Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation Review: Legit or Scam?

Update.: On July 23, 2020, the SEC issued a warning against investing in Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation.

See how Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation brags its member’s income in social media.

It says, “A housewife earns Php4,800 in one week. A student makes Php3,000 in a week. Someone gets Php3,587 part-time income.

Another makes Php2,600 extra money in one day. Somebody receives Php99,900 income after 7 weeks. What’s more interesting is, you don’t need a huge capital to earn money like them. “

Curious how they did that? Want to make money with less capital too?

Wait a minute. Keep your money with you and read this review first!

Company Profile

Founded on January 28, 2020, Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation was initially called as Maxi Trendy Sales Corporation. Adding to your confusion, it is DTI-registered under the business name Trendy Online and Services Soaps Wholesaling. It is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company.

While it claims to be a corporation, we could not find proof of its SEC registration.

The company’s principal address is at 7th Floor, Unit 705-706, DHC Building, 115 Veterans Village, Quezon City. John Jeffrey Ico and Marlon Adriano founded Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation. They act as President and Vice-President, respectively.

Founders of Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation-min

Products and Services

Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation sells soaps. It’s a unique soap, that is why they call it trendy. Three trendy soaps are bundled into a starter package worth Php750.

The suggested retail price of each is soap is Php250. It’s not your ordinary soap because it’s trendy. The company says it sells perfumes too.

If you want to join the MLM company, you need to buy the starter package.  Aside from the soap, you will have an online account and an eCommerce system. Furthermore, the package allows you to a retail discount of 30% to 70%. On top of these, you are also entitled to company incentives and other business opportunities.

According to its promotional video, Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation services are e-commerce, play and earn, affiliate marketing direct selling, and global profit share.

Ways to Earn in Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation

  1. Play and Earn Bonus. Play one game per day and earn Php100.
  2. Direct Selling. Sell trending products of the company.
  3. Affiliate Marketing. Earn Php250 for every time you refer someone who bought the starter package. You can make money up to Php22,500
  4. Sales Match Bonus. Get Php250 every match of your left and right sales group.
  5. Global Profit Sharing. Maximum of Php3,000. You will get a 10% repeat order profit of the company, upline support bonus, crossline support bonus.
  6. Php10,000 Income Milestone
  7. Watch and Earn. Watch a YouTube video and get Php10. Maximum of 5 videos a day.

Is Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation Legit or Scam?

We believe it is a scam. It’s a modern product-based Pyramid Scheme.

It may appear that Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation is selling legitimate products. However, the company could not demonstrate that there is a demand for their goods.

Will you buy their products even if you are not an affiliate? Can the company sustain its operation if recruitment is stopped today?

Let’s get straight to the point.

People join the company because they were promised of unrealistic high returns. They were promised of unlimited earnings. Members buy the income opportunity and not because of those trendy soaps.  

Affiliates of Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation make money primarily from the entry of new members. When people are no longer interested in joining, it will eventually fall. Those who benefit the most from this scheme are the top 1% at the expense of the poor downlines.  

Pyramid schemes are illegal. As such, joining Trendy Unlimited Trading, recruiting others, and promoting the company could land you into trouble.

The scheme used in this company is like Fast Track Worldwide. The said company was recently shut down by SEC.

Also, we believe the company is selling an investment contract.

An investment contract, according to the Amended Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Securities and Regulations Code (R.A. No. 8799), is a transaction or scheme whereby a person invests his money in a common enterprise. Then, he is led to expect profits primarily from the efforts of others.

Why We Think Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation is Selling an Investment Contract

In our opinion, the scheme used by Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation (Trendy Unlimited Trading) meets all the elements of an investment contract.

First, as to the first requisite, there is an investment in money when an investor commits money to an enterprise. Trendy Unlimited sells the Starter Package for cash at Php750.

Second, there is a common enterprise when two or more investors “pool” their resources.  In this case, the invested money is under the control of Trendy Unlimited Trading. The company decides as to what to do with the amount.

The company uses part of the money while a portion is paid to pay the promised returns to its members.

Third, investors or members of Trendy Unlimited Trading are attracted primarily by the prospects of a return on his investment. The investment in money is made with a view of receiving profits from the said company.

Income from Trendy Unlimited Corporation-min
Members of Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation show their income to lure prospects.

Last, expected profits in Trendy Unlimted Trading Corporation arise primarily from the efforts of others. Under the scheme, the accumulated amount received by the investor comes mainly from the efforts of his recruits.


Avoid Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation. We believe it’s a scam, a pyramid scheme.

The company relies primarily on the recruitment of members. There is no doubt there is a trendy soap as a product. However, we think it was used only by the company to hide its illegal activity.

We have seen this strategy in various scams we have reviewed. Products are usually bundled to a package so that a registration fee may appear as a legitimate sale.

Product-based Pyramid schemes will not last long. 99% of the people in recruitment driven MLM lose their money according to a study published in the US FTC website.   

Furthermore, we believe the company is selling an investment contract and must comply with the requirements of the Securities Regulation code. Otherwise, it is operating illegally.

If you are a victim of this company, we strongly recommend you report your case to the SEC of the Philippines, DTI, NBI, or PNP Cybercrime.

Please share this Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation review with your friends or family. Your action will save a lot of people from investing in this company.

If you have something to say, please use the comment section.  

16 thoughts on “Trendy Unlimited Trading Corporation Review: Legit or Scam?”


  2. Registered na ako simula nung august 16 sa trendy and till now di parin ako maka cash out kasi need minimum of 3k ang earnings mo pero una nilang inexplain, sa panonood lang ng yt ads kikita kana and hindi pala, need mo pala mag recruit so here i am sayang pera sana binili nalang ng pag kain yung 750.

  3. hello, I am about to send my money, but first I investigate on their page and read the comments there. I saw a lot of issues that their account was not able to cash out. and they are trying to comply to their respective uplines but the uplines didn’t know why its corrupted. after all you will noticed that they are something illegal in this company. because first why they dont reply on that issues even though they dm the president of the company, and second why their product are so late to come, it takes a half year before you get the soap. scam?? thanks for this article. It really help us to decide.

  4. Maybe it is a scam… but may respected professor recruited me on this. Mahiya naman akong tumanggi. Isipin ko na lang na pinangbili ko ng alak ang aking Php1500.

  5. Thanks for this review…and thanks i have read this before i register.. I already blocked the person who posted it on facebook

  6. I was about to register, thanks that I decided to research first. They are now really trending. I saw a lot of posts connected to them.

  7. It’s a good thing I decided to research and do a bit of digging before committing to this scam, I had a hunch that all the other “earning opportunities” we’re just smoke and mirrors intended to hide the real pyramid scheme. I read other reviews and it turned out that they’d even give you a hard time getting the products you paid for. I hope this so-called company goes down the drain soon, it’s encouraging people to scam others to make a profit.


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