ULTIMATE CRYPTO GUIDE! How to Play Crypto in Apex Legends!

ULTIMATE CRYPTO GUIDE! Apex Legends Season 12.

Today we have the Ultimate Crypto Guide. Crypto received a recent rework and buff and he can be a vital legend for your squad. Crypto is one of the most difficult legends to play efficiently in Apex Legends and today, I am going to cover real game examples in detail in order to help you to master this phenomenal recon legend.

Let me know what you think of Crypto and his rework! Is he now a good legend?

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0:00 Intro
0:24 Season 12 Changes
1:13 Drone Positioning
3:29 Banner Scan
4:09 Defensive EMP
4:42 Offense and Remote EMP
5:30 When to EMP & Counters
6:26 SMASH that LIKE button!
7:00 Banners and Revives
7:41 Loadout and Style
8:10 Outro

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