also have to advertise, promote, coordinate with their down lines and riders with only a fraction of the income, pay royalty every month, pay yearly renewal fee of undetermined price at this time, and no security because if you don’t pay the renewal fee, you won’t be able to operate. The big question is, would you be able to find riders (If you’re in it as a business not MLM)? Because that’s where the money is. Recruiting people is temporary. So the income is temporary on that one.

    • Also if maaksidente ang rider mo ikaw ang tatawagan. Sa mga operator ang mga problema iyong JC Premiere parang walang responsibility. Matalino ang mga may ari nito.

      • Malamang. Kaya nga nila naisip gumawa nanaman ng other scheme na hindi mahahalata ng mga tao na PYRAMID lang. Mga “business-minded” yung mga may-ari nyan at kita lang ang habol nila. In short, pineperahan lang nila ang libong mga uto-uto na umaasang yayaman sila.

        OO, yumayaman nga yung mga “upline” BAKIT?? Dahil sa mga nirecruit nila. At hihikayatin pa nilang mag-recruit para lang lumaki pa lalo ang commission nila. So ayun na ang cycle, walang katapusan. Hangga’t may nauuto sila, hindi talaga mawawala yan. Yumayaman ang mgagaling manloko

  38. I joined their Zoom seminar and I’m very skeptical because they never mentioned in the presentation the Terms & Conditions (liabilities, indemnification, and the like) between Toktok and the Operator. I asked the person who recruited me a lot of questions and one thing that she said which struck me the most was that a prospect Operator cannot see the Terms & Conditions or Agreement unless the Operator has logged in to his/her account/dashboard — you can’t have an account/dashboard without payment. With that said, you have already given them P16,888 before you even get a chance to review the legal matters (very sneaky).

      • I believe she’s not. This is a review, meaning to say, she investigated before giving all her comments about this. Ponzi scheme is very illegal kasi. Yung pyramiding ang ayaw nya kasi ang kumikita lang na malaki ay yung mga nasa taas. Ang point nya is, wag kang magrecruit ng operator, try looking for riders ng Toktok, try magpaorder ng siomai kung kikita ka talaga ng malaki.

  39. Please help po, nag register na ako for that 16k and nakapag bank transfer na rin ako. Nag attend ako ng webinar nila and na notice ko nga na more on recruiting side sila whereas gusto ko sana dun sa business side. Please comment po sa mga nagtry of successful ba kayo as operators?

    • Ako rin nakapag invest na. Kasi nakikita ko na may future yung toktok delivery since uso ngyon ang online delivery, maraming online sellers. Though skeptical din ako nung umattend ako ng zoom meeting dahil mas mahaba yung presentation nila sa networking kesa sa TOktok franchising and operator. I still pushed it through kasi iniisip ko mas mag focus ako sa pagiging operator kahit pa yung coach ko e kinukumbinse ako mas mag focus ako sa recruiting. Actually, nung una panay ang updates nya sakin, super assist pa sya lalo na nung nagtry din ako magrecruit , nag boost ng promo. Pero nung sinabi ko na mas gusto ko mag focus sa pagiging operator, cold treatment na. Pinadadalhan na lang nya ko ng links pag may mga questions ako instead of answering my questions. Ang malaking struggle pa natin nakakuha ng franchise, ung paghahanap ng riders , unahan sa paghahanap. Marami sa franchisee mas nkafocus sa pag recruit rather than ipromote ang toktok app, remember kailangan natin ikumbinse ang mga lalamove ,grab users na mag switch sa toktok kasi dun lang tyo at mga riders mgkakaron ng maraming booking. Kaya mga riders maraming reklamo dahil walang booking habang ung mga kakilala kong riders ng lalamove e hindi magkandamayao sa pag accept ng booking. Dapat tlaga lahat ng franchisee e mag focus sa pag promote ng toktok app.

      • I agree mukang overwhelmed na ang operators muntik na akong kumuha ng 3 accnts. iwork ko na lang ung isang accnt sana maimprove ang app delivery.

