Top 3 Blockchain Nodes Ecosystems by GetBlock: Short Review

Top 3 Blockhain Nodes Ecosystems by GetBlock Short Review

GetBlock’s Ethereum nodes: Old but gold

Since its launch in 2019, GetBlock is among the most powerful and user-friendly providers of Ethereum’s node APIs. Its Ethereum nodes are available through WebSockets and JSON RPC interfaces.

GetBlock is the only top-tier nodes API provider that connects dApps to a full stack of Ethereum’s testnets including Goerli, Kovan, Rinkeby, Ropsten, and Sepolia. GetBlock leverages Besu 21.10.9 implementation for Ethereum connection.

High-end hardware allows us to fuel the dApps of our clients with 1GB/sec connection for shared and dedicated nodes. GetBlock’s Ethereum APIs work with 99,95 per cent uptime.

GetBlock’s Avalanche nodes: Most successful Ethereum killer

Introduced by crypto veteran Emin Gün Sirer, Avalanche blockchain became the third-largest blockchain of the global DeFi ecosystem after the infamous Terra collapse. Its 208 protocols amassed $4,78 billion in total value.

GetBlock offers Avalanche APIs to shared and dedicated nodes. Both endpoints are available with unparalleled 99,99 percent uptime. Avalanche nodes ecosystem by GetBlock leverages distributed hierarchy of servers activated in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.

Just like Ethereum, Avalanche APIs are available at 1GB/sec (for shared nodes) and 1GB/sec for every port of a dedicated nodes’ stack.

GetBlock’s BNB Chain nodes: Fastest-growing DeFi network

Despite criticism, BNB Chain (previously Binance Smart Chain) by a world-leading crypto ecosystem Binance remains the cheapest and developer-friendly smart contracts platform for early-stage dApps. Its 100% EVM-compatibility and low fees makes BNB Chain attractive for experimental products.

GetBlock is an official partner of BNB Chain ecosystem and top-ranked provider of its nodes: many of its 388 protocols are using GetBlock’s endpoints for their operations.

GetBlock’s shared and dedicated nodes are available in testnet and mainnet. WebSockets and JSON RPC endpoints are ready to supercharge dApps of all types. Despite unmatched transactional pressure, GetBlock’s BNB Chain nodes are available with 99.95 percent uptime.