        • Omg, kakaattend ko lng po ng zoom meeting last night, so not true po pala limited offer ung P17888 kasi yun din ang sinabi kagabi..ipressure ka lng palang magjoin agad kaya sinabing limited offer. So meaning nun, they’re into recruting lang..

    • Not me, but my brother and cousin. Hindi sila maka hanap ng riders. We presume that it will be easy to find riders because we assume everyone wants an extra job.

    • wala meron ako riders 4 libre ko na load pero walang meron gusto mag byahe kasi walang booking. mas maganda pa bumili nlng ako ng doc adam blender and electic scooter sulit pa pera ko.

    • same man, may mga kaibigan ako na triny nilang magtoktok. kinukumbinsi ko sila na wag nang tumuloy kaso wala eh, they’re way too deep into the rabbit hole they’re also talking like the “life coaches” who always say “maging open minded ka lang” (they literally told me that). hope this becomes successful (despite knowing they have 95% chances of failure). i-update kita (kung hindi pa huli ang lahat, sana mabawi mo rin yan).

      • Hi, ako naman si Lightning Truncheon. I like what you said na they were too deep into the rabbit hole, alam mo kung bakita, kasi na-wire na yung utak nila na mababawi rin nila yung 17k or so. Naging pursigido sila kasi kumita na sila isang beses sa isang recruit. Naisip nila, “uy easy 5k ah, bakit ako titigil” See? Ito yung sinasabi kong cycle. Para mabawi nila investment nila, dun sila sa easy way. May mga kakagat kaya may kita na sila, at yung mga narecruit nila, syempre para makabawi rin agad ng pera, recruit. Hangga’t may mga hindi aware, maraming maloloko at hindi titigil ang cycle. Nakakalungkot lang.

  40. So…Kung ikaw pala ang manufacturer ng isang product at gusto mo mabilis ang pagbenta mo diba kukuha ka ng mga seller, magpapaadvertise ka ng product mo..ano tawag mo doon sa seller mo? Para meron kang legit na taga benta ng product mo magoffer ka ng affilation diba? Sympre gusto mong kumita kaya gagawa kang paraan…

    Paano ka kikita ng product mo kung ikaw mismo ang magbebenta personally..
    1. Need mo maghire ng Seller or Distributor ng product mo pra mabilis maubos at kumita ka.
    2. Need mo ng Advertisement ng Product, or taong magiintroduce ng product mo sa market.
    3. Need mo na mabilis makarating sa ibang lugar ang product mo. Mag hire ka ng mga Distributor sa
    ibang lugar para sila ang magdidistribute ng product mo.

    Kung gusto mo kumita ng malaki gumamit ka ng Leverage Flat Form..dahil ang Business industry is purely Leverage form..
    Maniniwala ako ang Negosyo hindi MLM kung ikaw mismo personally ang gumagawa ng product, nagbebenta, nag aadvertise. iba pa..ibig sabihin nito..Solong katawan mo ang mga Idea..

    • 1. Kung manufacturer ka tapos pinagbabayad mo ng malaki ang seller mo bago maka pag benta ng product kalokohan yon. D mo na kailangayan pagbayarin ng napakalamhal na registration fee bago ibenta ang product mo kasi kikita ka naman sa bawat products na ibebenta niya.
      2. Basahin ang number 1.
      3. Basahin ang number 1.

      Leverage? Yong ginagamit mo ang ibang tao para makapag recruit at kikita ka sa recruitment ng iba. Naku lagot ka sa SEC niyan.

      Walang mali sa gumawa ng product, mag advertise at kumuha ng distritrubutor para makabenta nito. Ang mali ay yong kukuha ka ng distributor tapos kikita ka hindi sa pagbebenta ng products niya kundi sa pagbabayad ng kunwari registration o investment ng distributor sa’yo.

      Kung isa kang toktoker. Bigyan mo ako ng sales mo sa delivery service hindi sa recruitment mo.

    • Ang tanong. Product ba ang toktok? Pagkaka alam ko “service” sya e.

      Product type business:
      – tama lahat ng sinabi mo sa taas. Ganyan mag market at mag distribute ng product. May isa kang produkto at hahanap ka ng maraming buyers or resellers.

      Service type business:
      – hindi dapat masyado sa marketing at pagpapalawak ang focus mo dyan. Dapat sa pag “seserbisyo” ng service business mo. Palawak kayo ng palawak kayo kayo na magkakalaban, unang papasok sa isip mo kagad jan may operator territory dapat lahat, pano kung 3 kayo magkakapit bahay may tag 100 kayong rider? tapos yung “delivery SERVICE TYPE business nyo walang booking, buggy app at website na gawa sa shopify, ni hindi manlang na gawang i hide yung dns ng website”

      Napaka misleading ng toktok. Magkaka interes yung mga lehitimong negosyante na gusto mag invest, kasi ang tunay na pakay ng owner nito ay mag recruit hindi mag palago ng courier service.

      Di ako mag papakilala pero:
      May bigasan ako, rice mill kiskisan, trucking, at maraming maliliit na negosyo. Kaya wag nyo na tangkain questionin ang taste ko sa business.

      Kung biktima ka ng MLM karapatan mo dipensahan sarili mo, business mo narin yan e. Pero wag nyo ipaglaban yung legal kayo, kasi hinde, wag nyo rin isingit sarili nyo sa normal na negosyo, kasi ponzi kayo, at wag nyo ikukumpara pamamaraan nyo ng pagkakaron ng pera sa mga normal na negosyong pinapaunlad yung produkto at serbisyo nila ng matino, hindi hire lang ng hire.

  41. Kapag malakihan ang kikitain mo, malamang sa malamang SCAM yan! Sino dito nakaalala ng MGOLDEX? Yung mga members halos makipag patayan sa kakadepensa ng MGoldex, nagyon kaya kamusta na sila? HAHAHA

  42. What if mag click ang Toktok , like grab food, lala move, food panda. In the begging no one wanted to use them coz it adding cost to costumer but now look at them. Did you think that?

  43. Hi, I will leave a comment para mas malinaw sa writer nito at sa readers ang tungkol sa sinasabing kikita ang operators sa pagrecruit recruit…

    Una, yes, may referral commision ka na matanggap once na makapag invite ka / “recruit” ka ng friend na maging franchisee rin.. And yes, it would be 5K.. malinis!
    But then, once na mka recruit k ng dalawa,.. blocked na ang slot mo to earn 5K.
    Meaning, hanggang dalawa lang ang pwde mo irecuit.

    So, 10K makuha mo kapag nka”recruit” ka ng dalawa, plus 1,500 for pairing..

    And that’s it.

    You avail almost 17k then may balik sayo na 11.5K.. (actually it will be 10+K because of the deducted tax)

    Meaning, may balik talaga sayo, but may limit… biruin mo, nag avail ka ng “hindi lang toktok delivery service” for just 6k ?
    Hindi lang toktok means, include na rin sa package ang health and beauty products, tska food franchise as well..
    dun kikita ka ng I think up to 30% every successful order on your shoplink..

    I just want to say, they told us it’s not actually easy money… you have to work for it.
    Sa lahat naman, mapa-business yan or any job.. You have to work hard for you to achieve something you’re dreaming of.

    And last thing, about sa insurance ng riders… its up to the agreement na lang ng operator and rider.. since si operator naman ang nagrecruit sa kanya.

    Ang mahalaga dun, makikita mo ang pagtulong ni operator sa rider kung d nya afford ang equipments.. he/she can shoulder the expenses for the riders..IT’S UP TO THEM NA LANG.

    Kamusta naman ang ibang courier ?
    May insurance ba sila for the riders o wala?
    Yung equipment ng riders, sino nagbabayad ?

    im not against you, i just want to say what i think I have to say para mas malinaw ang lahat, you can correct me as well if I’m wrong.
    Thanks. God bless

    • Salamat sa info. Hindi ko yan nabasa o napanood sa mga presentation niyo. Kaya, I won’t easily believe on that.

      Paano babalik yong 10k eh sure ka na bang maka recruit ka? Cge nga bigyan mo kami ng earnings mo as operator excluding the recruitment side. Kung malaki kitaan diyan sa recruitment keysa magbenta ng delivery service. Obvious ng scam yan. Anong pinagmamalaki mong ibang franchise? Yong siomai king? Eh recruitment din naman ang kitaan doon.

      Kumusta ang ibang courier?
      1. Oo may insurance sila sagot ng kumpanya.
      2. Ang kumpanya ang nagbabayad ng equipment nila except for the vehicle itself.

      It’s not easy money pero sa halos lahat ng presentations niyo halos napakadali lang kumita. 60K isang buwan. 1,500 isang araw as driver. Tingnan mo ads ni Alden at Maine.. Ano tawag diyan..

      Isa pa bakit naman ang tao mag pa franchise sa Toktok or Siomai King na yan. May proven track records of profitable operations na ba yan?

      • Nag-avail ako ng “online franchise” na ito just recently for 16,888. Legit naman ang mga ibinebenta nila kaya lang mahirap ibenta dahil frozen food sya. Natural na mahal ang produkto pero mas mahal ang delivery fee (minimum of P220) bukod pa sa charges ng online payment – be it gcash, bank or any other MOP. So, i asked kung bakit hindi na lang toktok ang magdeliver para mas mura ng konti. Sabi ng nag-recruit sa kin (now a TL there dahil she bought 7 accounts na) i-suggest nya daw. Wala pa kong sagot until now.

        Hindi ito gaya ng grab food o food panda na kasama na sa lahat ng payment mo ang food at delivery and most important of all, luto na pagdating sa yo.

        Tama po kayo. Ang di ko lang gusto ay mas naka-focus sila sa MLM (multi-level marketing) na sinasabi nilang iba sa networking. But I don’t see any difference. Baka po alam nyo ang sagot. Is there really a difference? Ang hirap mag-recruit. Ang pangit sa business na ito ay yung klase ng pagrerecruit. There’s really a hype when they present. Nakabili ng ganito, ganyan. Kumita ng 2M sa isang taon. Once again, kaming walang mga narerecruit ay naiwan sa ere dahil walang masyadong tumatangkilik ng produkto kahit siomai king o boy bondat pa yan. Sino pa bang sinisipag magluto ngayon?

        Kung wala pong alam ang SEC dito, sana po ay mayroon makapagreport.

        Your thoughts please.

        Thank you.

        • Naku Ms Ong. Yan din ang inireklamo ko. Paano mo naman ibebenta ang isang product na mas mahal pa ang shilpping fee kaysa dun sa purchased product. Ang sabi ko hindi sinabi ito sa akin nung nire-recruit ako. Baka murahin ako ng mga oorder eh pangalan ko yung nakabalandra dun sa shoplink.
          Hindi rin sinabi sa akin nung recruitment stage yung tungkol sa.pyramiding/networking scheme. Ayoko talaga ng pyramiding kahit maghirap ako hindi ako sasali sa ganitong klaseng scheme. Yung mga nauna lang ang makikinabang dito tulad ng mga recruiters natin kaya tingnan mo recruit lang sila nang recruit.
          When they recruited me last march 1 ang sabi last day na raw ng 17 888 kaya sayang naman kung hindi ia-avail. Ang husband ko naman punta agad sa bangko para magdeposit kasi malapit nang magsara! Kamukat-mukat mo they kept on extending last time I checked hanggang April 5 naman ngayon!
          Nakakainis db?

          • Omgee parang nagdadalwang isip nako mg 3 accounts. Nakakuha na po ako ng 1 account kaso naworried ako nung sinabi sakin na ibabara ako pg di ako kukuha ng additional heads. Kaya nagpromise ako sa upline ko kukuha ako before april 5 which is the extended promo expiry. Myged nanghihina ako 🙁

          • Girl, (or kung boy ka man) hindi talaga nila sasabihin ang about sa “Pyramid or Networking Scheme” bakit nila ilalaglag ang sarili nilang kalokohan? Ang “AIM” nila is ang pera mo. Simple as that.

      • True, why can’t they put in their heads na sino bibili ng siomai na hindi naman generous ang servings, and my cousin said, hindi naman spectacular ang lasa. They insist on the potential profit of a pricey products. Who would purchase them with the economic problems we have?? And for one, potential sabi, di naman guaranteed income. Pero ikaw, nag bayad na ng investement mo . For sure, hindi guaranty na kikita ka dyan. Pinag sasabi nila mag effort, mag effort kang mag boost ng FB ads na may bayad pa rin.. and boosting does not again guaranty a sales. Traffic lang, but will it convert?? That’s why this investment is not enough, you will still shell out money for FB boosting.. pano nga kung nag loan ka lang nyang 16,888? May gray area talaga.

  44. I have been to a lot of networking company for the past 20 years , nothing happened , probably networking is really not for me , however When got invited to this so called online franchise and delivery service , I got a bit interested since I also have product that I’m selling online , However , sa simula pa lang ng presentation hangang may tinawag na successful franchisee, parang namumbalik ang mga experience ko sa mga presentation ng mga networking company , noon pinakilala ang babaeng speaker , kesyo nakabili na ng bahay , kotse kulang na lang pati helicopter bangitin , I immediately lost my appetite. This business will not last for long. Kaya Won’t gamble again Kahit di naman masyado kapital. Idagdag ko na lang sa puhunan ko ang almost 17 k.

  45. I’ve tried attending JC Premiere’s webinar and its really hard to believe na kikita ka saknila. I attended their webinar because I want to add other line of business na pwedeng pagkakitaan since my existing business na kmi, but listening to their business plan, mukhang mas kikita pa sila sa mga taong iniinvite nila mag invest sknila. I can tell because I know to myself as a business person kung kikita ka sa offer nila or hindi. This experience was prior them having Toktok as part of their offer.

  46. The toktok app po is working. The only thing is need talaga niya yun referral code to proceed. Kaya the members need to post on social media the referral code. Sadly, it was not advertised properly.
    Hindi pa ako nag hire mg riders since nakikita ko po na wala pa masyado nagamit ng app kaya i am promoting the app muna with the referral code.
    May mga kumikita namn po aside sa pag recruit ng members.
    Mahina ako sa recruitment kaya i am looking sa business side ng franchise since legit nmn ang products.
    Ayun lang po .. Thanks!

    • Ok po thanks. Working naman siya pero base sa mga reviews sa Play Store maraming pang kailangang ayusin. Yep, legit naman ang delivery services.. Yong online franchise lang talaga ang may problema para sa akin. Specifically, ang recruitment side.

      • Of course, kakalaunch plng ng toktok, which company is perfect? Even may employer now has a lot of complain from our customer, but we’re still kicking. 25 years n employer ko yey hndi p rin maperfect. Ganun tlga, every business nmn mag iimprove at may mga flaws. Klangan lang alam natin pinapasok ntn kung mag invest tayo.

        • Yon nga ang point ko..kakalunch nga lang. Ibig sabihin wala pang proven track record of profitable operations. Ba’t ka naman magpapa franchise kung wala pa naman proven track record of profitable operations? Kung gusto mong mag franschise doon ka na sa may totoong market na at marketable brand. Market ng products or services ha. hindi market para maka recruit na pasasalihin mo.

  47. My sister tried to recruit me kasi siomai king franchisee at toktok operator na daw siya. She already earned 150,000 daw from her 16k. Although muntik na akong makumbinsi, I still don’t get the business model, inalok pa nga niya ako ni siya na daw magbabayad, at if kumita bayaran ko nalang siya, but di pa rin ako nakumbinsi.

  48. Ganda ng review! For sure madami ka matutulungan dito. Nilagay ko yung link mo sa video ko, okay lang ba gawin kong isa sa mga references ko yung website mo? I still have a lot of videos lined up but sobrang detailed talaga ng reviews mo. Im doing a video about Young Living next so crossing my fingers. Natatawa ko sa comment, keep up the good work, hopefully we can make a dent in the MLM industry.

    • Thank you. Thank you..:). Hopefully maraming matulungan. No probs you can put links anywhere. least my comedy ng kaunti sa comment section…Share the link your video here if you are done. Good luck din sayo.:)

      • Just finish attending a webinar from toktok. Ang dami kong tawa sa mga comments dito. Lalo pa ako natawa nung nabasa ko about deadlines! Deadline bukas! Monday May 31st 2021! Kapatid ng may-ari yung nagtalk kanina. I left na the “zoom meeting” nung nakita ko na yung mga top earners pati mga post with expensive cars ng mga so called masipag nila na mga franchisee. Sabi ko na lang sa sarili ko ay muntik na! Muntik na ako maloko. Then my boyfriend called me up so i made kwento what happen about the webinar. Natawa sa akin and he told me thats MLM and jc premiere is a dead investment don’t waste your time and money. Sabi ko hndi naman talaga. Nacurious lang ako. Tapos i came across your site. Hulog ka ng Langit Scam buster. Dami mo natutulangan! Nagenjoy tlga ako sa mga comments at defense ng ibang tao.

    • Sa Operator side, nagpakahirap humanap ng rider tapos kumpetensya nyo pa ang operator kasi may direct rider sa JC Premiere kayo. Sa Rider App pwede nyong manipulate na priority ang JC inhouse Rider, unfair sa mga operator with riders.

    • pwede kaso sa haba ng line up baka po matagalan ang application nyo instead na magdirect kayo sa operator within 48 to 72 hrs or earlier pa..

  49. Scam talaga yang Toktok na yan. Pangalan pa lang halatang scam na. Kikita ka lang diyan pag naka recruit. Biruin mo may operator operator pa, eh sa ibang delivery diretso na mag apply sa company. Ang kumpanya lang ang kikita ng malaki kahit walang bookings ang riders kasi yong mga franchisee kuno eh magbabayad ng Ph16,888.00.

    Kaya pala todo promote mga tao dito sa YouTube kasi bawat ulo na recruit nila may Php5,000 silang komisyon. Grabe naman tong may ari ng toktok sakim sa pera. Marami tong ma iiscam kasi artista ang nag promote.

    Thank you sa review buti na lang nabasa ko.

    • Talaga lng ha scam pala yung may ari eh advisor ng presidente at nag tayo ng jc n company since 2014 scam pala hahaha..vubo nmn ng site nato

      • Pinag uusapan natin dito ang business model ng Toktok. Hindi ang nagtayo kahit kanang kamay pa yan ng presidente wala akong paki diyan.

        Haha..vuvu..maraming ng napasara ang site nato..kaya pag na review ang MLM mo dito..aba..kabahan ka na..

        Balang araw kakainin mo yang sinabi mo.:)

        • Franchisee ako. Mahina ang kitaan sa products nila. Kapag inaalok ko sa mga kaibigan ko, nagugulat sila kasi frozen daw at paglulutuin ko pa raw sila. Sabi ko na lang, pwdeng stock. Legit naman basta maibenta mo. Yun nga lang, mahirap ibenta. Ang tingin ko tlagang scam dito eh yung MLM side. Para sa akin networking din sya. Sana maimbestigahan ng SEC. At di ko masisikmura na ialok ito sa mga mahal ko sa buhay kahit gusto ko silang kumita.

        • ganito lagi reply ng mga networkers pag may negative reviews sa mga inaalok. 🙂 mahilig manakot. patingin muna ng proofs ng mga naipasara bago kami maniwala. xD

    • kung scam po ang company bakit po ang owner naging entrepreneur of the year 2020 na makikita po ang billboard aa edsa… I am not against sa opinion po ng lahat… I am a new franchisee, di po ako magaling sa recruiting, 3 nga lang po ang downlines ko this time kasi ayokong mamilit kung ayaw… anyway, marami po tayong ways of earnings… tama po, ang pinakamabilis na kitaan dyan is referring the business, kahit saan naman actually…I am not sure, kahit nga po sa call center kapag nakapagrefer ka ng potential applicant at nahire, you will receive bonuses.. sa toktok naman po, 3 months old pa lang po sya to expect na maging perfect ang system, lahat naman po dumadaan sa trial and error… FRANCHISING naman po, kung tutuusin is toktok is only a promotional offer kasama ang franchise opportunity ng product nila like siomai king boy bondat, etc.. na ang product nila makukuha mo lifetime discount from 10-30% na pwede mo rin ioffer directly sa customer mo..dati lahat ng products either food cart na nasa mga groceries or mall, you need to invest 288888 sa isang concept lang, di pa kasama ang business permit, renta ng space, etc. ex. kung siomai king, siomai king lang ang makukuha mo na franchise… now sa 17888, lahat ng offer nila makukuha mo…for me, i prefer to choose 17888 kung lahat naman maavail ko ang product na meron sila kesa gumastos ako ng 288888 or more… sorry po haba😊

      • Bakit sinabi ko bang scam ang company? Magbasa kang mabuti baka hindi mo lang maintindihan ang difference ng “Toktok Online Franchise” at “JC Premiere.”

        Kahit pa naging entrepreneur of the universe pa yang may ari niyo at maraming billboard sa buong solar system, hindi batayan yan para hindi gumawa ng recruitment-based scheme.

        Oops ang may ari niyo pala, na entrepreneur of the universe, ang nagbebenta ng copper mask na may butas. Ang galing no?

        Huwag kang magpaloko. Hindi ka naman talaga franchisee niyan. Isa ka lang naman affiliate marketer niyan. May commission pa may benta sa products.
        Hindi mo gets? Pinagbayad ka lang para maka promote at makabenta nag products nila para sa maliit na commission. At siyempre para maka recruit din.

        Cge nga magbenta ka ng products nila online tapos bigyan mo kami dito ng sales mo. We hope marami kang mabenta. At isa pa 288,888 to 17,888 naku nauto ka naman nila. Hindi mo na kailangan magbayad ng ganyan kalaki para maging affiliate marketer.

        Upline at company mo may kita dahil sa binayad mo? E ikaw? I’m sure mag rerecruit ka rin tulad nila.

        Ang tawag diya sa recruitment scheme ay PYRAMID SCHEME.

        Ang grab, food panda, lalamove at iba pang delivery service di na kailangan ng operator (aka middleman) tulad mo.

        Sorry na talaga ang pera mo diyan. lol

        • Im an online franchisee of toktok. Im proud to be part of this company and Team———-!
          we are looking for “BUSINESS PARTNERS” hindi po kami namimilit. Ang sa amin lang makatulong kami lalo na ngayon na may pandemic. Madami po talaga kaming bashers lalo na pagdating sa coppermask. REALTALK: Sa kahit na anong business ang pasukin niyo hindi maiiwasan yan maliit man o malaki ang negosyo mo. May mga iinggitero at inggitera. May mga mayabang na gusto higitan ang kaibigan o pamilya nila. galing na po ako sa mga name drop: UNO, vision, NU skin, herbal life, dxn , forever living products, waters philippines… tumgal lang ako sa herbal life…. mas malaki ang nailalabas na capital o puhunan sa ibang NETWORKING COMPANY. kapag hindi ka napunta sa grupo na may support and solid system. Mapapabayaan ka talaga… kaya bago ka pumasok sa isang negosyo tingnan mo kung legit or its a SCAM.. Pag aralan mo ang background ng company. To be honest with you all wala nman negosyo na hindi nalulugi , walang negosyo ang walang issue, walang negosyo na kapag pinasok mo o naumpisahan mo YAYAMAN ka na agad or kikita ka na ng malaki agad… Syempre sabi nga nila ” kelangan mo pagaaralan ang negosyo mo na papasukin” Hindi ito na magic na ayan na kaagad ang kikitain mo….. Kelangan mo ng patience, determination, hardwork and trust sa sarili mo at sa negosyo na pinasok mo.ako mo online reseller din nagbenta nako ng food(bread, pastries, cakes etc ) plus damit ( ukay and swimwears). Tanong ko sayo, alin ang napapanahon na negosyo jan sa mga sinabi ko sayo? ? sabi nga nila ibenta mo kung ano ang hilig mo…. tama nga nman.. pero naisip ko din magbebenta ka ng damit karamihan WFH or WAH.. swimwear? hindi ka nman makakalabas ksi pandemic pero sold out naman.. its about the quality and kung hilig din nila ng swimwear.. naisip ko.. kunti lang ang kinikita ko.. 50 to 150 pesos.. pagkain nnmen ng pamilya ko… paano ung mga bills kuryente, tubig? kulang na kulang pa… Kaya nung naintroduce sakin ito nagdalwang isip din ako mga 2 weeks kasi may experience nko….. pero sabi nga nila Paano mo malalaman kung hindi mo susubukan or hindi ka mag take risks para makita mo…. OO nga naman,..walang madaling negosyo lhat pinaghihirapan para magawa mo ung pinakagoal mo…. inaral ko, constinous postings , umattend ng free trainings kahit paulit ulit, copy and follow.. May times na gusto ko na bitawan.. kasi nauubausan nako… wla nman naglilike orpuro inquiries… pero dumating ung moment ko…. ayan na.. tuloy tuloy na… minsan kasi kung wla ka babaguhin sa sarili mo… wala din magbabago sa takbo ng nesgosyo mo… Kelangan mo magtiwala.. kahet anong gawin mo na dasal kung wala ka sa gawa … its nothing….nagsisi ba ako? definitely not! think positive lang… kung kaya nila , kaya ko din… kasi kung hahaluan ko ng negative vibes… papakain ka sa issue…. nganga… kaya minsan bago tayo magsalita … itry niyo muna wala nman mawawala sa inyo… mabilis ang ROI… kung masipag ka, kung seseryosohin mo ang negosyo na ganito, kung may tiwla ka sa sarili mo… kung dumidikit ka sa mga taong almo na makakatulong sayo na mag bloomed ka din… kunga napunta ka sa maling grupo… nasa sayo na ang deperensya… sugod ka lang ng sugod… na hindi mo muna inaalam… minsan kasi ang mga postings sa FB ads…. minsan hangang salita lang ung iba jan… makakuha lang sila ng business partner pero hindi nila tutulungan…that means pera lang ang habol sayo..hindi business partnership…kung madiskarte ka pwedeng pwede sayo to… kung magaling ka sa multi tasking pwedeng pwede sayo to..kung gusto mo na hawak mo ang oras mo eto na yun… kung hanap mo madaming ways how to earn eto na talaga… DOABLE ANG BUSINESS.. NASA SAYO YUNG KUNG SAN KA MAGFOFOCUS…if magfocus ka sa food business nten pwedeng pwede… as toktok operator maghihire ka ng riders pwer acct 100 nko kikita ka din dito… sa health and beauty products… resellers may matutulungan ka pa na gusto kumita din… kung malakas ang loob mo at may tiwala ka sa sarili mo na kaya mo gawin ang negosyo na ito… para sayo talaga toh… hindi pwede dito ang maarte, madrama, reklamador unting aberya lng rereklamo agad hndi muna gumwa ng paraan.. hindi para sayo to kung ang gusto mo lang ikaw lang ang kumikita… para san pa ang business partner kung hindi mo sila tutulungan… if nsa comfort zone ka pa lalo hndi ito para sayo… kung ikaw ay gusto mo e uupo ka lang wla kang ggwin… its ok to check ung mga reviews abt the company… makita mo ung mga sinasbi nila… tanong ko sayo, ikw ba yung nakakita kung ano ang halaga o naibibigay ng negosyo na ito sayo? hindi pwede na maging ikaw sila… mabilis ka maniwala agad sa sabi sabi na hindi mo sinusubukan… tandaan: may mga tao na mapanira… khet hndi pa nila nasusubukan.. may masabi lang mapansin lang sila.. kaya ikaw na nagbabasa neto… pagisipan mo mabuti kung san ka maniniwla … at ipagpray mo kung ang naging desisyon mo tama ba o mali…kung ikaw ba e mapupunta sa tamang company o hindi…


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